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Afloat a tumultuous sea of rage, he drifts solitary, still, and silent. Yearning out the Hadopelagic cage; deep marine, where quiet means violent.
When just a child the poet's mom said "Son,Throughout your life beware the sin of pride.Remember this when every day is done,What counts the most is who you are inside.".
Can you soothe a black hole if its matter Is made of hate? Gravitational field Strong as blood and as painful as laughter. So consumed with itself it cannot yield.  
I still remember, the freedom and the trees I was surrounded by Suddenly replaced by the dark stink of a crowded cargo hold A collective nightmare sailing during an endless night
When the windeth blows, it's ev'r so cold But nev'r as such within mine soul F'r thoust claim'd I'm dark withineth But I hast not commit'd sineth   Shall clouds rolleth in, I dear proclaim
There's no worst enemy for an artist, than one's lack of abillity to do!  Waiting for one's muse is not the smartest. Sometimes, inspiration is a hard chew.   You must light the fire of passion yourself! 
Tears boil on my cheeks like copper kettles, Water dancing and not missing a beat, Yesterday you helped my water settle, But now you can not save me from the heat.  
Before he was the Norse God of Thunder Thor was the older brother of Loki Before Loki, Thor would often wonder How having a smaller brother would be. Would they play baseball or ride their scooters
u use a bright pen that is last to be picked in the packet. may u speak ur true feelings on paper and pray. she can’t see where ur love starts and ends. but she has to.  
 I don't know who or what you are, But I know the pain you put me through I am reminded by my mental scars Coming so close to death because of you  Feelings of deep self-hatred and shame Keep overcoming my will to push through So my addictions rem
It is not the memories to be accounted for, but rather it is the teachings I wish I listened to. This is something I do anything but adore,
     The days were unnumbered, nobody cared, Once a child I had nothing to fear, The years that passed were something I had beared,
The sun comes down through the dark clouds The lights go out on a melancoly hill The dark comes when the light is out of bounds The light decays in my hands like a disolving pill Light doesn't last a day or two
  The sunrise and the lake tides merged together as I sat on the cold stone concrete The colors of the sky dripped into color and the tides moved as precise as a heartbeat
When I see your face there is a soft glow, As if I was looking at a sunset. Even when your face may no longer show, To me, your love acts a comfort blanket;
Just as a plague sweeps through and does decay, So too may love take victims in its path. It crawls inside the minds it finds to fray,
Our true love began with dedication Our mutual feelings we do impart Your love leaves me with a bright sensation To you I grant this gift: my loving heart   Compassion spreads its wings like a white swan
The world watches as numbers trickle in. Each state lights up in hues of red or blue. Hope for a female president grows thin. The man governed by hate now governs you.  
     Like a dark cloud hovering over me,      Fear found its greedy way into my life.      It held me back with strong chains and great lies,      And convinced me to burrow into my shell.  
What looms beyond the trees—a monster black.   I see his visage clear, and hear its moan.   I wait to feel the claws upon my back,   Then wrap around my neck intent to choke.  
Beyond the melting snow, I flee to stand atop the rock, somehow seeking a balm.  Without a thought, still hope, a cause or plan, I venture out each day, alone for calm.  When I was younger than today, my wit
Could somebody take me somewhere pleasant? It's all I have ever asked of someone. How is someone to be omnipresent? They cry "all hail the one and only son."
When I ponder about life's existence, I have patience rather than vanity In the American experience- USA, with gloat, loses sanity;   Grasping this entire world of disorder,
My letters trace your elegance with ease. The page cannot contain your splendent smile. No sweeter voice could grace the gentle breeze Of the unworthy worlds my pens defile.
Rose petals wrap against each other in their whispered secrets; too scared to reveal the charms they own. Masks are not ever real.
The United States is a free country. People come to it for a better life. Each immigrant comes with a family. A husband settles in it with his wife.   Unlike illegals, he does not break laws.
I do not Know you,.. Why are you here? ..Fuckyou,.. Why do you Plague me so,.? It isn’t yourLife for me.., Be gone from our home don’t fuckwith my head this ways.. Do you even romance your
​Though not born of blood, our hearts beat for daughter and mother each,Your voice is of kindness and love, even when mine is upset.I worry about the future –one you’re already living to teach.
you are newfound confidence, in a mind so lost and confused  your influence is bottomless, in expression you are used. without you i wilt, like a flower in the heat 
Father of mine, all you have done Ever since I could remember All the days, all the fun From Jaunrary to December   Your time and your love Your sacrfice and your time
If only I could travel back through time, where life starts to go trough hell fire and flame. For when I finally started to aim, I lost my future's grip and could not climb. I would catch myself and all my glory,
Frantic wings beating blindly, Bombarding the window pane. Beak nimbly tap tap tap tapping the glass it doesn't see, Jewel toned chest sparkling sapphire in the sunlight.
The soul yearns for a place to call its home Beside the hearth of friendship’s warm embrace Where candor rides the breeze like glitt’ring ash
Wish, not I, to dedicate a sonnet To surreptitious love, brutish sorrow,
Wish, not I, to dedicate a sonnet
live in the moment and have some fun you're blind, you're naive, you never listen get crazy and wild; worry when you're done mind's empty, heart's dull, but your soul glistens  
you are hurting my mind hurt me to think about hurt me to be without i thought about you today and i felt the pain in my chest where you were not leaning
Your beauty can’t compare to anyone,  sends me shivering from the sight of you, wishing to talk with you by one-on-one, If only I could find the courage to, every single second of every day, 
My sir's eyes compare not to the light moon; Clouds are far more soft than his lip's surface; If flesh be bloom, why then his like a prune's; If hairs be chords, dust chords flee his dermis.
What is good? What is pleasant? What is kind? In the truest meaning of the words no Thing is good, pleasant, or kind that I find. On any one thing, I could ne'er bestow Such a word as good or pleasant or kind.
The Paradox of Insanity   O my worst fear that I wish to expel, A masterpiece refuse all to accept. The hidden pain that I so well dispel
New York; your streets have treated me quite well, And even in the darkest nights or rain, And even more in love with you I fell, So now my heart will never be the same.  
Here’s a letter written to my best friend, With all of the reasons that I hate you. You annoy and pester me to no end.You show up to my house out of the blue.
Dear fellow dreamers yearning to satisfy their wanderlust,   I wish I could always be traveling,                                        Adventuring striking royal ocean waves.                              
Today the rain washed away the pain and   Showed us what is to be new again.   A cloud brought forth, with its dark, heavy hand,
Which way will you turn? Blinkers stay unlit, One land, Two sea, None by inept driver. Absent headed fool in traffic we sit, Stick figure family, mocking riders.  
