Mental and Emotional Gravedigger

My head and heart is a dark, vast field
A place of undead truths and haunting lies
Dangerous secrets and a muddle of negativity
And this is why, towards such things, my lips are sealed

Minute by minute, day by day, week by week
A mental and emotional gravedigger is what I seek
To bury all these dreadful things, to end more than just one strife
And maybe, just maybe, I can start a new life

For it is never too late to start anew
Not for me, nor for you
But because of the terrors within; the negativity and the lies
The end of my life is near, and I want to pause and say

Dear world, it was not nice being a part of you
For I didn't have anyone to pull me through
A mental and emotional gravedigger is what I need
But the tree of negativity is no longer a sprouting seed

It is full grown, and the end it has to me brought
I accept it, though I was never able to find what I sought
I wis hthe seed could have grown a bit and then wither
But no one was there to help so the negativity come hither
And the end of my life is nigh

Do not let the negativity tree grow
Poison it, conquer it
And that is what was wished to be said
With my last breath before I die

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