Good Morning Sky Light, Hello Sun

Good morning
Light in the sky
Come to wake
My sleeping eyes

How are you
This day bright
Never did I
Know such might

Hello sun
Where've you been
Hiding your face
You warmth rescind

Fire star up high
Leave yourself on
In case I can't
Find my way home

The moon, she cocks
Her head sideways
Watching you
All ablaze

Fusion of
Atomic bonds
Set aflame
By our good God

Torch of twelve
And twelve again
Burning always
For my soul send

Clouds and
Atmosphere abound
Made to hold
Your pure flame down

Married to
The nitrogen
Water rising
Give you Zen

Ball of red
Hot and untamed
Feed this earth
You bore from bane

Faithful breath
Exhaling life
Basking the world
Cold with strife

I see you
From my windows
I praise your loyalty
Your glow

Ever faithful
Chasing shadows
Leading people
Into meadows

Ever rising
High above
Respect to you
Sphere of love

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Our world
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