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Sunlight shines the trees. Every bee is wide awake.A new today starts.
This is war, A cryptic whirlpool of souls and hurt In which we have no friend but earth. Earth! Earth! Earth!
The heart is dark and seem to condense into mournful darkness, with in the brooding gloom, but in the august light of abiding memories, with reference and affection, From person to person, both titled and untitled
It took me awhile to go through change. It took me a minute to get through the pain. I use to think it was impossible, until I looked down at broken chains. I made do for myself, I knew I could do it.
Love is feeling homesick  for a place you have never been   Or the urn you keep on the mantle filled with your father's remains   Love is that drive to the vet with your best friend
I can lean back On my molosser And giggle It means The world To ze
Life. It’s a weird word really. Not the sound that it makes but the experiences of it are just… I hate it. It’s weird how just when it gives you something great,
Lust and desires by Sandrajohnsonj on June 16, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved My love i lust after you. I have so many desires for you. I need you near me. Filling your skin touching mine.
Your the best part of me. by Sandrajohnsonj on June 12, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved
Baby can you by Sandrajohnsonj on June 11, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved Baby if i told you that I'm sorry. Would you believe me? If i told you that I deeply and truly love you. Would you even care?  
I have never loved the way that i love you! by Sandrajohnsonj on June 9, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved
Fallen Love by Sandrajohnsonj on June 8, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved There once was a love that i thought was so true. Then everyone else showed me the truth even you.
You're the most precious peace by Sandrajohnsonj on June 6, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved
You Gave me Meaning by Sandrajohnsonj on June 5, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved
You never cease to amaze me by Sandrajohnsonj on June 5, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved
This love i have for you is eternal never ending by Sandrajohnsonj on June 16, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved
Hey don't forget the word for today is do whatever the fuck makes you happy even if society isn't as quite as happy for who you are but be happy for who you are do whatever the fuck you wanna do and if they don't like it tell each one of them to s
1.Love is blind, some how kind, easy to find, when you realy need.   2.It will never get in your heart, neither in your mind, and make thing grind, unless you grant
Wake up I know you might be living the life you wish to be I know you might be living the life you wished to be, But to BE we breathe and must get busy as a bee Fot our life to be we must work;its not free
Tick! Tock! Tick Tock! a Tick and a Tock! The clock ticks to a new brighter day, where man has to strive in paving his way; Struggling and Roaming to clear his Path, He Stands and Glims at the World of Myth;
So, my mom bore me in the wild of the west Indies This little black boy, but! What if my soul is white;  
                 there`s a mircle                    called friendship          that is deep within the heart                  and you don`t know                      how it happens
                 there`s a mircle                    called friendship          that is deep within the heart                  and you don`t know                      how it happens
On earth rules a king Though higher than sleep, Takes the same wing; Sending humans deep With its dizzying ring.
Drop your eyes lower And lean your head on my shoulder It getting colder As the night grows older Stay with me here Till sunset From the onset I saw it to be concert
When i share my secret with the moon It gives me a fancy smile From a distance of 239000 mile I am seen a lunatic But only a feeling too gingantic
Indeed, you would love her too  if you would only see her  sitting in a sun-saturated kitchen with a flower in her hair  and a lyrical smile. 
There she stood with the world on her shoulders With tears of Jupiter She feels unwanted,Misused, and misunderstood She stands strong with her wounds She is a soul they never knew 
You came into my life and stoled my heart Little did I know, this would be my new start I was so frightened and so scared But you showed me how much you really cared I never knew it could be like this
Where will I go from here? After crossing the dams of knowledge From sunrise to noon Perhaps! I thought I was in moon.
You created me to be The one and only me For all my faults and sins You've taught me love always wins For sad nights and glory days You have always guided me and shown me the way
I saw a time before this Sometime before we left With a warm fuzzy feeling inside all of them I saw an aggregation coming together as time just froze for us
I would have happily stayed theresleeping in my airless candreaming in the silent darknesswith not a concern in the world
She walks in beauty like the night The breeze blowing against her loneliness Her weight bearing down on the city Alas! A victim! A  p o o r  s o u l .. With a single touch In his body she holds court
I wrote poems for you And you didn't appreciate it, I made another one just for you But then again,you've ignored it.
Here goes the cry of the Eagle. Prouding it's self of how far it can soar: High above the grounds; Where it seems all exceeded. Among all other winged natures.
As I write this, I am smiling ear to ear, with your thought on my mind, your name on my lips, your beautiful face flashing in front of my eyes and my heart filled with love for YOU.
No one scares me like the shadow like the shadow in the mirror The shadow knows my darkest thoughts The shadow tells me things I dont want to hear as I beg it to stop
My right hand on a Bible, my left gat a mic, Before God and fellow men, I vow to aid through the night, For all of those who ain't got voices though they speak and they fight,
Dirty table, high chair, hungry bear A mother eats her young,  doesn’t anybody care?   You don’t know my reason,
A passing thought while strolling through the dale. With their limbs , on hikes , I’ve bumped my head. Roots caught my boot ,on the floor splayed I spread. Passing glancing, perhaps giant nemesis they were.
I am tired of people telling me I should socialize,
War, a Young Man's game For he speaks with Young Man's voice. And his wild wolfish words a cause for young men to rejoice. The old men pass him by, ears deaf with thunder lead
He walks with ignominy Lost and confused He talks delphic with visions of his impiety Gentle in the way he hid his lust He had been drowned in a sea of mockery Castrated by his own, reluctant to adhere
The pristine colors of brush and grass swirl together like paint on an artist's hand after a day's work. Deep green cedars sprout, like rocks out of the sea, from the pastel yellow and purple tide of aging grass.
Dr. Mae Carol Jemison  is who I look up to An African American Astronaut  there’s only been a few October 17 was the day of her birth 
A light fall breeze passes over the forlorn field, Carrying with in an air of lonesomeness, a desire To restore life into what has been sealed Up for all eternity  
You are yellow as the sun, a warm and bright individual. Comforting in times of darkness, yet something so small.
imagine being trapped in a lamp circular glowing glass sphere surrounded by dead
The idea came like a whisper in the back of my mind. Hello, it said warmly. I had never felt anything like this tickle in my head before.
I am old and worn blue plastic, with rusty metal chainsI sit and wait in the soothing sounds of nature.Here, you come to find solace in me.I swing you up high in the sky, ignoring the ache in my joints,
Desperation is the face of every student Seeking for happiness and a way to survive.   Our brains beating faster telling us we are ready to leave
Words go one by one to finish a sentence or line, They can bring mystery, sadness, love, and joy. Words bring meaning to everything,
O firefly, Little firefly, There’s so much I do not know. Some say you’re just a mean creature, But you, for one, can glow.   O flower, Delicate flower, There’s so much I cannot see.
My inspiration... My inspiration is living. My inspiration is trying. To look upon the road carved in the forest, and walk the other way. To take the journey nobody else has.
When I didn’t think I had what it took I carried you with me.   I had run out of articles, I begged a friend to print you out.
It’s always you You’re my alarmclockIf it weren’t for youI’d never get out of bed You’re my air‘Cause I just can’t breathe without you You’re my hobbyBecause spending time with you never bores me
Mother Ocean. Creates. Destroys. Home for all sea creatures. Home for all sea plants. Waves crash on the surface. Sediments sway below. Mother Ocean. I provide a home.
