The Boy Who Colluded with Wolf

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 02:01 -- apl-pi

"Five dollars," said the Wolf to the Boy.

"Five dollars," agreed the Boy.

The Boy went out like usual, for he was a shepherd boy.

He glanced around, at his sheep-

then back at the Wolf.

The Boy nodded, and the Wolf nodded back.

The Wolf said no more and left.

"A WOLF!" cried the Boy.

And the villagers came rushing,

the men and the women and the children.

They saw no wolf and sternly looked at the Boy.

With a sheepish smile, the Boy looked back.

And with that the villagers all left,

they muttered how the Boy was a disgrace.


The Wolf peeped back in sight,

the Boy nodded; he understood.

He cried once again, "A WOLF!"

And no villagers came.

It was a great meal for the Wolf,

who ate seventy sheep that day.

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