Great is everything about you my love There’s something about you I can’t explain It’s like you are an angel from above One that I can never again obtain
  red camellia drowning at sea, rush tightening my veins and surges of panic - then a sort of calm like a mother’s lull.   light and sap filter through the waves, i saw
Like Aphrodite on Olympus peak, Your beauty has no equal in this world: A gem that I will always choose to seek, A magnificent statue set impearled  
Tis impossible to write my life po'm. Constantly I wonder why I try so. My life will ne'er be as large as a tome. But question begs still an answer to know. The answer found me when sun hung so low
You enjoy bubble baths and reading long books,you do sports, good music, world travel, and zen.You’re looking for someone who can laugh (and it helps if they cook),
Is this the face that launch’d a thousand ships? Doth Helen envy likely grace within?My joy, thou should’st be sin; thy lovely lipsDo tender kiss my face and all therein;Be so the cause of shipwrecks in thy way
  My heart is not of men to others take, Nor battle for deceptive perjury That swear the men that thee a statue make, Else I become thy victim’d sorcery. The army of a thousand perfect heavens
Looking out the clear glass but dirty window I see the trees shy from the harsh, cruel wind, My mind wonders how whirling air blow; Here in a room is where I imagine.
There are so many books as old as time, That act like doors for the creative mind– To worlds where reason never needs a rime And in these worlds, one can find grand emprise.  
There may be times when you are feeling down, when someone blows your rekindling ember, and you can't help but put the biggest frown, or raise the flag in white to surrender in front of many people who've shamed you
This Autumn I placed a leaf near my work Area on top my desk. It was red, And I thought it would be a nice small quirk, To have something I found in a leaf bed.
Your beady eyes are as dark as the night Your hair is too long and must be cut soon Your presence beside me doesn't feel right When you speak to me I no longer swoon Your sister's red car pulls out of the lot
For shame the lone golden jackal follows The trail of the tiger through the laurels Picks off what's left until its hunger grows, Again whilst for nothing the tiger toils; For shame the wings of night filch the canine; As the dog hunts for its wel
Seeing your letters after long day’s toil, like flowers with warm ethereal glow grounded solitarily in iced soil Comfort and warmth upon me they’d bestow I held your promise so close to my heart 
Before in the past I never did know If I might possess a graceful beauty.The kind to capture the heart of a beau,I did not think it could be part of me.Never once did I try to bat an eye.To chase after boys seemed a waste of time.To avoid heart br
You're taking all these health and science classes:Nutrition, Wellness, and Anatomy. You know how risky losing weight this fast is.If you know better, then why can't you eat?
My eyes cannot trust what it is seeing. A blue steam engine wandering past me. His name is Thomas, and he is fleeing. His speed clears the branch line of all debris.   As I observe closely, he pulls coaches.
Dear She, A door dividing us, me and My Love; for years, I wait in patient zeal for her to someday know and free me like a dove; the door will open, that I am sure.  
Our love is not like that in fairy tales That end in happy ever after, nor Is fleeting beauty cause for this amore. If passions were the source, this love would fail.  
I was told actions speak louder than words But few recognize how words twist the soul Some I hear have connotations absurd And I wonder if it's really their goal   To guilt others into pleasing them
Relationships can change like gusts of wind I know not of what you were thinking then             How did you ever get me oh so pinned You were changing me again and again  
There are things we can control and some not Don’t obsess of these, it will not bode well Do not disagree, for wars have been fought It will capture presence like divine hell
Why must I delay my cause No one here, knows my sorrow I’m but a man with no laws My sanity I borrow   I’m a sick and twisted fool
Off in my own world either day or night,             Images flow behind my open eyes.              Over reality and stirs a fright.         Never thought I was
Don’t be afraid, Just take my hand. Come on let’s getaway, And forever I’ll be your man. I already know the consequences,
My lovely socks, wherever can you be? No sign of you anywhere, it’s futile The warmth you have given protected me The thought of you gone makes me choke up bile My feet are bare, they feel overly free
I understand not the ideals of love, but I know it is a book without words. Maybe there are no carnations and doves,
Knowing everything about your world          Seems to be a blessing, but is a curse. Too much emotions for a single heart to hold. An individual’s mind isn’t a purse, That is able to be organized at will.
   Garden Of Love- Andrea Jimenez   So do I enter your garden of love? For I have picked roses that made me bleed Oh will we be soft and calm like two doves
In darkness of night sleep steals you away, And still is your heart, in your fatigue, It’s all in your head but to your dismay, You enter a world full of intrigue.
  People talk with nothing to really say, Complete boredom makes my eyes watch the floor But when I look up to observe the door,
Once upon a time, there was the fairest maiden whose beauty matched the frosty snow At the same time, the warmth of her heart matched her fiery red lips Throughout the kingdom, everyone knew her innocent beauty would glow
Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair! She hears those words come from this seemingly beast everday and night, The repition causes her anger to flare, leading her to make the decision to put up a fight.   
I rest in the closet for most of the year, 
My love for you is like a hidden bomb,Buried deep beneath false alliances,Everyday closer to disturbing the calm,Further loving your defiances;Your deep compassion draws me towards you,
They say I’ll love you to the end of it. Its length depends on the fun you’re having. That it lasts forever and never quits. Makes you feel like life is unraveling.   People spend it finding its relevance.
  When you do fall at last ‘fore your eyes close, her smil’ is one to know that she will wake. Perfect, I shall admit the ailment impose.
There is one more thing to put in our jar. I laugh at all of the jokes I unfold. We've come a long way to get where we are. I know you will be there as I grow old.
The ghost of love doth have me haunted The pale blue eyes that do crush my poor soul Oh, how this boy doth make me feel ghaunted Oh, how he makes me wish life were dull Only the love the man I do love
For morning’s breakfast I prepare a snack Of half a poppy covered bagel, so I can survive the day. And then, I lack The most important part: cream cheese, oh no!
Why does anyone care for red roses? Their scent alone is awfully violent And the pain their thorns often impose is Not worth the money many have spent
We met under the white gazebo fair, The wind blowing north up the sunlit shore Your eyes, blue ocean and the bright sand, your hair Before me was all I had ever yearned for  
Thankful for the laughter Thankful for those I'm around Thankful for before and after Thankful for where I'm bound   Proud to take part Proud to be who I've become Proud to have a heart
The cold bite of the wind from the due east, overwhelming even the toughest man. A white wall of frost, a forbidding beast, to overcome this wall one needs a plan. This winter beast, although, cannot be tamed.
A ray of light that veils the woeful night Is how I see this love I newly found. A running stream that filled my hollow bight, And beauty oh! Too subtle, too profound. Ah! Lips on which dost vibrant roses bloom,
A ray of light that veils the woeful night Is how I see this love I newly found. A running stream that filled my hollow bight, And beauty oh! Too subtle, too profound. Ah! Lips on which dost vibrant roses bloom,
Gentlemen, comrades, Brothers in Arms, I feel we need a song to sing, whilst fighting. Now, sound off, so that we may do harm! Most from the desert! Let them feel our sting!  
