Voices In Your Head

They fill us up with lies

They pull down the blinds

And are the cause

Of our sad demise


These voices and their venom

Slowly poison us to death

And in time we become

The ghosts that hold no breath


“You’re a worthless piece of rag”

“You are so pitiful and broken”

“You are such an ugly hag”

“You don’t deserve to be listened”


You scream at them to end

But their tempos just get higher

Urging you to descend

To where your Self-Confidence gets lower


They won’t leave you alone

They are your constant source of tortures

And what you’ve always known,

They bring back with ruthless murmurs


“You don’t deserve to be living”

“You are a mistake of nature”

“You’re a doomed human being”

“You are nothing but a failure”


There’s not a second of peace

You’re stuck in unrest

Where those damn Voices are the fleece

That treat you like their fest


You try so hard to block ‘em out

But in the dark they crawl back in

Pain being what it’s all about-

The more you lose, the more they win


There’s nowhere that you can hide

‘Cause those voices in your head

They’ve already eaten their way inside

And made your heart their celestial bed


“No one loves you.”

"You're a mistake."








-Just whispers In the Dark;

-Just Voices In Your Head…



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