Writer's Block In 10 Steps

 1. Catch a feeling, connect that feeling to the way that butterfly wings flutter, shutter. The way the wind protests against the trees, creating music with a breeze. 2. You're still focusing on a feeling but stare at objects to the point you can see them blinking back at you For example. A light bulb is similar to love in the way that it tinkers, shines bright, there might be a flicker, but the light flashes up until the moment it dies. 3. Realize you're repeating a lot of the same things. 4. Come to terms with being the echo to wanting and yearning. Your writing has been said and done before 5. Politely acknowledge those who tell you that writing is a no mans work, you won't go anywhere. You're just not good. All you write about is "love." Curve the anger you feel to the size of a penny because to them the way you feel is worthless anyways. 6. Go home, get out your little notebook and write about the unjust of being told how to feel how to live. Create the creature they've been waiting for. It's a monster that holds the pen just a distance from the page, restrains you, taunts you. 7. Try to edit, when editing doesn't work just toss it, something will come. 8. Lose hope, stop writing, walk by silver linings and go about life in hues of blue, leaving a trail of doubt in your wake 9. Wake up one morning and stop trying to live for someone else, start being a teensy bit selfish, stop being the monster that is holding you back Or don't. Let yourself be the anchor, and plant yourself in a life of vacant waters. Always searching for the mirror that will show you that you are the reason you can't float. Before10. Pick up the pen, the pencil, the phone, and just write. Write until things start making sense. Whether they do or not, you're right where you need to be. 

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