Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

First it was counting

Everything in fours

Once, twice, even three times

Never enough


Tap, tap, tap, tap

Clap, clap, clap, clap

Everything four times

No more, no less


Then intrusive thoughts

Little OCD monsters

Inside my brain

Yelling, screaming, crying


Couldn’t think straight

Every thought I had

Attached with guilt

Everything was my fault


Late nights spent

Crying in my bed

Letting the OCD monsters

Get inside my head


It never went away

Even when I slept

Sweet dreams

Turned to nightmares


I was tired

Tired of the OCD

Tired of the anxiety

Tired of the tears


OCD controlled my life

It told me how to live

What to say

What to think


OCD labelled me

Told me I was sick

Told me I was a freak

Told me I was alone


Medicine and therapy helped

But the OCD always stayed

Trying to degrade

And dehumanize me


It took a long time

To build myself back up

To feel good

To not let OCD become me




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