The holes in my brain


United States

I feel exhaustion.

I feel broken

I feel lost and im still hoping

That I can get out of this whole Im in

Filling to the brim with water within

Im trapped

Im crying out and no one can see

That underneath there is a girl

Screaming for her life as she smiles

And gestures that she is alright.

I can’t handle it anymore

All of this fear and stress is shaking me to the core.

My hands start to shake and there is nowhere to go

Why is it that I feel so low?

I cant figure it out its tearing me down

And all I can do is wait till it ends

Praying for someone to make amends.

I’m lazy and I feel sick.

And there is nothing left but a wick

Of the candle that is my soul

Its slowly fading and its near the end and this is something I cannot tend

So why am I feeling this trend? Going back and forth everytime and again?

I guess there are holes in my brain that cannot be filled

By something or someone which give me the will

To be happy, to be sad to feel anything anymore

Anything that can make me see

What it feels like to mean something in this world

Until them I’ll remain in this pit in a curl

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