The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time in a muggy little pond

Lived a family of feathers in a crappy little nest

The nest was fine to hold the six, while still and round and small.

But not too long those eggs will hatch,

A flapping, bouncing, baby batch.

The nest won’t hold them all.


It’s natural for runts to go. Natural Selection.

There’s always one not like the rest,

just one small imperfection.


Those ugly, slimy birdie babes, they barged in, one by one.

And last of all, the largest load,

She tumbled out as well.

She almost crushed her brothers.

She towered as a giant.

But then and there that dingy duck was tagged the family runt.


The kids grew fluff and looked just like

Five chirping dandelions

And then a muddy pile of feathers, similar by fractions.


She stuck out like a dead, brown leaf on new, green, growing pine ,

Was pushed from the nest again and again,

And always left behind.


The ducklings made plans to rid their sister,

To never see her again,

But before they took to action, Ms. Runt had skipped the den.


She’d packed her things.

She’d flown the coop.

She even left a nasty note.

She’d never see them again.


Runt found a home where life was poppin’,

New birds every day.

And every night, she smeared on lipstick, and pearls to match her grey.

She’d meet new chaps,

She loved her life,

And she never once missed home.


One time someone asked her

Where Little Miss Runt began

She thought of Mum and Dad and nest

Bullied for not being “like the rest”

What an awful childhood she endured!

Though “I’m sure they didn’t mean it”

Well Runt turned back with a smirk on her face and said “Eff those ducks, I’m a goose!”


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