No hope for intelligence Grades seemed like a doomed allegiance My mind merely divergent My worries flow like laundry detergent  Once a weak link Now I've learned how to think
Rage fills the air Hate forms with no care The light of love is bleak Those of anger are weak Let love shine through Love will save the day and hate will rue Love will be a hero a saviour
When days are dreadful and they drag one down, The act of finding bliss is cumbersome. A time where the world was your own playground, Playtime came before personal income. Far away. Go back. Rewind.
I swore I’d watch this place burn to the ground   See you behind the fire as it danced   Our broken hearts cried out but they were bound  
I walked like a Sunday morning And you talked like a Saturday nightShown me a way and now I am learning That without you I would be without light
A dreary flower wilts away when the water and sun have gone. Depression sets in and attempts to stay. From internal thoughts does it spawn.  
i once met a goddess on a lonely road Knots of gold adorning her crown shining jewels as green as a toad Diverted all the way down   roses flourished in her cheeks As she continued to stare
Who's warm bosom is arrowed by cupidShouldst hark now to honest counsels my minddiscourses; love's like to unexpectedWhom thou think of least, hearts’ like to c
A sun gleaming red and green A time that disappoints the people who have been mean A time of anticipation from young to old, even the teens A time that reality has overshadowed by a dream  
We thought it was a typical Sunday, Little did we know it’d be a nightmare, I heard the news and had nothing to say, How could I? Life cannot be this unfair.  
The day we go and find the moon is down,Shall be a day of justice for the earth.We all must burn to find the fired crown.'Cause we're inclined to fight and show our worth.
If you dare, come to the dream-seller's store It's filled with inspiration, gold and hope She'll sell you a good future, maybe more Tied up with string or silver chains or rope.
to whom this may concern: i am now free i do not wish to sing thee barren praise nor have it fall on eyes that cannot see
7 Days Later I wore your clothes for the rest of the week, even your baggy floral underwear. I wore your bathrobe, hoping to be clean,
Little girl sits in her room terrified, “The monsters in my head won’t leave me be…” “Go away, go away,” she softly cried. “I can’t close my eyes ‘cause they’re all I see.”  
Why is it that I feel this earthly pull Whenever I draw close enough to you? The warm within your eyes will feed me full. I know that this connection must be true. But gravity, the one force that attracts,
Oh ye that breaks the bonds of Soil's grasp, And swiftly ascends to the noonday sun. Where light shows where thine true colors run, And ye which strikes onto skin like a rasp.
Your ocean waves lap over my porcelain skin, Pale ligaments draping in their caress. Your blue grips my white with an anguished smite, My heart grows heavy with the tug of your might
Contaminated in desperation, my heart longs for your voice to heal its wounds. Though weary, my mind seeks restoration. My soul awaits on words to make it swoon.  
I was introduced, through the limerick, To writing poetry, I knew every trick But my teachers found I would rather go in the ground Than write another limerick   Then they introduced
Shall I compare thee to a winter's day? Thou art more hollow and more distressing; Rough winds do shake your meaning far away And empty words are long from impressing.
Why am I here? What purpose does this have?I am so tired, I just want to sleep.Of myself, I feel I am only halve.Maybe less, but now I am in too deep. It's time to die, time to die, time to die.I'm too tired to work.
An unsuspecting candy craver and a cashier, He saw our life together while I waited for my receipt. I’ve never been one to pick out suitors here, And I’ve never so awkwardly looked down at my feet.
There is someone inside my headIt is full of rage and carnage With claws as hard like leadMy mind just can't seem to manage It whis
I am young, impulsive, wide-eyed, and green, a sapling wondering which way to grow. Still needing some support, somewhere to lean, staked to stand tall when the strong winds do blow.
Reassurance. Keeping doubts at bay, Saving the last drops of hope, Melting the problems away.   Reassurance.
A song plays in my ear singing sweet notes His lips part releasing a soft sweet hum Callused hands strum chords which appear to float And my heart harmonizes along with them  
How was I able to seeWhen my eyes were not able But she was right in front of me Convincing myself it must be fable 
And here I stand, With my mind and me To orchestrate my ability. I can count the sand Or analyze the land. Anything I see, Belongs to Me. Because the mind that moves the hand  
There was a newer world I entered once; We always flew from one place to the next. Blinked an eye and there I was; no distance; The mirrors disguised me, I felt perplexed.
Spanish: Cuando sonrías, me haces sentirme Como si fuera la única chica Quien amaría como hielo, tan firme, Sin derretir en cascada magnífica.   Cuando me mires, me escondo en flores
The warmest form of simple loneliness, Noticed when you do seek but none are found, Those distant drops in temperature that bless The ones who see companionship abound.
I sought great beauty from our nature’s crop, Allowed you to reside so close to home; Together would we grow with every drop, With time and care, life sprang from my dark loam.
And how my heart did feel that day When all alliance beat upon the crush'd All hope of victory was deftly flush'd By blood and for low price was I betrayed But all in secrecy was soft relayed
How can love be sweet like a summer's day, When it will always leave a bitter taste? Capturing and blinding mystified prey, Defeating mesmerised loves in the chase. It smothers the heart in an icy grip,
Don't panic, our blue planet's a wonderful placeDreamers, we live, we fly, we soar, we singUnlike the desolate rest of outer spaceAlthough all curious wonders always bring.
The smile is a lie, a lonely cryMisunderstood perception of the mindThis moonless night no sorrows' death defyBut twisted and undone for fighting blind.
Your calloused hands reach out and give to me, like God reviving one whose almost gone, a warm blue cup of steaming sanity. For four quarters you gift me life anon.
To live a life without joy is horrid For joy is key to living life fulfilled. I can not live a life that is morbid. That is tantamount to having been killed.   Joy does comes to me in several forms.
When I met you, it all started with "hi." At first, I could't think of what to say But we grew so close, I couldn't say bye. Even through skies of blue and clouds of gray, You were always there in my time of need
Despite the songs always inside my head, The reality of silence that’s there    Continues  to make me feel perturbéd
I have loved you with every single breath But Death never gives in to Love’s great will And you have seen the fate of sudden death Though love is sweet, revenge is bitter still
As clear and bright as early morning sky, With color bluer than a tropic sea. My heart was captured by those bright blue eyes, How lovely was the gaze they gifted me. Those baby blues get dimmer every day, 
Meaning to my existence flees from me Must I decide from various notions When decisions are my own cup of tea Based on preference, not by promotions
please listen to the silence of my heart so you, my love, may be spared from the grief
Consider Judas Iscariot, son Of Simon, follower of Christ the Lord. Their souls were knit, and became as if one, His heart's best brother, above all adored.   Consider this; a favor, asked by a friend,
is it the sweetness of a falsified mem’ry or truly sickly sweet charms? have i imagined this air, calcified in stone covered in velvet, moss harms  
Love is a gentle feeling within us That many twist and break, hating with rage. They have been broken from loved ones and thus No longer know to love becoming caged.   As time passes by and we start to age,
patience, for i have little if not time,and for you i'd wait until all else fades,until the sky cracks, falling earthward down,and the moments stretch out into decades. 