Walking up a concrete hill on the way home from school.  The sun beams against my back.  Creating a shadow darker than my caramel skin. 
A golden touch, healing, creating.  Arching back and pulling string, released hits my center.  Streams of light strumming a cord,  a melody arising.  Coffee aroma,
Lips stained a crimson red Desperately awaiting her approach  As graceful as water she flowed towards him The scent of her was intoxicating
June 29, 2019 His incandescent eyes,While striking fear into many hearts,Fulfills joy within mine. They're as warm as I've seen.Today, his dark abyss of a coatis adorned with color. He once hid beneath it,as West Virginia was fearful.But times hav
From decades of Hypothecation Knocking on behalf No door still open A land we woe Said to be heaven No gwon no crown Out of throne
I thought, it's time to knock I spread my foot Through unseen dark No doors I found All things to hack Only a flake of wind My hands to shake . less bitch one less scrubb i dont worry about the biggest m,v,p to reach an touch the most valuable person in the game jump up to fame my nutts hangg one less bitch i gotta worry about one less hoe to open my door for
Someone once said that monsters are the fragment of ones imagination. Others might even say monsters are a sign of evil, but to me it’s much more than a sight to see.
Dear children,
I it’s hard to make a circle that’s perfect Such a simple looking shape, but a quite unattainable prospect You only see such perfect appearances on paper, book, or magazine
From coloring to writing notes      From sleepovers to study groups  From best friends to strangers      From playing outside to longing for indoors From playing handgames to forgetting how it goes
From the crashing waves of mother's birth came a pale shiny rock resting on the sandy pillow of earth. A miracle conceived, a marvel to see
A memory not easily forgotten that can easily vanish. The year of 2007 on a cloudy day, a black cat awaits at the front door. A trail of words from a sobbing mother  rains upon a child.
Among all final goodbyes, The walk home is the final wave, Stepping off the dusty bus, Starting soon, I’ll always behave: For the run-down path returned right here.
From cub that sprouts  Then it's very pronounced. Eats more and more, and then to the core, the lion comes out.
The glittering lights in Vegas can never compare to home. Now creeping into my mid-twenties, the love I have for the Bay will never grow old. I never usually take the time to swim in the midnight skies of the city
I await for a person who doesnt come. I debate wether I stay or go If i move on on hand and toe  Mabye she'll come mabye no Its almost time, its running out  Its almost time to go
As I grew with age I felt like a naked baby bird In the world without feathers Vulnerable and unaware of my surroundings But as I gradually aged I started to see The world and the beings in the world in
Strong arms and even stronger abs  A smile that could make the sun himself so drab  Eyes so piercing that they gaze into my soul  This was my idea of ‘boyfriend goals’ Then college comes 
  Mirror Mirror, on the wall, What's gone wrong with it all? People crying, people screaming. The world itself is teeming, With war, pestilence, and death.
winter birds in the deep green forest animated by cold, her eyes stunning through the crowd "I love you." he was amazed, thrilled. herons, pelicans, cranes, thoughts.
Twenty Five spends all her time and income on road trips and parties.Wondering along streets corridors with short skirts  knocking door after door,
He's there,  From dawn to dusk. Fills all with despair, Leaving them as empty husks. He pervades our body and mind. Coming from our inner shadows, Stopping us in time and leaving us blind,
When I would stay, decide not to leave you in your monument of self loathing
    Let the drops glissade fiercelyAnd blaze their trail unrepentantly.Bless them, that they may bleed with no contradiction. Oh please,Do not let them be licked awayBy the hasty tongues  Of public decency and decorum,Pride and chauvinistic conven
The tired Sun rests On waves and pale sand, as the Moon waits for his turn  
Butterfly, small, frail Wings folded, paused in thought; Peace for a moment  
In the dead of night I close my eyes But cannot keep these thoughts outside I hear it scratching at my door And moaning from beneath the floor  
the echo of strings from the busy street it rings as rosiny dust fills the air a melody, calm, slow, almost still a lone pigeon stops to stare    
I feel like I am F A L L I N G Down and down With no bottom in sight. I am surrounded by bubbles, Of all different shapes and sizes,
Fear. The mess of tangled thoughts, mangled anxieties, strangled shouts That invades your brain On quiet nights.   Fear.
I want to take in the blue gold with you and smell it's unmistakable. European accent, so softly. You laughed at my silly joke and saw as the pollen flowed to my cheeks, but I retreat with the wind.
I've got creatures caged in my mind.If I look, they are easy to find.To others though, is not so clear.They only hear what I let them hear.Most of the time these creatures are tame.
The sun shines as God approaches,He leaves a beam of light in the dark forest.The beam of light brightens to a shape of a lion.God sent him to shimmer the forest to lustre;
O pain; hurt, discomfort, my friend, You strike like the blast of Arctic cold Leaving trails of misery wherever you go,  
Years ago, when the earth Was as delicate as a new born doe A huge land mass got split Giving a piece of land On which we stand, upright and still Ancestors turned into humans
I don’t know why we are so different from each other Even though we belong to the same race and the same mother Being a boy is as hard as stone Moving with the water, along a definite course To find a definite shape
To take a collection of thoughts,  To open it and listen,  To hear the words that are brought,  Roaring yet silent written. For every mind that lends itself to consideration and realization,
Christmas: a tiny holy thingy blinking strings tie often streetpoles redded hands in boiling coffee not in mates palms smile holds a teeth holes sauced up by dentist.
When I was surrounded by pain, I was completely insane. I found myself alone in the dark, People were only there to bark. Every day I was cheated by this world, They call me helpless, ugly and nerd.
"How worthless could you be foolish girl?" Look in the mirror and see, the imperfections magnified  You don't look like her, that girl on the cover page, nearly perfect, with flaws removed
Good morning Light in the sky Come to wake My sleeping eyes How are you This day bright Never did I Know such might
Giving Mother Earth A Chance Mother Earth, our little blue planet, our home Why does she cry? She cries because we are hurting her, abusing her
Oh Voice, my Voice, where do you hide? Why are you afraid to make yourself known? To stand up for your rights and declare your stance And to rise from the flooding swamps would be at least ideal.
When love is expressed with teasing, It doesn't feel like love When kove is expressed by fighting It doesnt feel like love Please love me in such a way that I can feel your heart Don't put me down
When I was small, so was she. My hands deep in sand, She'd be on the grass with a teddy     Snoring softly. When dragons raged and damsels danced To find space in my mind, worry wouldn't have chanced.
To believe To really love all I love all your poems of I and Us together endevuer So to speak Its been quite a long time and not missed
To believe I love all I love all your poems of me So to speak Its Ben quite a long time and not Ive woke now And will not not ever not be near forever my dears Bekieve in i as i do all
Dear Perfection,   Every time I think of “beautiful,” I imagine wavy chocolate hair, deep blue eyes, and a lean build. Tan skin, large breasts, about 5’6” and a smile that makes any man’s heart melt. The antithesis of me.
I let you walk away, just like the extra kidney I don't need. I let you convince me that changing who I am is the only way you could love me. I wish I could hate you, but you are the reason that I am still alive .
