Fallen love

Fallen Love

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 8, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

There once was a love that i thought was so true. Then everyone else showed me the truth even you.

You betray me hurt me over and over again. Repeating it to many times. So many times these tears i no longer cry.

I shut down my emotions and feeling once more. To where i no longer have to feel the betrayal and hurt.

I once again become the hurt little girl. Unable to trust unable to love.  
Unable to have hopes that i can dream of.

My heart has been locked up tight once again. Unable to except love from anyone. Knowing that I'll never have anyone. So once again fallen love finds you again.

Lost and lonely once more. Longing for the love that i once had. Wanting to give up. Feeling like a beaten and battered little pup.  

Hurt like I've never been hurt before you ripped my heart out then slammed the door. Leaving my gaping wood gushing with blood.
Why did i ever give in and trust and fall in love.

Just to be shown the truth again. They will only hurt you and in this life your never going to be able to trust another again. And love is never going to happen because no one is as faithful and true as you are to them.

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