You often seemed to me to be ideal A vision of perfection, purity. And blooming in the moonlight, floridly, I found you in the flesh, seeming unreal. Dark and silky hair. Endless almond eyes.
Prescribed with sentience, a mind is furled. The node, like synapse, encased from Deep Blue, Employs emotion, though no form is curled. On flesh, a chain of plugs will here subdue.
the love song hangs unspoken, there for you to steal from my lips as you stole my heart. and now there’s nothing that I would not do: I’d barter, kill, and for your love I’d starve.
Abigail Rose blooms as she strides along- Her efflorescence is in lush language. When she spake, emeralds fall from her tongue- King Midas admires the foliage.
Happy, are we, the dreaming sons of God, idyllic in Eden we sat and gave to beast and fish and bird the names that they’ve the ground travers’d, in flesh and fur abroad.
In Bogotá, the first stop on our waywe make inspection of Colomb'n fields.The natives smile, and at our feet they lay
On nights when onyx raindrops start to fall, I’m often met by memories that I miss. The way you shone, like Helen, o’er them all, The way your ruby lips had felt to kiss. I think of how I held you ‘neath the sky,
This forgotten world, we are a
Oxytocin rushing through lovely veins.Oh, how dreadful--She fell for it again!Fear not, my child, you can dance in the chains;I see desperation scrawled on your skin.There's more than misfortune in those eyes,
What doth bring us forth from the womb? What doth drive us into the great perhaps? What then to make ourselves a tomb?
They call it connected generation They say we are together, but we're not The world is filled with anticipation We need to focus less on what we've bought
Thy love for thy foil reaches the sea,
  The Stage of Silence    
Her flaming fire burns the green undergrowth  Not glowing with hatred, but with desire Fierce love, fierce song, fierce giving, fierce undone A fire is what she has had to become  
The chosen one I see, his lightning scar Upon the forehead, bravery increased My brother's friend, his parents are deceased. Poor, handsome Harry I see from afar A year behind, I'm still in Gryffindor!
I'm pondering about life Contemplating about the future What's wrong or what's right? Am I significant or am I useless? My conscience tells me the truth Society is riddled with lies
I sometimes look at the forlorn pale moon.
the night is beautiful; hauntingly so graceful is the moon dancing at midnight and stars swaying to and fro, smiling softly with enchanted delight, and the wind whispered through the trees,
I drown in our love, but who is at fault? For you are an ocean; unceasing waves Splash me with sunlight and blind me with salt, And I happily swim down to my grave.   When we kiss, upon the surface I float,
This is something I've never done before This isn't a very whimsical tale Perhaps it could be described as a chore I do hope that my first try does not fail Counting syllables is the easy part
I close my eyes and all I see is hate For in my heart there is no love to see There is no way to escape from my fate This dreadful day will be the end of me   When he come along I saw the li-ight
A stone is thick, a mountain ever more,
Struggle after struggle simply tired
I watched a bluebird on a window sill She sat there placid, calm, and singing. We shared the morning sun out in the chill, We let its rays shine down on our faces; freezing.  
  Is love as complicated as it seems? The answer is within one with great love
***This was written in 8th grade. Our not-so-bright teacher wanted the class of 13 year olds to write a romantic love poem. I felt left out because I'd never even been in a relationship, must less been in love.
So much hatred and discrimination
You think you know everything yet don't know
Through the Time looking for the better days
BY STREET VIOLENCE I lost my cousin
An early death is failure expressed
We just can’t avoid it or control it
Not many people agree what you like
There is way too much running through your mind
Why do these individuals bully?
The best emotion in the world is hate Most people that feel this way show anger You could say that everyone calls it fate
You know my name and claim to know my soul, That wickedness shows plainly in the face, Yet wicked parts do not comprise a whole. There’re secrets hidden in the empty space. Is it indeed the contents of a heart,
Descending down into the depths, driving Every ounce of vital oxygen out. My lungs shut down and I’m past reviving. My vision blurs as my mind fills with doubt. I can’t go back. Not now. I’ve gone too far.
Claudio can't seem to make up his mind Constanly changing what he is thinking Sometimes wishing he could have a rewind His favor with everyone shrinking Hero whom he loves with all his heart
I see a glass half empty, empty? isnt that bad?
Quiet soul- shall I pray thee sleep in peace
Hidden faces, secret thoughts, and unseen emotions Building a superficial wall of counterfeit endeavors Masking internal desires and devotions Disguising each fault from past friends and lovers
The waves, the ocean crash against the wall, They bring back what was lost and washed away.
This ain't a poemThis isn't a pleaThis be a decreeThis be for all 'emWho see none for 'emWho see none agreeThat they have espritThat they are all inYou are flawless
Wretched flames amidst sweltering pink ridges
The retinas target the illusions, 
With want I watch the hunter and his dear. His delight; unfaltering, does not cease. A mere goodbye; you help me in my fleece- Out to the woods, to the cold morning’s air.  
A Day He Waits for Fateful Night's Delight
As I walked on a busy street, Side by side with random people Seeing variety of souls when eyes meet I see joy, love, hatred and trouble   Across the street I see an old lady
When love and hate collide,mixed emotions I couldn’t help but cryConfuses the soul I couldn’t hideAs I faced you that I already bid goodbye
I won’t always be your one and onlyThis love was always meant to expireI know this may come off a bit coldlyBut I know that someday we will tire   
milady, i beseech thee to rest now as your body is in need of respite although angels to thy beauty bow such sweet sleep would surely further thy light   what could your knight give to bring aid to thee?
How can I express to theeThe ways of which I love?This love I feel means more to meThan any god above.Oh! I love thee to the depths Of the sea.Surely I do.For in my dreamsIt it you I see,
Upon the beating of my rebel heart Lies weight so heavy I can hardly breathe I cannot place the feeling, but I know That things are not as brilliant as they seem I know those words should come out of my soul
Summer's rays warm and bright, Ocean waves of teal and lime. So soon the day to night,
They think I’m quiet, so they guess I’m shy; Classmates look through me and just stay away. My solemn look tells them to pass me by.
My love for fashion wildly grows, For everytime I walk into a store I cannot help, but buy more clothes; I shop, and shop until I snore. Blouses, skirts, and pants alike,
  The prophecy to end the dark reign A hero, a boy born at July's end A revenge for those who have died in van Through life and death this boy they must defend  
She is a lovely little dancing dollTrapped inside this embellished music boxTwist and turn the dial to hear her call
It's hard to put these thoughts into words, My heart won't tell my mouth what it should say. Thoughts of you flutter in my head like birds.  Why wait for tomorrow? I'll start today.
