The United States of America

She is the mother of my being, but she is like no other 

She is the thrift store of the world 

She is made up of you, me, anyone; none of us the same all of us different 

She is diverse like the fur coats you find in the thrift store 

She is the eagle you see swoop down onto a pristine crystal lake 

Beautiful, powerful, and majestic 

She is not like the common pigeon 

She allows anyone to suckle from her freedom bosom 

She give you your right to think as you see fit, unregulated by her 

She is fat in the checkbook and in the pants 

She is not a person, instead she is a nation, 

A nation built from other nations 

She cares for people of any land, nursing them if they are hurt 

She is powered by the guidance of other nation-states 

She is The United States of America and she is my mother


This poem is about: 
My country
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