Open and Resend

To you, an important being,

                My, it has been a while do you not remember when…

 Oh I am sorry, that is very rude of me to assume. 

 I will just start with the simple reminders of what we have.

 We have no fear, saw none in the path we walk.

We know the different between the cold and warmth.

 We have the affection for the sunset and sun rise.

We dream of the world as a single blue sky and sheep clouds.

But now it is easy to forget.

It is hard to remember, those lazy afternoons with a glass of tea.

There will always be a seat filled by a darling gaze.

The birds will be called by our wafers and wait by our window.

The dearest hand holding ours, when fire burst like flowers in the night sky.

                But now it is not easy to recall.

I hope you remember the face in the mirror grinning back with no worries in the world.

We did not know about our world of today’s reality.

                I am sorry I am asking for much.

Please do not forget the reflection held by the lake’s surface.

Please remember the window shop with the white dress.

Just remember I am no strange dream from those summer naps.

Please do not forget about us, please remember, just remember me.


In great yearning

Your memories. 

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