If the universe were still before thee,Ready to gaze at thine emerald eyes,
There is a land of radiance that shines
Music uplifts the strings on my guitar,Hockey uplifts the puck on my stick,Education uplifts the knowledge in my head,Preparedness uplifts the opportunities in my life,Work uplifts the money in my pocket,
The free imagination of a child Broken down they’re much too wildly minded Teenager’s angst causes them to get riled  Shadows rolls in a cloud, all is blinded
I am running, hiding from the relentless grip of REALITY But no matter what I do or where I go, it always seems to catch up with me It drugs me and runs through my veins
Could I tell this, my rapid-fire heart, to slow down a beat; I don't think I would,
A craving so dire It is a need To break up a large fire To destroy a relentless weed   All things that must be Done to achieve A goal so key Are hard for some to perceive   
They all want my autograph but they don't know how I write it   The things I read behind closed doors made me who I am- but how can I be what I have read if I cannot speak out loud?  
The pestilent air around me breathed.
Ode to Arizona on a Hot Summer's DayWritten by Adam M. SnowOh sweltering is summer's day of bliss,
I am a masked face in the distance,
Say not that Shakespeare is timelessly highin stature of poets I must observeLet me feel, let me taste words in my mind’s sigh;do not command my pen and ink to serveYour analysis of an art not meant
Life, with its joyous song, is ever bright. The symphony is rich and full and strong. It plays in the summer’s resplendent light, While birds are chirping their resounding song.
A blazing fire burns inside of me
So bright, the rising of the morning sun. I wake and see the beauty through new eyes, And glad to find another day begun. I think of ways to live before it dies.   Remember all the world has yet to give:
These often dark and dreary roads I walk
  Once upon a time, she was his precious little girl Back then, no one could say anything about him
Ambition is a vital, mighty flame whose smoldering blaze is within Us all, kindling our dreams from inaction to vigor whilst heating our innermost passions.  
You, at any one time, have a choice of Good, and of course the Bad, and less recalled Nothing.  It is through ation by way of intetnion that moves life.  So it is in You to shape your twin universes, the
It was that calm before a tempest blew through the town It was that stillness before a crack of lighning pierces the sky It was that silent bubble of air before you drown
I walk outside and have to squint my eyes. I do not know of whom to blame for this. The bright sun or the place in which it lies. To why must I suffer for what this is? There are times that you ease my discomfort.
In India are sacred hidden pools
Growing up is just like falling asleep.
Born Into a World of Unknown Fate stricken life, maybe she just might Her Name was never to be known  The things she was never to acquire  
The young boy dances in the summer rain All the kids point and mom calls him inside
I see the burning of the sky tonight, hues of orange to light, fades of blue; dark overcast, overnight, I tame sight. Lion in the sky roars to lay a mark; Seeing the heavenly fire creeping forward,
A love is something that should cause no tears I had my share of hopeless sighs and yet I'm free of care without a cause to fear
On the bed and on the bathroom counter I lost track of time, maybe two hours? I completely devoured the passion you were incredibly lacking and got a high of pure satisfaction
This horse holds spirit rumbling real strong A loud neigh and a frightful sight, he rears He is young and unsure of what  is right and wrong Do not be scared dark horse, for i am here.
"For in that sleep... What dreams may come?"   Ah, but I know in my sleep what dreams may come,  they haunt me by day as black as the sun   For with your love went a piece of me,
Hath tho beauty of thy one With legs as powerful as stone Weighing as much as a ton Once again on thy throne. She is, they are, God's gift. Made to help man rule the world, 
My heart sank with his visage in sight
My love does not love me like I love him. He claims I think we are what we are not. I just don't understand his frustration, For I'd like to believe I have his heart. My love, he thinks me insane, unstable.
His carefully constructed kingdom of sand 
Death sparks contradictory emotions. Disappearance from our earth is morbid, Suffering is also a misfortune,  But what if the afterlife is splendid?   Majestic mountains and breathtaking streams,
Happiness: the ultimate lifetime goal. Escaping from many day after day, What’s treacherous is giving it delay, Letting various ideals eat the soul, Despite it being in their own control.
I am disheartened by the large decline In the vocabulary choices made By others who are posting things online I wonder how their English papers grade…   I like to open books that smell with age
A Winter Within   The winter brings its coarse face With unforgiving wind that bites my cheeks A cold too malicious to be embraced The winter is real; it talks, it speaks
One day I'll make a difference, you see Stuck and Lazy, stubborn in my own place But now I claim there's something more to me  I'll come out first in this potential race  The stakes are high but i shall not falter 
Does he lament his life's imprisonment? Does he regret the choices of the past? One bad choice, his intentions apparent Though the future seemed, in stone, to be cast.  
Sly grins and stolen kisses, one, two, three. Roasted chestnut hair falling on bronze skin, Piercing emerald eyes and a sculpted chin. A heart swells and bellows to be free. Dead child walking in living fantasy,
A letter has arrived from young Yoshi Mario Brothers has been annihilated Those tiny walking dragons are the yoshi
Its starting to snow, it must be winter, White all around us in the cold night sky. But do you know something this December? I really can't leave now, can't say goodbye. Unexptectedly I've fallen for you,
I love doing what I want when I want. I dont need you or your authority, Give me an open field for me to jaunt, While I run from responsibility. To not give a single care in the world,
Aisles of white, and read By scholars and hoodlums alike, Segregated by understanding, sight Of the future is too often said. The march of the Pedagogue Held count by the beads of the Abacus,
My dream job is one that many might have Although this may be for the wrong reasons An industry that I intend to save A purpose that won't change with the seasons   Film industry is harsh, but beautiful
It's been a while since we last talked And I can see so much clearer Knew it was bad, still I was shocked The cliffs edge was so much nearer   A long way down as I can see
I don't know why my daddy hurt me so, My arm is broken and it hurts to move; Why he has done this; I'll never know, I wish this would stop; I wish it'd improve. Now that I am grown; I fear him no more,
To change one thing would be a dream. Where people don't bully or judge. Whether it's just because or you're holding a grudge.
I mourn for you my dear Prometheus
A twisting lock of hair falls round your face A shield of purple lacquer coats your nail As desperately I need to know my place I try and try and try to no avail.  
Our words already frozen, long ago
Slow like the morning sun rises The hourglass frozen Dawn passes a slow horizon
Balancing on a cobbled walk I go,
Oh my love. Sweet love. How close we had come. Our eyes met and hands touched as we drew near. With your eyes blue as oceans, hairs like chrome,
The purple dino is utopia. He wears a positive smile every day. Kids are happy in Dinotopia, Because he knows how to count, spell, and play.   The purple dinosaur can laugh and sing,
Whoever implied that the red rose could love? Surely, then, he has missed its wicked thorns Be it no angel fallen from above Underneath the smile, silently it scorns. 'Neath slender stem, her false pretenses show.
