Poisoned Mushrooms Lie Over Here


We are never the people we were meant to be.

Bruised, torn, and can't be altered by therapy.

For our brains are damaged,

Brainwashed indeed. By the ones we love

And by those we never see.


Who are we meant to be?

An enviromental wreck is our society

Not to mention our reality.


Words have shaped every thought

Actions have taken what we ought to be.


Yet without experiences we could not be,

Would we remain mindless, walking freaks?

Even without the touch of human life,

Our minds would shatter due to lack of interaction.

Therefore is it mere a belonging

To society that helps us thrive?


Or is there truly happiness away from these comforting lies,

Your all right because we're all fine.

Come sit down and enjoy life's short ride.



What is another lie

When you've been lied to your whole life?


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