In Your Name

You created me to be

The one and only me

For all my faults and sins

You've taught me love always wins

For sad nights and glory days

You have always guided me and shown me the way

For you I will always love

And you will do the same

It is you I live for, in your Name.


Time after time you've shown me grace

During each step, with your love and embrace 

With these lessons I will pass along

To my kids and loved ones through actions, prayer and song

Oh God how I love thee, And sometimes I need you more

In those times Faith shall rise and fill my core.


As a parent I imagine the love and sacrifice you continue to give

It is in your Name, I continue to live

Two words I shall say again and again- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

For this amazing life...

And words I will continue to pray, to continue on - to teach, to love, to aid, to mend, to live the life of which you intend.

Oh how I love you too,

Thank you, Amen.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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Jan Wienen

Thank you

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