The sea





Dear Depression,


Your waves rushed over me

The pain was comparable to the sting of your biggest bee

Your words

Crashed down on the rocky places of my heart


I drowned


I gasped for every dying breath 

At least when I tried to take them 

I sank deeper and deeper 

My fingers grazed the sand on your ocean floor 


Darkness surrounded me


You never ending creeper 

You washed over my eyes 

My lungs contracted 

No cause to constrict your invading waters 


I couldn't


Couldn't move my body 

I sank into the dense abyss of wet mush 

My body's imprint disappeared 

Under the debris of your underwater world 


Get CAN do this...


A sound resonated through your waters 



To me


Calming me...

Calling me...

You began to fear 

Something cut right through you 


This voice still embarked by beautiful light



Demolished my darkness...your darkness  


Encased in love

Slowly lifted up through the water

The sea

Started to lose control of me


Your blackened sea didn't feel as heavy anymore 

I was so close to the surface

I tried to reach it on my own 

I sank 


So I let go

I let this unknown voice carry me

I rested in the Sea

Of this new assurance 


The faith that the voice would protect me

Kept lifting me up 

Just as it did before in the sea of darkness 

Your darkness...


The voice it sounds...Clearer

So close 

The light 

I emerge 


My face was wet 

Immediately reminded of your sea of darkness 

I started to sink 

I had lost focus 


That voice spoke again, this time saying 


" My Love...

My masterpiece...

That wasn't you

Doesn't control you


You are mine

My Love is yours to keep,

Get closer to me

You will forget about--the sea..."


Sincerely, Shannon 

P.S I truly, honestly don't miss you. Nope, not even in the slightest. 

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