Dad dependable smart protecting caring loving steadfast trustworthy Father
A rock star That's what they call you The thick , oozing fame gushing from your pores You care for it  (Not at all)  Your true priority is blatant Save the children Save the art
The person who I feel deeply influenced by would be my mother. I don't know of a task she has started and not completed.  She is trasnparent. 
At first I never met a person like your a star to every person eyes and everyone love's you i never shown my feeling's like everyone else did they all loved you and some bullied you but one day they stop when you came to me to ask why i froze i kn
The mirror cries long tears to the bus station Her feet draw their mottled shapes on the Pavement It is wet and cold.   In my mouth, there lies elegant blood
All of my dance life people told me how I would never make itHow i'm not good enoughHow I don't have a dancer body How i'm not graceful enough
The rain and the snow The buzzing of the bees All are important To my lifelong story.   Glancing up above And peering down below All around I see Wonderment inspiring.  
Fear is My Captain   How quick people forget you Sad when they see you You stand there alone Waiting, crouching. Watching
They walk, full of confidence with their bright red feet Moving their heads to the rythem of the city red eyes, staring far away, into a distant memory
    Freedom has expired Onto the road of depravity  Also known as captivity    Tortured when still alive Watching others scared for their life I’ve travelled for miles
I cried myself to sleep  pillows soaked and dreams dampened.    She left me with only shattered dreams and a broken heart The womb that was my home blew away the illusion of a perfect life, 
  You are misunderstood. Although it is true that you come dressed in rain with thunder as your language, and every so often one look into your eyes brings anguish You are misunderstood.
Old trees are our parents, and our parent’s parents.
What am I? Am I allowed to be free? He writes that people will give me an interpretation, but how many? Or maybe I have none who's to say.
As I am being swallowed by my own pity And bathing in my own filthiness of my poverty, Let me tell you I am embarrassed…. But, my dear friend is always there to embrace me
Without rhyme, there is clearly no reason Or at least that’s what someone said, But what is life? A random series of events
Poetry came to me like a forgotten friend who had been pushed away and denied entry for five years. She led me by the arm from the cruel shouts of bullies and jagged insults from classmates
Pen scratching gainst the page words whipping in her mind letters bleeding into the page as a way to be safe instead skin full of old scars tears dried up in her eyes instead of inflicting pain
My particles buzz In vibrations. I’m trying to keep myself a solid, But I’m slipping down to absolute zero. My structure is hapless within
I am a marble statue Forever youngA broken reminent of by gone times A bittersweet reminderA silent echo of times long gone
A small blue butterfly Sits on the stone Staring at the skylight                    Completely alone   She stares at the stars So far away
I wanted him to stay. But Time would not allow it For he does not trust me. Not anymore. As I am a creature of hell. I know no death nor life. Only pain.
Your words were but a perfect disarray of emotions.
    i blind those that blaspheme my   omnipresent and invisible nature.   to my shoving nudges   you deny and you tear   and shield your eyes from  
Soon we realise the space there was between us is no more, the couch suddenly feels too small, but it's okay. So we both pause, like we're both aware we're about to sin, still it's okay.
I am the agent of fear. I put fear in the big and small. I make the strongest run away. My sting can make a pale arm turn red Or cause eyes to roll back with repeated blows. On schoolbuses, girls scream.
Picked thin from all the wait, all the hands that Got gnarled before they could reach out— Or, even worse, hurt somebody.   And Sydney’s wearing a dress with yellow flowers.
You first introduced yourself when I thought I lost everything. You told me I didn't need them, that they were holding me back. Now, it's you holding me back.   
I am an empty shell that you found in the seaI am an empty seashell  that you play with on the ocean shoreI shine brightly under the sun. So bright that I caught your eyes.You picked me up and smile with excitement
An open letter to Magic: The Gathering, product of Wizards of the Coast LLC. Dear, MTG, I apologize for the paucity of our correspondence.
Dear Curiosity,   Stop it. Stop making me hungry to discover the entire world around me. Stop giving me the mentality of
Dear onlooking eyes,   We’re all thorns One speculated look Will prick another   One judgement can imprison another mind Poison begins to seap It could slowly take over  
Dear universe,  
Dear Mediocrity, Stop holding my hand. You don’t want me safe, You just don’t want me to fly. I don’t blame you, though. Your name, Your game: My life. Quit using that word.
I saw the stars for the first time in a while.    Was it you shining down on me?   I've never seen them  so clearly in this sad and busy city.  
Dear Heart,   You are quite a strange and odd little thing, Beating steadily here within my chest. But you have shown you can stutter, cry, sing, And, o'erall, make me feel my worst or best.  
  I am hungry for your forgiveness and I have no idea why. But, I am ravenous for anything besides this cop-out silence This head buried in hands woods on a foggy day silence
bring me whipped-cream foam on top of sea-salted air don't forget the occasional delicacy from the unknown shore where other customers are waiting--   here, bring them this feather
Dear Love,  From the moment I was born, You were a part of my life.    From Grandmas and Aunts, To Grandpas and Uncles. You were present.    And when Mom was around, 
Dear Success, Falling is important in life Gravity, Love, Judo Happiness is found in Piles of fallen leaves, Mounds of fallen snowflakes, Puddles of fallen rain,
8 January 2018 Dear Voice,
Dear clumsiness, I hated you for years. I dreaded your arrival, That would often leave me in tears.   Dear clumsiness,
Hello, my dear friend I've known you for so long, You have broken a girl who was once strong. I had the power to stand tall, But you, my friend, have made me fall. I once had hope that you would leave me alone,
Sam,   Today you said that you loved me.  
Monday was dreadful. Slumped over on his desk as regret stirs up in the pits of his stomach and yet it was only 7:05 am. Going over his what-ifs, should-haves, and buts.
I see that day now,it’s gold-sunlight kissedwith apple crisp air on my lips.Tart laughter stained our cheeks,and our eyes glittered,feasting, on the velveteensincerity of each other.
Across the vast blue ocean, Rising out of the rainbow reef, Lies a solitary Island. Its tree-crested mountains, And river-carved valleys,
Dear home, Mine you never were, and never shall you be. You wait for my return I hope, But to be honest we, shall never meet face to face, so lets part gracefully. I grew up on your side, so young.
Dear Fear, I think I'm in love with you. Crazy, I know- but I think this confession is a little overdue, don't you? After all, we've been together for years. As long as I can remember.
Dear Future,   People ask about you everyday They ask me where you are, what you’re doing these days. I still don’t know  
A plain white wrapper Tightly packed buds  The Sweet and Creamy essence Protrude the packaging and Caress my nose Slowly but surely,The brewer pries apart the leaves.Some points give away easily  But others take more care and PokingTo come apart.A
Dear silence, You are a cocoon of safety Back of the classroom buddy, Providing a warm blanket of anonymity   For no one can remember your name,
A squirrel scampers across the road Seeking adventure in a big world Eyes bright, tail bushed, quick paws Yet, in a flash, the pause is eternal  Perhaps a big world crushes big dreams  
Kelly, It is me. I am that little voice inside your head, telling you that you cannot do this, telling you that you’re not good enough, telling you that others are better.
