They say that being in your family's embrace is one of the best feelings in the world.

Well... what if you're adopted?


Adopted... Why was *I* adopted?

Out of the few billion children that were born, why was *I* adopted?


What was your excuse? Mum? Dad?

Did you think that i wouldn't discover I was different than the people who I lived with?

Did you- of *all* people- think that I would be happy?

I'm a teenager now, turning 16, how does that make you feel?

Does it make you feel overjoyed that instead of dying at birth, I've lived till this day?

I've been told a lot of lies

All my life, I've been told a lot of lies

But this is the worst one of all

Yes this is the worst one of all

And has the thought ever occured to you?

That I would be sitting during dismissal, watching parents pick up their kids from school?

That I would be crying at 7:30 pm, thinking about what a great mystery you all are to me?

Or was it because you thought you'd be horrible parents?

Did you even want me?

Did you even want this little fetus that has turned into a mature adolescent?

Parents love their children. Yes. But adopted children would always love their real parents

Regardless whether the parents decided to give them up.

And little did I know, all my life, that I was just a slice of pizza that you couldn't eat anymore because you were too full.

Little did I know that you didn't like the color blue, because it reminded you of sadness.

A little song told me you were just a country or so away.

Have all these ever occured to you? 

When you gave me up, have you already thought that when I was older I would miss you

Your comforting hugs.

Your smiling kisses.

The words that most kids would hear from their parents until the age of 17,

"Have fun at school!"



Adopt is such a sad word. Similar to abortion, although the youth live to tell the tale.


This poem is about: 
My family


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