Life Taken by the Gun

Life Taken By the Gun

By: Miracle Strong


The rain began to pour

As I walked across the shore

His arms bleeding leading to his destination


The sky opened up and began to cry

He wished he could end it all and die

But he heard a small voice that said ,”it’s not over “


Her death played over in my mind

She laid there helpless

And I was left hopeless

Everyday hasn’t been the same

I miss her everyday                                                                  


Depression takes over and emotions begin to show

But I have to stay strong and not let her go

It seems like death has come knocking at my door

Wanting to take me

But I shall live this life once more.


I look up to the sky as rain hits my face

I see her in the clouds and in our young daughters face

What would she do without me

Now I can’t dare leave this earth but being without her hurts me.


I turned around and see a red path

My footsteps lead next to It

The rain slowly washes it away

I can’t give up I must live another day.


The engine roaring

The rain fell

She lost control

Through the barrier

And downhill

Our unborn child number two went with her

Only she could of saw danger ahead

I would have driven but I didn’t take my meds.

The news broke

And my world froze


Daughter’s P.O.V.


My mommy didn’t come home

I couldn’t find her

Daddy left me here all alone

At night her drinks stuff that makes him mad

He hits me it makes me sad

I don’t know where my mommy is at

I don’t know even if she’s ever coming back.


 A man came to our house

He said they found her

I jumped with joy

But daddy cried tears of pain

Three days later I saw her

She lay still and lifeless

A pretty blue box engulfed her

The lid closed and she was gone


Mom’s P.O.V

I turned the wheel

It locked like steel

Over the barrier and downhill


My end has come the light is bright

My soul leaving and I can’t win this fight

I’ve lived on this Earth just to abuse my possibilities

Heaven or Hell, I’m not sure but I know there is no Purgatory

My heart races as it beats out of my chest pain over my flesh

Air becomes elusive and my only hope is to lay here

I see death and it’s not what I dream of the world is at peace

I’m dressed in my best laid to rest

I enter the cold damp earth in the finest coffin

Dirt is covering me and I’m now from ashes to ashes dust to dust.


Dad’s P.O.V.


Her funeral was over

The drive was long

We were on our way home

“Daddy what’s wrong?” is all I heard

She’s too young to understand

Men shouldn’t cry, but inside I just wanted to die.

I wish I could have took my wife’s place

“Daddy why did they put mommy in a box?”

I didn’t know how to explain

“Mommy is in a better place.”

“Daddy! Stop!”

I had just hit a cop

My heart almost dropped

He took out his gun

In my mind I said run

We sat there still

My two hands still on the wheel

“Daddy duck!!!”

Everything went black


Daughter’s P.O.V.


The gun went off

Crash through the window

Daddy’s head hit the steering wheel

A red trail started down his face

He didn’t move a muscle

A man with a gun

Took my daddy’s life

No mommy no daddy

I see the barrel

*Pop * 

The pain hit me but it was all over fast


Mom’s P.O.V.


My beautiful family is dead

One bullet in the head

My daughter packed with lead

A sweet little soul taken so soon

Not knowing what left to do

Creation of man-made thing

Ending life so soon

Heartless and young

Their lives were taken by the gun


Daughter’s P.O.V.


I see my mommy sitting on a cloud

I run but golden gates stop me

I look down and see the world beneath me

The people move like puppets

 Being controlled by the things around them.

I look past them and hear screams

The Earth becomes engulfed in flames

People run trying to escape

It’s no use their time has come

The world is at its end




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