Dear makeup wipes, You cracked the warm beige – no medium – foundation And chipped at it With your chipping fingernails, Whispered in my ear that you loved the toxic red armies
Dear Pain,  There are things that need to be said  but the words always seem to run There are actions that ought to be taken but the rhythm seems undone The tears appears all dried up
Dear Society,   I am not the only toy in your box that feels this way, But I refuse to lie off to the side Waiting for you to return and play.   Remember when you loved me,
Dear Winter, My Winter-   Let your chilly hands race over my skin. Let the callouses on your fingertips ease my heart. This dance we've done- Centuries old, running on instinct alone now,
To you, an important being,                 My, it has been a while do you not remember when…  Oh I am sorry, that is very rude of me to assume. 
There once was a loyal dog, who was golden- and loved his master.   His master threw a ball in the road, and he thought, "I'll just run a bit faster".  
I wish to live my life Among the silence and the still In the dead of the night Sitting on a cold window sill   I wish i could be left alone
Dear Humans, Beauty simply is not just about appearances. It's what lies deep down underneath layers that grow periodically over time.  A simple seedling Grounded, their roots becoming 
In your arms; A space only understood by me. A space full of the illusion of being free. It’s where I feel home, it’s where I feel safe, it’s where I feel warm; it’s the place I’ll always want to be.
Blue sky Blue sky in the sky i like blue sky it makes my happy I like it it is nice  so nice really nice blueski blueski bleusili  dab
I know things have been tough I know moving in must suck The old tennant was awful at cleaning up after themself   The wiring is always off
I have a friend. My only friend, in fact. He is always there for me when the dark thoughts  hit. He is small, but sharp. His words have the capability to kill. In a world full of fakes,
dear anorexia and bulimia,   oh, how I loathe the relationship we have. you’ve raised me up higher than I ever could have dreamed, only to throw me down
Dear Black,  Do you hate yourself as much as "they" do?  Are you aware that people are killed on account of you?  I was told that you create division and you're not at the top. 
  Dear Mirror,  the Last Time I look at you, I'll look at how my gray lashes complement gray brows complement oily slabs of yellows.
        Dear Depression,   Your waves rushed over me The pain was comparable to the sting of your biggest bee Your words
Dear Moon,    You shine bright throught all of Earth  Lighting up the night with the Stars , So sad your beauty is far away    I wish I could keep you as a gift 
  Dear Hope, Before, it was walking a long, dark hall, never knowing where the end was. Or being locked in a room alone, with no windows or doors, left to wonder how and when you will leave. It was lonely, scary, dark, confusing, forever lasting.
Love blooms on the lips Of dew-fresh hearts Nourished by breath given up So that I may live The joy of giving and receiving
Love blooms on the lips Of dew-fresh hearts Nourished by breath given up So that I may live The joy of giving and receiving
We don’t talk anymore. It’s really just that. You left for a day, Then you entirely went away And we didn’t talk much anymore.  
Love is like grass and rain. You encourage me to thrive, nurture me with appreciation, and let me glow with a green luster.  
Time ceases to exist as Love enters the room Love has no rhythm but asks me to dance anyways I can't help but say yes, even though there is no music Love asks me about my day, and I about his
It is hard to decipher Exactly what love is, But I surely know What it isn’t.   Love is not just what you say - It’s how you say it. I can say “I love you” in a hundred inflections;
Rushing water passes by me A prickly green dome surrounds. My eyes hold the afternoon sky To watch the hours pass by as it bleeds and dies.   My stretching hands reach for their friend's,
In the stillness of night skies We gaze at countless clusters Twinkling in the far beyond Yet muse, we are the Masters!  
The darkness took all, even your white heart The shadows whispered to me the sorrow of your rhythm The deepness of your eyes made me cry next to you I saw you floating to the farthest galaxy
11:07 PM i am content. the smile on my face feels real. 12:47 AM the loneliness comes. this feeling is starting to get to me  2:37 AM
11:07 PM i am content. the smile on my face feels real. 12:47 AM the loneliness comes. this feeling is starting to get to me  2:37 AM
Love is like a dove That soars up above When a storm rumbles It doesnt tremble it remains perched It doesn’t easily get scorched And try to besmirch To love someone
My brothers and sisters I pray for all my brothers my blood brother and my street brothers. I pray for all my sisters my blood sisters and my street sisters.
Why me? You always insured me, told me you loved me but no instead u broke up with me. I tried so hard, i didn't listen to my friends about you. I was actually starting to love you.
"Five dollars," said the Wolf to the Boy. "Five dollars," agreed the Boy. The Boy went out like usual, for he was a shepherd boy. He glanced around, at his sheep- then back at the Wolf.
Once upon a time in a muggy little pond Lived a family of feathers in a crappy little nest The nest was fine to hold the six, while still and round and small. But not too long those eggs will hatch,
You know the story of Little Red Riding Hood? The one about the girl who goes walking in the woods Well let me tell you something you never knew
We hold the tale of fairies To be quite the bedtime stories. But have we ever heard of how they came to be? What if we only had a tiny taste of the true cup of tea?  
She once fell in love With the feet forbidden by the sea. And so a curse was set, To never set her free.   No memory of what came before, She was a devil in disguise.
Once upon a time Wolf and three pigs were builders Who each built good homes
Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived a girl who could dream.    She dreamt of a future. A tomorrow unbounded by the confines of today in world ruled equally by tears of joy and sadness.  
Every day he does the same.He lounges around, he gets nearbut then goes away.I always wonder why he doesn’t stay.
Little pigs Everyone always picks the cute ones Everyone only listens to the cute ones Everyone believes in the cute ones Everyone sees their big fat cheeks  Everyone hates my big teeth and  my big fur
Once upon a timeI was turned into a spoon.All because my masterWas acting a buffoon. It started when a witchknocked on the castle door.She said she wanted sheltersome food and nothing more.
im a self made man said the stud in the  backlit  studio a small-screen personality of  the glorious yesterday leaned over a curvy glossy desk and listened with frank disinterest though he was very 
Here's a little story you know Three pigs run into houses A big wolf huffs and puffs and blows The pigs hide like little mouses   Yet here is what you don't quite know The wolf was a great magician
Ice is cold and hard and bitter.  Just like its Queen. Ice makes for poor company, and so its Queen was alone. Dancing the storms, she saw a child with ice
Ariel, Ariel! Where did you go?  I may only be a fish, but my heart weeps! Don't go!  I'm not your wish because I'm not a prince. But I'll try my best  to make your dreams 
   Apple (Voice one)                     Old Woman (Voice two)    Victim (Voice three) My skin is boiling                                                     I see the small cottage
men has challenged god  the divine energy assembled in the eyes of the creator before the masses a collective betting on who shall reign a humble baker using human science on the streets of london in the fog
her lips part at the arduous notions of  stepmother bound to her trail of agony, shallowed dress keeping pace  with its tendrils attached to tressels of white lipped fingernails 
I am treasure, Sought by many, Found by few. I am coveted, Valued over necessities, Symbolic of greed. I am an enig-- Wait, Who are you?
It's so far beyond "Depression" it's lost, Disconnected. I feel that there is no light at the end of my tunnel. I'm in this abyss of nothingness, and there's no one else here to even see.
The clicking sound of shuffling papers, beautifully paired with a gentle wind. Begging , pleading, just aching to be read;
The rock, cold and hard. They are lifeless and come in all shapes, color and sizes.