What far too many people fail to realize The addiction of wealth is just as serious as cocaine or gluttony, just more civilized Wall Street watches constantly, imperious They snatch away vulnerable loved ones
We've been told from a young age How beauty is and ought be defined From a young age I have felt resigned Feelings of innadaquacy I could not assuage Actors, makeup, body type, it's all staged
Don't linger in your reverie so long Inside you hear that familiar voice Only keeping yourself holding on To the idea that you don't have a choice In what you're worth, what you offer
Faster than dark, from disillusioned skies Of sable silk, the stars release their grasp, Descending into bitter winds that rasp Against the feathers of a night who flies Faster than silence born of memories
I am no one's Juliet
I am one pursuit in hundreds of recruits. I am in one family in a world of two billion families. I am on one planet in one galaxy of limitless galaxies:
The days are gone but memories remain
When i see you, you take my breath away
So close the day that's gone and yet so far;  One step behind, untraceable it stands. Some with their tortured souls and minds make war,  And don't recall the glory of the lands
So close the day that's gone and yet so far;  One step behind, untraceable it stands. Some with their tortured souls and minds make war,  And don't recall the glory of the lands
  Walking into the white circle I go Feeling the metal discus in my hand I look all around me as the wind blows The feeling of confidence is just grand  
I once thought that your love might have been true, With fantasies I did betray myself. I thought you were my prince come from the blue, I put my real life back upon the shelf. I gave up everything I had for you;
  The beauty of love is like a stronghold,
In sonnets all feelings encased therein
Looking up the sky, wishing you are here
The fiery beast falls, slain by the (k)night, His flame breath extinguished in the cool air As darkness engulfs the diminished light And strips its presence in the clear sky bare.
Sword in hand, the knight storms into the fortress. Swinging his blade, he strikes fear into his foes, Slaughtering them, savoring each of those blows. Spearmen pawn their poor lives for his sinful bliss,
Three hundred sixty-five days in a year, But all but one are truly un-birthdays. Days not to celebrate births, but appraise Life, randomness, occupation, career, And concepts that physically don't appear.
 With great haste, the dark knight captures his foe Threat’ning the king, who’s turned white as a ghost. He escapes, but His luck is now His woe As His wife now falls, murdered at Her post.
We are simply friends, I first thought of youYou wanted my tape because it was funI failed to see you saw me as your sunThat brightened cloudy days, your skies made blueYour wallet took a punch - admit it's true
Across the room he sees her reading text
My feelings are something I’ve yet to learn:
She watches gladly as the curtains fallCheers happ’ly when they rise again to showConfetti litters wooden floor like snowThe leader stands in front to watch them all.She cups her hands in hopes they’ll hear her call:
Sonnet To lays here down on the bed Once forgotten once awake In the near future soon a newlywed! Just a thought but it’s never too late!
Snowflakes flutter, Pushed by the breeze. Snowflakes fly, Full of ease. Designed to be unique, Never one the same, Neither one has the same name. Fluttering by, Enchanting my eyes,
Cue a wave of gasps from the gallery As the leading man, up on stage he cries Emotion pouring into eulogy, Dead words rising for loves no more alive. We trip headlong into the tipping tells,
Unlike some people, I dislike the sea. The water transcends from clear to pitch black, And it never seemed interesting to me,
Mozart had made it so simple to write, Beethoven could construct with his eyes closed, And together their songs were never trite,
As the ashen harbingers loom abre
The width of a smile is proportionate  To the woman's disconsolate heart 
His self is more than just a common male; Pale tint skin far more white than snow; Conscience as equal as sun and hail; Large pale blue eyes that radiately glow.
A vacant vessel, void of hope or faithA sundered soul, despairing, dying, lostSo it remains, a restless, roving wraithUntil it can collect for Charon's cost.
High school is like a sea of angry sharks Swimming together but each on their own Some swim in the light, others in the dark By the time we leave we should be full grown Like a school of fish some follow, some lead
To wake on a cold, dismal Autumn night      Glum and forlorn; a coffin filled with grief The pink of mine cheeks did refuse to stay  Rose blush of love- lost to a wretched theif
I know that you can feel me softly breathe,But with each breath my heart beats fainter still,And though, my love, it's you I'd never leave,I know that it's my time and that I will.
    “i suffer from intelligence” -unknown well hey, unknown or not, it’s a great quote by a great mind, whose sanity has flown
The chill of autumn swiftly in the air Its suffocation makes the summer die And winter’s cold is much for me to bear; I do not want to wait until July. For leaves that once were lively choose to fall
Did I mistake this for that lovely thing That draws some hearts to stir and to forgive; That perfect tune the birds in springtime sing; A lullaby that mothers ne'er outlive?  
Where it Lies And here in this poem is where it lies With hope and longing torn apart My pain and torture shown through my demise
Act as if you love her; don't hide behind a mask Never give her anything but the best Dare to say that you've given her nothing less.
Today, I am a person born anew I am nothing but a lovely pure dream Black beginning cast aside from sun beams And now I begin a life I do not rue For Death is not a thing that makes you blue
Poetry I just cannot seem to quit. Is their another form that I could do? Dickinson's poetry is not worth shit, And there is nothing that can beat haiku. It sure seems that Robert Frost knows his stuff,
  When I Met You By: Melanie    Oh how I wish to be glad, With a person that has a great disposition.
Impatiently sulking through dismal days A wretched state of dour contemplationSeeing only drab shades of darkest graysCaged in cyclical self-lamentation Imprisoned in humankind’s austere wallsConsoled by a primitive ambition Pacing madly about thr
Forever thee flame could not be kindled Our love was unlike other loves, easy Wild tongues spread, unable to be swindled. And happily, it was a fantasy   Today, sadly, like every fantasy
Shall I compare thee to the deafening silence of night? How it is strong and angry, how it crushes my day into tomorrow, and keeps a lock around my sight. At times you grasped me so tight,
Veils of gold pulled ‘cross the black of heaven, Weep warm summer rain cross meadows of green. Caustic memories wander and beckon,
The first time you made me yours, I never felt so brave Every touch upon my skin enticed an electric sting Each time we spent apart, I experienced a constant crave
Whene’er the lustrous moon and stars appear My tiny world is filled with truth and bliss. The nighttime and the dark I do not fear For here is where I ponder life amiss. Here all my sibling’s bickering subsides.
Fare thee well, my heart, which I have sundered Ripped from my own chest, ne'er to pain again Oh how it agonized and it thundered When thou left my side and thus followed: rain.
