hatred = (-1) x affection + christmas tree

Christmas: a tiny holy thingy
blinking strings tie often streetpoles
redded hands in boiling coffee
not in mates palms
smile holds a teeth holes
sauced up by dentist.

25th, Christmas: day I believe in Santa
day left me with disjuncted chapters of my own
Dear Santa, 
freeze my mama,
chill my grandma
for a second
i'd no way see them glancing at me
me hammered by the mistletoe

a winter dinner: olivier onside three moonlight plates
undereaten unenjoyed pieces 
a flat in cirtus air choke me
silk rug not wet
he saved my violin voice message.

square presents boxes... and i fell
i wear a scarf that warms
cat crawled a journey to my breasts
a guy fired a handgun
wiped my eyebrows

i carried him a crystal ball
he slit my wrist 
hates me by court football poles
snow winds
my retro photographs 
mate hides in smartphone gallery
he kills
and craves me
underneath the Christmas tree.

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