I rest in the closet for most of the year, 
we're proud to be americans land of the free, home of the brave but is she proud of us, or does she toss and turn in her grave? dreaming of what once was a land of peace and kin,
The Sun rises from the horizon. Blinding, blazing and burning a lake. Its water reached out, full of brazen. The lake is there for the sun to partake.  
America the great? How about America that hates and discriminates Against races and faces We live in a time where our country is divided instead of united  
Oh Great America   Restoration is the key to the future; Not revolution. We are a country formed through rebellion. Enough is enough. Fix the problems you hold within.
What is good and tasteful? Is it to follow what has been force-fed to me? If so, tell me please Is my kind evil and disgraceful? Were We more fit as slaves of your ideals? What is true beauty to an African in America, is as vision to a blind man. 
O’ America what was your name before they stripped you of your identity? How does it feel with all that blood within your soil?  Does it displease you that people have ruined your good name?
American "the great" what is so great, about a country who cares mostly about race, a human race so bias we can never get things straight, a country everyone think is so great. America "the great" what is so great,
Look in the mirror, What people tell me I am I wish I was you, no you don’t   You are so pretty, I’m not
In the land of the free we enslave each other We're suppose to love, but instead we betray our own sister and brother We have the chance to overcome, but we hold ourselves back
My house is magic in the mornings. / Somehow, while I was sleeping, the air has transformed. / It's cleaner, sharper, new-day air, now. /  My mom is on the couch, reading a book and taking large gulps of too-hot tea.
Tragic arguments fade On towards death. Life starts...again All built with a wish. (The colossal vitality of his illusion..)   The tragic eyes Touch what was no longer tangible
  Crumbling into the pit below headfirst, and all the light you had has dissipated like air Flashlight turns on, but produces nothing but a shade of sickly yellow; incapable of penetrating darkness
Beautiful blood droplets that splatter on the cold dank pavement There used to be life here, but now all that remains are the blood red caricatures
in my america, i’ve found that there’s a darkness in it. it’s grown darker these past few months; it’s breaking apart at the seams
Promises to the widow, and the other girls could be damaged.  If you want to build a house, but you live. Grapes, fruits, you start to use. In addition to cattle Bogazlanac, tables.
When my mind first awakens and the orange glow of my eyelids greets me enthusiastically, my thoughts lay cloaked in Dawn’s robes and prepare to run rampant for miles.
March again; Revive; Awaken!Build atop what has been taken,Find your mantra, young disciple:"Do not tarry; carry on." -
I am a cookie cutter Sharp edges and commonplace Useless on my own   I am a cookie cutter Brown bright eyes as a college freshman
Failure is a creature of the darkness, But I can see it clear as day. A monstrous entity of terror, Feeding off the smallest of insecurities. Its grasp is ever tightening,
i feel like a shell; a phrase which doesn’t suggest i feel hollow.   a shell protects whats inside, but that isn’t to say that
Was it the rush of adrenaline that courses through my body that makes me want you more Or How stupid happy the feeling of joy addiction has brought me and the feeling of knowing that you’ll always be there for me
      The Loss of a friend is a difficult battle The Ride with me on a single saddle Was there to introduce me as a senior
In a thousand years when wishes are our currency and death is but a temporary, tactile illusion…   where will love find you? Will you find her by the willow flowers or underneath the daffodil tree
I am surrounded by a people, a generation, all aspiring to be different and rebellious whilst
An annual flower Bloomed, past its prime Shriveling, falling lower   Shoulders hunched over a textbook A flower steadily drooping Friends disappear all around No familiar faces in this crowd
We are like the sun and the moon. You create beautiful sunrises, and I bright starry nights. You construct alluring bursts of rays, I generate small sparks of light.
how does it feel to float float high high higher into the air you feel free, don’t you? you are a balloon
Ink. It glides down a page, almost with an air of superiority as it touches every scrap of snow white paper in close proximity. It gleams black as if taunting the light, asking it to diminish its power impossibly. 
On the rare occasion that I send out a cry for help, He is there for me. When I feel like I cannot overcome my struggles, or  I  feel as if I cannot remove the stress on my own, or I Am  feeling helpless and alone,
Hit the alarm Brush my teeth Take a shower The usual routine   But as I'm doing these very usual tasks I'm thinking of a way To make someone else's day Less usual  
If I  could change Just one part of what it is that makes me whole I would stop being scared of what is not what has yet to come and what has already happened   I would have opened my mouth to speak the words
Who knows me better than the Earth? The rain pours down to where I perch This feeling, being all alone Think to myself, "What am I worth?"
if my fore fathers were not born as a nephesh or should i say of one.Then what were my fore fathers born as or should i say of in the aspects of life.and that rather then having a nephesh.
I wake to see, hear, feel The mountain calling me friend Birds calling Water trickling Wind whistling As i lay in my hammock In the warm morning light
When I first greet the day, it’s not a greeting at all It’s a quiet stirring, an unwillingness to face the day, and overall Quite rude When I open my eyes i’m either faced with blinding rays of
I take a glance outside into mother nature's creation   The trees breathe around us Their chlorophyll pumping through And the leaves swaying in the wind
picture this: a question lounging, tickling the skin beneath your nose teasing you away before you even get a chance to blink. fingers intertwined - yes it has fingers now - and
I feel like i am a bother to other people. I feel alone, No matter who i am with. I am forced to deal with the high expectations that have been given to me. I feel judged and stressed almost all the time.
Don’t think too much About forbidden touch Or legal abuse of such Little creatures like dairy cows and fabric workers.   Don’t feel too much. The homeless man with his crutch
a humid haze after a violent stormthe spotted, dying leaf fallen from a maple treethe bitter aftertaste of a sweet treat,the remnants of what was once. one minute, it's so close, you can almost smoke it and the next it's faded, a ghost, you've los
The Window whispers to me It told me it wanted to be free  And no longer cry The Window called to the key It responded shaken; a little shy It said you know you can see
Have you ever seen a Flower A Single Blooms every Hour But when comes the shower They fight Instead of soaring up like a kite They became a revolting sight  Lowering themselves without delight
The Lonely Star Fear is Strong Although I know it to be Wrong I keep singing it's song But what is fear  That we might clear The painful sphere here  Fear is nothing more than a bad dream
You were my voice, When I couldn't find the right words to speak, When authority took away my power, When I wanted to overcome my fear of shyness.    You were my friend,
A small, meek girl with brown eyes and braids Expressing her creativity through words on a page Teachers commented, "quite ambitious for the second grade" She simply released frustations with writing rather than rage
Please, Young girl don't cry,  Pretty girl don't cry, But if you must, I am here. I am hear for your tears, For your dreams,  For your thoughts. I am here. Lay your head down,
For the first time in so long I feel Pure. I feel brand new.   It's truly amazing .       I regret everything.
Life Taken By the Gun By: Miracle Strong   The rain began to pour As I walked across the shore His arms bleeding leading to his destination  
Poetry whispers in your ear asking why you always come home late. Why you never touch her anymore, Why you don’t smell like spilled ink.
