The Window, The Sky and I

The Window whispers to me

It told me it wanted to be free 

And no longer cry

The Window called to the key

It responded shaken; a little shy

It said you know you can see

When it comes time to say goodbye

All you allow is a regretful sigh 

Holding onto those that might want you to die

But love is not bartered or anything you buy

Manipulation is not a truth in a lie

Sometimes a ripple in an ocean

Will lead you to a big devotion 

Worth more than being locked away

Wait awhile, so please stay

But Freedom will come one Mayday

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

we are free under God if you believe in Him

once you believe Him, then show people how to love

hate is what people learn


I should write something on that topic because it isn't discussed much love vs hate and how we develop it in our lives.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

write a poem about what love is and tie to how people learn hate

you have the gift so just it come from your heart

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