Legato, my heart, but sing with sweet joy The eternal tide of time tarries on Even though these moments have long been gone That is only our cruel mind’s clever ploy Dreams do not fade or fly; dreams do not die
Eyes of an everlasting sea-blue sky, Greeting my own whenever we two meet I notice them as life passes me by Knowing our next union'll be bittersweet And still those eyes haunt my eternal soul
Mysterious she lies in wait for him Dark hair that flows like evil in her soul Her eyes catch his and all his dreams go dim And red her passion glows but begs a toll  
they protect our nation and way of life they are ready at moments notice there might not be many but they are proud can you guess who I'm talking about
Dig away from all the dissappointment I get lonley in caves all by myself. Thoughts lose everything all in the moment, Scraping nails upon walls, all blood runs high.  
Villus burnished chassis still so lush. Pulchritude soars bound for my sulfur soul. Sets fire inside to the abandoned brush, Waiting to fry sitting on beds of coals.   Yet these beds are only simmering skin,
When I hear of a hurricane, that is when I will think of you. A force that drove me insane, and a little senseless too. I admit I didn't love, how easily you caught my eye.
                The seasons change as days and weeks go by,             But winter is what I would like right now.             My favorite time is Christmas, I don’t lie,
Thou dreams like no man dreamed before Looking upon thy heaven's for thou fate You speak out for me to say more Before thou sings that one restful note toward heaven's gate  
Wherefore do I write poetry, you ask? I am afraid my answer won't be clear. But nonetheless I must attempt this task. I guess I write my poems out of fear.   I fear I'm doing nothing with my time.
This poem, and all others with "Crown of Chaos" in the title, are part of a heroic crown of sonnets. A heroic crown is a collection of 14 sonnets, whose first lines all form a 15th sonnet, which is the sonnet below.
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")   A crown of sonnets: quite a daunting feat To even try would label me a fool.
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")    Perhaps I should give something else a try. If I gave up, no one would ever know.
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")    But I can't let this crown go incomplete So I must choose its contents rather quick
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")    I do not want to be that kind of guy Who never makes the point he wants to make
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")  Unless that guy is Batman; that'd be sweet. That did not start this sonnet very well.
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")    From my own pit I shall attempt to rise And make myself a wholly greater bloke
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")  I shall become a scholarly elite When I am coronated king of math And all will awe when I lay pen to sheet
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")   And if you disagree, then damn your eyes.  I'm sorry, that came out a little rude
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")   These Sonnets must continue, nonetheless  I cannot let my efforts be for naught
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")   Until I make the effort that's required I'll waste away my days upon the 'net
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")   At my potential I can only guess. But all my doubts have been expressed before.
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")   I hope to end these sonnets with a smile. To work some wonders with my wacky wit.
(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel")  If I must leave, I'd like to leave in style. The one that I have always written in A message from a major metaphile
The color of a fiercely beating heart The hue you grew when you first heard “I do” The fire that rages, deep within my art. It can combat its calmer brother, blue.   It is the color that provides us life
 I wonder if the world is just a dream Elaborate illusions in my head And all reality is as I deem The weaver of the universe's thread   Then why is my world filled with all this pain?
 Sometimes I fear that ev'ry thought's been thought. That no more new ideas can ever be. That all creative writing is for naught. That we have simply seen all we can see.  
 A question I quite often contemplate: Could I create a perfect poem form? Regardless, I have too much on my plate Old-timey styles are the established norm.   So what if I cannot carve my own niche?
I wonder why it is that artists choose to pour their heart and soul into their art. I wonder why it is that they refuse to realize that their work has no part   In bettering the state of humankind.
 It has been long since I've sat down to write I fear that I've forgotten how to rhyme So I apologize if this seems trite This merely is a way to pass the time   But why not read a book or play a game?
This poem is a continuation of "Identity"   So I am not a single entity. I'm a conglomerate of diff'rent states. Like Patrick Bateman, I'm illusory. I merely am the sum of all my traits.  
If women are not bound by their waistlines, Then why do girls’ eyes droop at the sight of scales? More like blooming tulips than heady wines,
They say that all great artists have a muse    A person or ideal that they admire.    Therefore at great art I must always lose    By nothing in my life am I inspired.     
Here in the big city that never sleeps… The building of Empire, the Midtown rush, From places to go, and people to meet, Reborn every day from chaotic hush. The boulevard of lights and New Year’s Dreams, Isle of immigrants, Lady Liberty. Horse-dra
  How odd that one you do not know today,                                         Becomes the one you cannot live without.
Let love not be just an impassioned flameDark like charcoal in a matter of daysFleeting birds escaping, his misled aimSomething so exaggerated in plays
This is where goddess of wisdom began, In Athens, a petite village and shed; Where Athena grew up and made odd plans, To fight for the throne and not worry to wed. She was like a book that had not been read,
  Its simple parts cannot ever redress The mystery that dances across its folds Cloth and thread, no account for the success Which strikes plain garment with magic untold The power it wields to fully impress
Enthralled by your unbounded beauty That I admire all seven days a sennight, It is me that you do not see; My heart pounds madly at your mere sight. Although we descend from people of conflicting histories,
E’erlasting Winter in Heaven subsides, When Fated birds a Chapter newly sing. A tune of Beauty which rare Hope provides, and might from Cloth of Time a Springtime wring.  
My favorite character, she is ordinary Just another girl, yet more To admire such a maiden happens so rarely Never has this happened before   What makes her different What sets her apart
The brook gurgles, its life bubbling through Sunlight glistens atop its smooth surface A sound very peaceful, a sound so true The light warms the land, its very purpose
Holy waters of the United States, Wash away the cherry blood on his hands, My voice calls out like David's precious lamb, So lost in the valley of death and hate.
I never thought I would see a mean cat It was indeed a day to walk outside It's fur looked damaged for it did look fat I could not believe it, I almost cried The cat was enraged with demonic hate
Does it mean to handle a *Bokken? Or to truly perfect one’s **Kata Swinging to his heart’s content in joy Connor Burke is an artist of doubt Yamashita, master of arts, glows
An aching mind that won’t stop to think, Just keeps moving with no aim to complete, Too quickly we’ve rushed onto the brink Of childhood’s edge, that end none wish to greet.
Humans are amazing, We can do so much in a matter of minutes, And yet our minds are still racing. Sad to say, we do it for the business. Everyone is a witness. We complain about the money,
Life ends death last forever Life is like a spring and death is the river Life is the caretaker but death is the deliver Life will leave you but death will stay forever
Time waits for no one It is sand without limits Covering the surface of life Our tribulations are like the stone The ocean beats against The echoes of sound The dawn of a beginning
Time, born a stubborn son of the universe, its own laws does it solely obey For though so readily minutes may pass, and hours dismissed Like the sun at once emits ‘goodbyes; ‘hellos’, with one soft ray
I'll have a dream tonight, you'll be the lead We'll walk through halls that seem to have no end We'll talk and smile and share our precious time, Together, hand in hand, how real it seems-
Behold! The once sublime and supreme man Trembling and dripping through the moon and sun: Like the God -- tied barely to life and land, Waiting for his last dawn of pain to come. The life and juvenility are torn,
Time after time, I told you "I love you", And you promised you would never hurt me. Your promise failed, but your love lasted too. Forcing me to think we were meant to be.