First it was counting Everything in fours Once, twice, even three times Never enough   Tap, tap, tap, tap
Somebody asked, what is poetry to me Poetry is a way to express, don't you agree Sometimes I talk about the ones I hate Or sometimes I can confess to the ones I want to date
Two clay people born at the same time have never met 
She is the mother of my being, but she is like no other 
the nice bed with bumpers on the side and a lid getting 
So inconsistent in its mood Its natural state is to elude It slips away like hoary mist Evading eager, grasping fists And only shines when glanced upon
There once was a donkey Who would not stop working He was a loner unlike Porky The one pig who loved shirking  
I don’t write for myself Or to impress anyone I write just to get the thoughts out of my head The things I am dying to say But can never speak
Upon my brittle lens and gallows grows a liquid form, candle-like, breathing flames in and out into a sun-scald croon.   Below its puckered lips, I dance: foot one foot
I do not like having to squint. The bright lights are unwelcomed, I do not like the way it glints against the tile on the floor, or wood on this desk
Mlango ni Mmoja tu-Wakuingia Gusa unate- Utasimulia Kuchoma,Kuvuta,Kunusa kujidunga Kijiko kigae Unafikiri ni za mahohe-Hahe Ni za brothers and sisters wale wajanjez Namaanisha wale wajanja Mpaka wakapitiliza
Fire, Fire, Fire,To destroy is up to youTo burn is up to you,To teach is up to you,To serve is up to you,To cook is up to you,To guide is up to you, Will you be the servant or the master? Water, Water , WaterBeautiful you are,Mysterious you are,Da
I’ll get you high if you want to take the climb. Ten thousand steps. Explode, land mine. Watch your feet. Ecstasy.
It's difficult to walk away from sunflowers,With their adoration and life spreadSo neatly across their features.But you do. Because, that adoration isn't for you.
I went walking the other day, Under a red and setting sky. Through trees that made mountains small, Their leaves whispering a sigh.  
In life there are choices, that define who we are Ideas, theories, and people so bizzare But everyone at some point, feels lost and alone no group to fit in with, nowhere for their own,
Education now and days you’re so overlooked. For everything about you is something out of a science fiction book. You bare new wonders for me to learn that always seem to intrigue.
If I were to be stranded on a deserted island, the one thing I would take with me  would be my empathy that stems from love that I always carry with me.  In all the time of solitude that 
A cat named Snowy My partner in crime and friend Cannot live without
<p>I could walk until my feet bleed but that would divert my attention from the stars that stare at me and the tar that wants me to stickjust so it feels known for one whole second.  I could walk until my feet bleed but that would mean bleed
The fuzz from your locs reminds me that man is God made And if God is this planetYou are definitely made in his image Your hair having the sense of a
The golden trees and the silver star beckon beyond the realm of understanding, And make real the redemption of the uncertain heart.
Bright star, eye of God. Look upon me and teach me To fear no more. Bright star, eye of God. Make my intent pure and My drive strong. Bright star, eye of God. All I need is you,
What is this piece in my hand? The bullet and bullet shells coordinate as a band. It sometimes be on water or land.   As time evolve, we evolve at the same time that a musket looks like a papergun
Music is the master key The one thing that takes all to the same place, just not at the same time It just has to be the one thing I need For when I am weak, it is uplifting For when I am bored, it is exciting
A blackbird turned his eye on me and stopped me where I stood. He said that he would tell his tale if only, if he could.  
she searched for it in the hollow depths of the ocean listening for its soothing voice in every crashing wave but could hear nothing but ghostly roars she searched for it through airplane windows
Dear You,   You cannot cry, For crying shows weakness. But I will never let you be happy, Because what's the fun in that?   Sincerly, Life 
He is always there for her, yet she cries a sad call. For he rises her emotions but always lets them fall. Most days he's with her, skinny and tall, But sometimes he'll skip being there at all.
She is the light to my darkness The warmth to my cold. The beat for the heartless. And strength for the old.   She needs me and I need her. Although sometimes I would much prefer.
What must it be like To have flesh and blood Like the girl that I reflect Rather than pure wax.   The girl who gave me a face
Blink The worst things happen when All I can see is the back of my eyelids Blink But blink fast or you'll miss everything But how would you know? You're eyes are closed
You see better, speak better than I do, dear. Call to the friends I've never met, the songs I long to hear. Find beauty in my life, my love. Write to me of bright skies, foliage filled
Have you ever felt like you would do what ever it takes just to fix your mistakes. Who ever said you don't know what you got until its gone they weren't wrong. I remember how you would always say I was perfect and how I'd always be worth it.
Words have a pulse, They bleed and they bruise, Like a heart’s beating impulse, Only that you get to choose.   Like a scream gone ignored, Or a sob in dark, behind closed doors,
As it roars and trickles against the rocks As it gushes and dribbles and never stops it will always stay blue and true its all about water  
I'm awaken coldness brushes against my cheek tears slowly pouring out of my eyes step-by-step
I've developed such a strong feeling for you-that I can't live my day-to-day life without your reassurance.You keep me going, quite literally.I can't live without you.
I hate them badly, when are coming dancing. All the way down in my face,   just to manipulate, as a pretty girl who wants a Barbie that nobody sells.   Let me speak clearly!
Are you searching for meaning friend? Are you coming to your bleeding end? Do your wrists speak your bleeding mind, telling you your purpose is hard to find?
Silence. It’s the thing you can never escape. It’s the thing that will last forever. When the computers stop humming, When the clocks stop ticking, When the cars stop beeping,
Who am I? Why I am you, My only tie, Is through you too.   I'm your mind, Your way of life, With the thoughts I give you, you'll unwind.   I keep you here,
Consider the possibility that Mother Nature could verbally convey what needs be. Instructing us to split far from society Furthermore, to take our own way Directing us at all times
Well thinking about all the things say to me Or say about me doesnt hurt anymore i feel Like a tree stronger then rest but yet not like The others the life i live where people do stupid thing
I see you crying, I hope you're okay Why do you have a boo boo? You've been home all day. Doesn't that hurt? Why are you bleeding? I can't help but wonder is there something you're needing?
  Pull heartstrings while you pull Hamstrings, Make me feel your presence in it's entirety.   Lungs aren't full enough for you to linger this long, but I don't care if you don't, and
  I am every bit as pathetic as the paper in my mouth.   The paper that will very soon become a topic of discussion among my friends;      Wondering why my hands now smell like anxiety,
I sleep under the stars between the troposphere and stratosphere the clouds are not condensation  they are warmth and home  and I believe in them, fairy cake and hot cocoa  saccharine illusion 
I am a star Different from others. Different shape, size, and color I'm judged, If I'm not big enough, I'm not tough. If I'm not lustrous, I'm not wondrous. If I'm not illuminated
Needles can stab and make holes, Rocks can be thrown and make bruises, As words can be said and make damages, A heart can be tossed and break into tiny little pieces  
「애니콜 안마 の 강남 애니콜 안마」o1o 2156 2312 도실 장 애니콜 안마 예약 애니콜 안마 위치 애니콜 안마 문의 애니콜 안마 가격 강남 애니콜 안마 전번 강남 애니콜 안마방
Resilient. I am resilient. 4 years wasted, on what I called love. Countless happy moments numbered more than the stars. Shattered so quickly. Yet I was resilient. Separation and divorce, happens to fifty percent.
We were locked in combat, there could only be one winner. The ropes of the ring, close in. My opponent steadily watches me. His face, taut and glistening with sweat.
  Hushed within myself the instrumental softly incurred.
