I never loved another the way that i love you!

I have never loved the way that i love you!

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 9, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

Baby i have never loved anyone the way that i love you. I have never felt love this strong before the why i feel for you.

I have never been so scared of losing anything in my life before. As i am scared of losing you. I have never been in love before the way that I'm in love with you.

I have never adored anyone else they way that i adore you. Your my hope when all hope is lost.  You my joy when all is hate.

You my light when all is dark. Your my hereat when my heart doesn't want to exist. You my air when i need to breath.

Your my comfort when i am hurt. Your my inspiration when all is at end. Your my most prize possession. And nothing else matters to me my love except making you feel loved and as loved as you make me feel.

If i had to choose between losing you or living i would choose death because without you my love. My life is meaningless.

Empty dark gray and dreary.
With you my love my life is so strong true passionate. Full of hope, love, romantic, emotional connection.

And so very much full of Gods love to...
I love you my beautiful wife you make me feel like No one else can.

Only you can drive me utterly mad 😡 that i completely lose my mind. And go off without thinking about what I'm talking about.

And say such hurtful things. That i don't really mean.. And only you have the power to bring out the very best in me and the utterly most worst in me.

And in the end only you can calm my raging bull headed ness. I love you baby thank you for being the greatest love I've ever known.

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