The Knight (Spencerian Sonnet)

 With great haste, the dark knight captures his foe

Threat’ning the king, who’s turned white as a ghost.

He escapes, but His luck is now His woe

As His wife now falls, murdered at Her post.

Joy in his eyes, the knight can’t help but boast

As he removes his blade from the fresh corpse.

“‘Tis my revenge. And now to you, a toast,”

He says as he remounts onto his horse.

“For you are the bounty, the prize, the source

Of our troubles! Give up now. I promise

Your death will be swift. No pain, no brute force,

Your last hope is gone. It’s time to end this!”

The king moves forward, accepting His fate

As His opponent rook now deals checkmate.



Very cool! I like the word play and the surpirse ending :)

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