When I write a poem, I feel a thrill that makes my heart-speed-up like a herd of kindergarteners out to recess galloping across the mulch over to the monkeybars belly-sliding screaming
I am but a flower, Found in the light of the sun, Swaying beneath your feet, Growing in the ground on which you run.   I am but a moment, Appearing in a season; However this so,
Although I've strayed far from home Mother always has a place for me She reintroduces to her elaborate home
I am winter the bringer of ice. I am winter the bringer of chills. I am winter, a personality of the cold.
not breath i cannot breathe i cant not breath i cannot breathe i cant not breath i cannot breathe i cant not breath i cannot breathe i cant not breath i cannot breathe i
Falling for You is like falling backwards-Like being upside down. Falling for You is like music and silence all wrapped up in a bubble-Light and airy.
Leave me alone, just leave me alone What have i ever done to you? Did i steal your man, disrespect your mother, slap your sister? What could i have possably done to make you want to torment and bully me
Roses are red,  Scholariships are green,  I really want to go to college, Please don't be mean!
Out-going, fascinating, and unretrained Caring for everyone even when I wasn't cared for Maybe a little cold at first
When I am no longer May my daughter be brilliantandBeautiful 10 times stronger when I'm no longer May she have knowledge and aspire to be wise the ability and confidence to rise when I am no longer
Deep, dark secrets these walls do know
Is it you, sweet feelings of Love?
Why is this happening 
Elementary schoolI bring home big scoresThe best in the testAdvancedExemplary
I'm a mountain that has been moved. I'm a cloud who has nowhere else to go At night I feel like a vampire A parasite tattoo that nectors the blood of others with nothing in return but useless pain
I am shy Silenced by my Fear Of judgment With only my thoughts And those thoughts have Great potential But they never Escape the Prison
*This poem was inspired by Teva Mayer's "Autumn's Child."  I loved it so much that I decided to write about his playmate.*  
I am the rock. I keep you centered, With your feet on the ground. I make you feel better, Even when I can’t make myself feel the same.
So many great things, expected of me, but what do i see, when i take a glance, in the mirror you ask? Hopeless potential, contradicting i know, but as i go, through the journey of this life i aspire to lead,
Since we were younger you've always loved and never had a reduced fascination with what seems to the world just a common animal,
In a summery June,
The mind- the reincarnate queen,my pens- the worker bees,oozes waxen flakes of inspiration,both devilish and angelical.The ink creates a homein a soon-to-be-discovered honeycomb
Beyond the sea lies the horizon.Go! Will you make it there? The snow flake will not hesitate to boast its intricacy. Examine! Can you see a pattern or perhaps a maze?
I live to write And die to care
The Ocean is Alive Moving, shifting, crashing Shimmering, relaxing, drifting The Ocean is unending.   A Spectrum of colors: From black to blue, And green to grey.
     Mom do you remember singing the ants go marching every time I was scared or had a nightmare?
The sound of trees blowing in the breeze,
What's cool about this stick, you ask? This paltry piece of wood?
Dear Depression, A ways back we go,                                                                             Back To when I rememer our first meeting.                                             When
Radical trooper Everlasting love for food More than just a pet
As I grip the pen my heart poundsin anticipation of things to come.My hand moved, the pen leaked,lines formed, and my eyes watched.These lines ran around the pageunsure of where there journey would end.
I lost my huband again, We always go through this cycle, 
Why is it that Mother Nature Blesses the winter With an ivory coat and Blesses the spring
What makes this world awesome           Could it be the air we all breathe Or did you fight and defeated something that didn’t come with ease   Is it the lushness of the trees
Begins as most days 
When trees begin to dance, swaying in rhythm with wind And birds together in chorus, requiem for the loss: 
Pride Is Expensive As F*** by Tim Hargrow   Everything is awesome! Pride Is awesome! The best part about our pride,
A silver-backed glass staring back
Despite the hordes Of Nords Leaping o'er the fjord, Cat is bored.
Standing on a hill Feels like I am queen of the world The city lights dance before my innocent eyes The whispers that float to my ears You are beautiful The world is beautiful If only we could see
Those swaying trees out in the field Those birds singing their endless song. These summer days seem so long.  
flowers never cease to make me happy. seeing them flourishing in a garden bed, growing taller and vrighter with each passing day. seeing them creadled in the crook of a young man's arm,
In a careless place And you are a nameless face  Dont forget what's true   Protection is near Hanging high above your head Looking over you    Look up my darling 
I know I’m stronger, because I persevere longer than anyone else. I’m by myself, but that doesn’t mean my goals will wither away on a shelf.   I know I’ll be the best chef
Isnt it crazy how rapidly things change From calm to insane, Like life is a game, Or the other way around. Catastrophe comes storming down Then suddenly, Its nowhere to be found.
A year or two ago, I would never know I would be where I am today. A year or two ago, I was young in mind and terrified of what was to come. A year or two ago, I was not here, where I stand now, but there.  
It’s not a chicken that crossed the road, just a funny looking possum.
The memory frozen Time has no turf nor existence With your friends and family All whom matter, captured  by a flash of light You radiate importance   You take precedence to anything else Your Selfie
My dog is truly amazing He snuggles with me when I'in fear Stay with me when I'm crying And with his so coat, he wipes away tears Though he ma be getting older And he's a wizened dog of seven years
Maybe he didn't see the wall.Maybe the darkness forbid sight.Maybe the fog of Depressionsettled over his eyes, blinding,obstructing his perspective.  
I watch As the ghosts waft 
I inspire awe! My form is plump and shaggy Because the mountains are cold
The British we did fight, we lost so the British pulled the noose tight Hung us as an example for the world to see, for only free did we want to be Our rights have been taken our tradition forsaken, our cities burned 
“in my menstrual fight,invisible warriordrinking fallen blood”
A strand of my hair is my great grandmother.
After they teased “Dora” Her flora Whithered. After they called her stupid She allowed the putrid Comments to sink deep. After they framed her for stealing She accepted her fate as unappealing
Its been months since I felt love My last owner didn't love me; I would have been "home" if he loved me. Instead I'm on the ground far from home, Unable to get up because he thrown me off a bridge;
You are either a girl or a boy, and that's it, right?You can be one or the other, not both and not neither.That's what I've been told, and I try to believe it with all my might,But I know how I feel, you don't.
You might of cut out my edges,Painted me a disguise,Removed all of my “flaws,”Since I am not presentable to your eyes.
Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall And all the kings horses and all the kings men tried in vain to mend Humpty's suffering head   To no avail it came though
I do not need a picture to depict perfection   The beauty of a picture is the beauty of he without the evidence ever forming through mechanical eyes One would have to see for themselves
The man who dreams in unconscious mind,
Late into night the shout rang out And echoed off the trees With deep timbre and pleading tone The shout soon found the sea   With rolling waves and mighty gust The shout was carried far
Everyone says t
The most used and the most useful part of a residential house is the kitchen.
