When words fail

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 12:35 -- rstrode


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When thoughts fail, or words do not come
Though all alone emotion remains
I should not be guided by this
But I can get divided by this
So what then

When thoughts fail or words do not come
I pick up my pen; its words will not be in vain
I bleed my emotions with this
I can narrow an ocean with this
But what then

Because sometimes my thoughts fail and words do not come
I take it, I take that medicine they said to take
I take the medicine to stay awake
I take that medicine so that I do not break
But I am broken

Because my thoughts have failed and the words do not come
I beautiful beach with the sun setting to the right
Right before the night
Over the mossy green cliff
With tree tops peaking on every riff
I want to reach out and touch it, and feel it
But I cannot
Because I am in glass box
Not too much bigger than my thoughts that won’t come
The words I cannot use to cry for help because they fail
But in this glass box no one seems to hear me anyway
In this glass box I cannot touch it the landscape, and it cannot touch me
In this glass box I cannot hear them, and they cannot hear me.
I . . . am. . . more. . . than . . . stuck
I am imprisoned
Because the thoughts they fail me
Because the words they do not come
For me this box is Bi-polar depression
But for this time I could share
Because for this time the thoughts did come
The words did not fail me.
Do you see?

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