i tap my feet

they tell me to stop

i tap my pen

they tell me to stop

i tap i tap i tap i tap i tap


why do i tap

do i tap because i like it?

i dunno

but i can't stop

they make me stop though

it's loud

and annoying

like the rest of me


but i need to tap

tap i need to tap i tap i nedd tap

losinglosingi'm losing it

what was it i


i need to i


i was scratching

i couldn't tap so i scratched


now i'm bleeding

now everyone will see

and ask

where and why and how and nonononono


nest time i don't tap

i don't scratch

so i pace and i pace

but they tell me to sit down

so i rock back and forth and back and forth

they look at me funny but i don't care i keep rocking


next time

they let me tap


i win

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