Shall I compare thee to your brilliant self? May your intelligence pray tell more lines? When I see your books sitting on the shelf It reminds me of your wonderful rhymes Sometimes I recall your serious death
Hours upon hours and miles spread between two small shiny red pins on a map. Asphalt and ground span to create a gap hitched and held together by a Red Thread. Despite all the distance that must be tread

Did love naught ever come this way for thee? Or did love take captive thou soul to slay? Faults rarely seen in love – blind cannot see. Buds of love’s young spring never dreamt this day.
When in her eyes and in her fractured voice, The ache hurts even I, who knows no pain, The tears in scarlet eyes, they have no choice But now to fall and mar her face again.
The golden chains from which you hang now shine, And likewise does your golden frame appear, Enough to so reflect this face of mine In face I see is gleaming glass this clear.
Tick-tock, tick-tock, goes the White Rabbit’s watch, The starry night will talk as the door goes Knock-knock-knock like the winding clock on scotch, Has the Queen lost her mock-mock-mock woes?
Oh thou wretched and crusty batch of nature Thou art the epitome of vile scum You venomous and treacherous creature You who hast stolen my last piece of gum
Its anger crashing on the sodden land To darken innocence and turn it gray The mighty power of the Sky god's hand His blackest soul that blocks the light of day Its wails, so full of bitter resent
I watch the depot shrink as we begin The sweat now starts to form behind my knees. The vinyl seats make patterns on my skin. I look outside and see the moving trees. We're doing the Lord's word indie this bus
Why compare thee to a summer's day? No good could ever come of it; Yours is a beauty that drives men to slay, And Aphrodite to throw a jealous fit.
The simple ingredients make it good. Mixing and whisking, adding and stirring, Batter is forming, like any cake would. “When is it done?”, my sister’s incurring, Not long now, for the cake is soon rising.
Why didst thou write to tease my weathered mind? In eighteen years on earth I searched to find, Translations for your works of tangled strife, Although thy quill ceased long before my life.
Death, you that lurk in the shadowy night You come as fast as you go like the wind cold and illusive you fill me with fright The sunlight goes dim for the souls that you lend
A person I most admire, this man; Mine eyes hath seen the beauty of his face. And of all others, he is better than; My dearest friend, he does my heart displace. My friend, my friend, of this I always hear:
I see the suns, and to my own demise- The heat, the light; a photosynthesis Of mind, of fight of a vacant mind's eyes. But to seed a life in sorrowfullness And heed in no desire forms as birth.
My love is a like a burning red rose with thorns that prick small fingers, illuminating my sunburnt pink nose. You keep me safe from life’s terrors. The shelter of your arms hides me from all
Sonnet writing is taking me so long. Fourteen lines, ten syllables for each line. I love writing, but this is not a song. Rhyming is easy, but sonnets aren't fine. I wish my sonnet was better. Ohwell.
What gift unto this mind was granted so To make these awful ghosts inside my head? The fountain pen, accustomed to my woe? The paper, still awaiting inkwell's thread? The pen: no door within to human minds,
Happiness is all I ever wanted But loving you is like a dying weed The actions that you portrayed assaulted The way you talk to me can only feed
Alas, I shall always be your "good friend", But this confession to you I must make. I no longer can pretend, That you do not make my heart ache.
She was the one who raised me from my youth. With arms wide open just as mothers do. She was the only one I knew as truth. My sister was the only one I knew.
Is love somnolent in our hearts truly? Within our breasts dost sleep til true love meet? Trust it is clear it is not so for me, Within me passion dost each morning greet!
I've heard about it back at the big farm. The Farmers told us that it's delicious. My Friends said: " Farmers are mean and cause harm." But they were nice and said I'm nutritious!!
Lets go you and me, Let us Travel the dark roads for we could have eternity. The desert sands are dry and thus We shall be bonded by Love with certainty.
A moment’s glimpse is all I get each day Her quick darting silhouette does intrigue Ever wishing for a chance she will stay I wonder how she moves without fatigue Should I call out to her, oh no too late
She sipping on some lean. Popping all of them pills. Smoking a bunch of weed. While i just try to sit back and breath. She said its just to much stress to leave. And drugs separate her from realness.
You are my lighthouse when I'm stuck at sea The mystical moon shining through my night The sparkling light that brings me to thee Shoulder to lean on when nothing goes right
everybody is looking for LOVE but we wind up with PAIN it's not peaceful like a DOVE It's more like a thunderstorm mixed with hail and RAIN
My chocoholic English teacher lights Up the classroom. Her witty remarks make The children giddy. She makes sure we cite Our work. For projects she won’t let me bake.
As we grew I watched you with ease, A friendliness only siblings could share But as you aged I watched that joy cease: And in our friendship you seemed not to care. In my maturity I saw your pain and flaws,
Track One: The beat plays and he ignores that intuition Grabbing his notebook and pen to begin his rhymes It’s like his love's past is causing this prevention
A heartbeat accelerates, blood coursing through protruding veins of scarlet and blue. Harder and harder to push oneself through indescribable pain, often forcing legs to keep moving; the mind divorcing
The Mother Earth that once throbbed with life Is falling into the abyss of death. It is the human and animal strife Which contracts and compresses nature's breath.
I've been calling you the Queen for some time And this for a multitude of reasons Out of wit, because your last name is King About you can drive a man to treason
Ceaseless lines of maidens enthralled by me Their love draped as a heavy wool blanket Suffocating, choking, can’t stand to be Beneath the wool, leading to my casket.
It was for our freedom that she fought Our suffrage, rights, autonomy Until her expression was brutally shot With the bullet of misogyny. This was not the end, she refused to eat
This is a sonnet; it has fourteen lines The purpose of its creation quite lame Simply to avoid my mom’s and dad’s whines And I suppose not to feel so ashamed To satisfy my English teacher’s will
From across the room I see you staring, Disappointed and disgusted with me, The staring turns into hateful glaring, Because I am not so ordinary. I look at you and go look who’s talking,
Seconds pass by every day, An unavoidable truth, Reaffirmed in youth, Destined only to fade away. Though refusing to stay, They rarely lack ruth, To forgo the uncouth, And blend into a graceful ballet.
Two hearts beat as fast as fluttering wings. People may say that it's just puppy love But that isn't what's engraved on their rings, "Infinity and Beyond," with a dove. "Y'all are making a big mistake," says all.
To my dearest of the night, Although we knew each other barely, My love for you is given such might, It gives me such pride to be with you verily.
What is a body but from dust is flesh? 'Tis purposeful to carry every soul, O'er life we sail, traverse with burdens set, [This skeleton!] This ship! The cracks are felt from deck to hull.
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