the tragedy


United States
41° 9' 54.8928" N, 96° 11' 4.2756" W

It seems fine
the wine is flowing
Laughter is swirling the room
Sadness is blockaded from entering
That rush of panic
Im running!
I want to forget reality!
Only wanting to reach
No breath,
Senses are numbed by the pain
Blood from the sick engulfs you
Your heart picks up its pace
Kneeling over with hope,
beeping defacing the ears
Black covering the sight,
mascara runs
Depression plagues the soul
The beautiful dancers approach
Where is the sky?
It seemed it was fine.
I never thought tragedy
Prayers yelled out to the skies
Where is your religion now
No breathing,
The pains becoming horrid
Stop running from the unwanted!

Pink ballet shoes enter
Your coffins covered in dust
Death knocking on the lid
Loved ones question your actions
There’s no thought
Never did the thought of after affects enter
It so dark
Never able to escape
What is right?
What is wrong?
Fear creates trauma
your tears form seas

Worry fills our hearts
The clouds now open
will you still listen to me?
All questions
But no answer
Unreasonable thoughts

Metal made hands
Skulls shatter under the pressure
No life left
Your desires spill over
Floors stained with red pain
Thy lords’ wine cries out
my faint whispers
You have no strength to look
But still you walk to the unknown
The stage darkens
The dancers are dead now,
Songs of sorrow lull their way in
Why did you have to go?

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My tragedy is trying to go to college. I love Slam poetry and I believe it is an art form. I am trying to get my double major in Secondary Education and music Education. I want to hopefully get my bachelors and proceed into this world of chaos.


Wow this is a great poem. Very honest and so much detail. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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