and she wandered

Tue, 03/29/2016 - 14:04 -- maceyvi

she searched for it in the hollow depths of the ocean

listening for its soothing voice in every crashing wave

but could hear nothing but ghostly roars

she searched for it through airplane windows

yearning to see a beating heart connecting those golden city veins

but could see no sign of life in the miles and miles of darkness

she searched for it as she stared up at towering city giants

looking for comfort in the structures' quiet, unwavering strength 

but could feel cold seep into her bones at the sight of steel and concrete

she searched for it in acres of green forest

wanting the ancient trees to lend her some of their peace

but could wait no longer for century-old sweet nothings to break the silence


finally she saw it

in the way riptides ricochet against the shore,

caressing the sand as they say goodbye over and over

in the way the sky changes color where it meets the horizon,

greeting the world below with a second chance

in the way skyscrapers' shadows leave haphazard streaks across the city,

giving rest to souls worn weary from the sun

in the way sunlight occasionally peeks through gaps in the trees,

playing hide-and-seek to restore the forest's youth


and she no longer wandered all over the world

looking for what she wanted most.

she had already found it -

that one thing her soul could not be without

it echoed through her veins as she stayed

in the arms of her beloved

it was evident with every thrum

of his beating heart

and with every one of his whispered wishes

for her never to leave again


it was love.

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