A child she was; a special little girl, different from the rest;
+-+-+   Illuminance, my Shadow,   Grace us! We can quote Plato to the sun. He'll just shout it back at us But we'll get at Him someday With something new... You're a poet
I stand alone
My parched mind searches far and wide,
When it all comes down To a few simple words Am I just a girl in her room Reading a book to pass the afternoon A scientist with her head in the clouds Or a violist wishing to be heard by the crowds
Healing Moon Full, Round—Mother of the Skies,
The day setting into a vast rice-bowl horizon Lifeblood of the sun Painted across ashen skies A sailor’s delight The wind forming a cocoon of tranquility
I am a queen of the Nile like Cleo and Nefertiti, It doesn't even matter if you like, friend, or see me,
It should speak, Passionate whispers of desire Trembling shouts of abuse To live, to feel, but it cannot Trapped in a square frame.   Painted with a hoax It should create, 
She stands about five inches tall from the ground, but I love the way she calls With that loud roar She can be heard from afar She has a well looking core But on the inside, she's on par
Dark and damp; somewhere cold,  A little flower grows alone. Left behind,  By a world, to it, unknown.  It shivers in the frigid dark. Left colorless from the lack of light. 
They say that the sun loves the moon So much That he dies every day just to let her breathe.   They say that before you can love someone else, You have to love yourself.  
on the tiled floor we lie Discarded saturated with tears to the point of tearing We like to imagine ourselves as a rose, trampled on the ground We do not like the floor. so cold, despite attempting a welcome
I am a poem without pretense.
This unit began and I wasn't thrilled With poetry it would be filled   My first thought was "Oh, cue the boredom" Yet, now I write poems for an online forum   Poetry is a painting of words
Taking pics on my electronics I start with make up add any accessories, Get the right angle and lighting
I construct stories and lies in my head, Am I an actress or a liar? Telling people lies with so much belief that I begin to believe them myself. I'm a liar with dramatic emotions,
In a springtime nature landscape, Mighty columns reach for the highest layer And ask favors of their children To extend their little green spires. This transpires in neglect of the regions below,
The evil body shaped serpent shows His red demonized eyes glow Ranting and Raving In realization I’m the one that’s paying God’s what I need in my life is what I ‘am saying Keep me in your prayers
      Your words dance across the page Drawing me in
They’re breaking the orchid ribs,
If I succeed, best believe you're the reason I am me, If I fail, remember you were the reason I tried to be,
There is nothing above me but white and blue
Wake up Get dressed Boobs out Makeup on Go out Fake smile Fake teeth Fake pictures Fake pop-stars Fake world Go home Look in the mirror
Listen O' ye weary traveler To my tale of Love and Death. This life is a cruel mistress,
Remember in elementary school When we all wrote in black marker A line on our wrist that said cut here … Well I did, and I never stopped   I ran away from words As you all run away from fears  
Seeing you is undefined Talking with you, I stand solo But as I hear the bells on the porch chime The sound is as valuable as gold. This is not commmon, you are my docket
O' how cruel mine own heart be! It cares not if my head forbids It to love so as to not be twain in half again.
Eyes can only see the physical world around us, Is the physical world the only thing that  matters? In a world where people are judged by their appearance, Rather than how they've acted or what they've done,
I am The conspicious Coqui Making myself one to be heard Making my voice One that is remembered Not just for the volume But also for the constiancy The substance In my soothing words
Who am I?  
I see the colors of black and white
She polished my lens after she polished herself. 
The case revealed three shining silver parts Inviting the owner's touch; waiting to be put together.
Pick yourself apart. You won't look at yourself as a whole. You will detect every flaw. You refuse to embrace every stunning compliment. You desire to
I empathize greatly with the Lady of Chalot; "The curse has come upon me." But I will struggle,  brave little soul I am.  Just don't suppose you will enjoy it. 
Anywhere I look, everywhere I go
*/ /*-->*/  
Her eyes Grass and leaves and earth Lily pads and ice and sea   Her hair Light and sand and gold Sun and glimmer and fire   Her smile  Small and fragile and soft 
I see her staring at me, I reflected back at her who and what I saw... the vagabond she was.
Pale skin, crooked teeth, acne, freckles.  
    Don’t, glorify the general depth of beauty Nice face, strong features, maybe curves here or there If he or she looks good enough we tip, gratuity Why do we put such emphasis on long hair?  
I am tall Higher than most men Girls belittle me But i disregard them   They are jealous that i stand above They are jealous of what  have come to be They are jealous of what i will become
Do you know what it's like every day Dreading your life in every way? Fearing you'll never be good enough The minutes get longer and your life gets tough.  
Sixteen years of familiar faces Bumps, Coughs, Tummy aches, and even weird rashes You have always walked in with a soothing smile Catching up on her life and all the activities, she finds worthwhile
So many people asking who? So many people asking how? So many people asking when? So few people asking why, Why people are asking?
Country Runs Country Wild No make up No high heels No sports car No fake images   I am real from the natural looks To the country apparel To big truck
Alone in the forest of the black gnarled trees They beckon for me to join them in the dark. No moon shines bright through where there should be leaves, Just black, bare. branches and bark.
Flaws; They consist of the scars on my body, The craters in my soul, The rudimentary words that fall out of my mouth like; "Shit"
Weird, People think I'm weird for how I spend my time, Writing rhymes, But I like that part of me,
Please don't fly away Off of the bridge you always walk Please don't fly away From the chair and belt as I talk   Please don't fly away just yet I know you're getting weak
Living in a valley has it's up and downs, The mountains are a sight to see, But the air is think and brown. Every sound the city makes will echo peak to peak, It's volume alone is loud enough,
I hate you, but wish nothing but the best for you. That was the most fun I've ever had lying even though you're not my type. Then again girl isn't your type so I guess we're even.
The musical shape of love: It surrounds me, Wraps around me. It fills me up till I’ve got nothing to lose.   A piece of the puzzle Dangling from my neck. Removing me from the deck
The power inside;
Seems like it's just me who's wrapped around this curtain.
My life through the lens
When Blue Reflects Upon Waves   I’m staring, always staring, forever staring, No focus in sight, yet a bright future yields token, Novel, arguably plausible possibilities.
It is no joke you’re bound here.
I am an open space Vast, Lush, Deep, Dark, or Green A million words can describe my being Though the only true one is "Dead"   No walls may confine me I am viturally free
As I stand behind this curtain I can see them I see them While I am here behind this cold cloak they are out there there in the open And I watch them from my pedestal
the mirror is a dirty little liar i have been told
Sometimes it feels- All I do, Is paint over the scars. In silence I conceal, What's real, And who we are. So, Here's to the wounds- That won't heal, As I steal- Words that'll be my last.
Birds fly high in the sky Birds walk and chirp. They even dig worms out the dirt. Brds are birds, even without wings!
To Transcend   so, i Drink.
Every day, my life passes by. With sorrow and happiness. With depression and exhilaraion. But every day I get by, by going to my own privte getaway. The place whre I am always happy when I'm down.
In the world there are clever and foolish people, There are virgins and prostitutes, Rich, poor, middle class, and the clean and simple, There are pretty things and a couple of tragedies,  
You can't define what loves you
Basically your whole childhood was a giant bowl of anthropomorphism.  
I try to act like I don't care Like nothing can ever get me down Nothing hurts me, because my God is bigger Stronger than your words, your actions But at the end of the day I look in the mirror
BY CATE MARVIN You think I like to stand all day, all night, all any kind of light, to be subject only to wind? You are right. If seasons undo me, you are my season. And you are the light
BY EMILY DICKINSON My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun - In Corners - till a Day The Owner passed - identified - And carried Me away -   And now We roam in Sovreign Woods -
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