They’re breaking the orchid ribs,

strangling youth-less friction.

Plastic surgery of flower bones,

Broke them apart to build them up again.

Platonic conception of beauty,

Engineered futility.


They think they know of uniform construction, 

book-practiced anatomy, composition of lobotomy.

They forgot the abstraction of individuality,

they preach that abstraction of individuality.


Study of malnutrition,

Take all the soil and leave us with rock and stone.

Take all the mineral and leave us with the bone.

Promised love of survival, 

promised love of Darwin’s thorn.


Oh, take it all! Just take it all... 

Oh watch us fall! Just watch us (watch us) fall, 

with your cataract eyes.

Take the rabbit feet to hand, 

like guilt to head.


Veronica Russell

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Our world
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