Why are we angry?
Why do we cry?
Why do we hide our feelings inside?
Show the true you
Show your scars with boldness and pride
because we are humans
as am I.
Pain is a part of life that we must accept
and happiness comes in small drips
like the short showers of spring
but when it does it's oh so sweet.
Maybe we always cry
maybe we always frown
but when we turn that frown upside down
it' s like a mist of water in the heat of summer.
Be thankful for the little things
don't fret when life doesnt go your way
know its only for a day.
If todays not your day, then maybe tomorrow
or the day after, the month after, the week after
just know that nothing ever stays the same.
So I won't ask you to smile
I won't ask you to hide.
What I'll do instead is ask you to try
and when you show those pearly whites
I'll know that it's genuine
It's your happiness shining from within.
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Our world


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