Silent Fear


In the midnight hour through the shadows of my fears, lies the promise of tomorrow. 

But the pain has locked me out.

I don't have a key to set me free.

I fight and scream to wake me from this dream, but all I hear is the echo of my once heard voice.

As the stillness of the eloquent silence holds me now. 

I can’t escape this mental attraction, the fears are intense with intentions of holding me down.

I grow weak and powerless, while the drug like poison runs through my veins.

As the flame inside slowly fades, I fall deeper into a depression.

I think to myself am I dreaming?

My fears have found me, should I face them or let them overpower me?

I soon realize this isn’t a dream...

Fighting the forces that confined me for years has made itself known.

My conscience tells me to face what I can’t see.


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