Unexpected Expectations

Isnt it crazy how rapidly things change

From calm to insane,

Like life is a game,

Or the other way around.

Catastrophe comes storming down

Then suddenly,

Its nowhere to be found.

Things can go from good to bad within seconds that split

And bad to good in any instant,

And its even more crazy how with each period of change from one to another its possible to benefit.

The most beautiful things can be found within.

The most horrible Things can bring revolution,

And in the end

All that is left of this evolution

Is the awe of amazement because nothing ever becomes what is when it begins.

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Our world
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Hey guys this is my first poem so if you like share and if not then comment tell me what's missing or what wasn't necessary. Thanks all :)


Just wanted to say that I think this is crazy good. :) I really like how you placed commas and full stops, they really give you a great sense of the flow and rhythm of the poem.


I appreciate that. Thank you so much!

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