Poison Apple


 Apple (Voice one)                     Old Woman (Voice two)    Victim (Voice three)

My skin is boiling

                                                    I see the small cottage

                                                                                           An old woman approaches

My insides are turning to mush

                                                      She must eat the apple

                                                                                            Her wares look delicious

Will this not end?               She must take the apple!               I must have an apple!

Sunlight pierces my body

                                         Of course you can have one!

                                                                                       The apple glows in the light

I fall to the wooden floor             

                                                It must be working!

                                                                                         The taste sears my tongue

A body slides beside me         

                                                  She has fallen

                                                                                        My whole body is aching

It must be poison!        The poison has run its course!            It must be poison!

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