New Destinations

Dear fellow dreamers yearning to satisfy their wanderlust,


I wish I could always be traveling,                                       

Adventuring striking royal ocean waves.                              

And climbing peaks to views so baffling,                              

Visiting bright cities is what I crave.                                     


To travel is the pow’r to change a mind,                               

And conquer fear of heights at whispering peaks.                

Like op’ning doors to see what is behind,                             

It creates years of memories in weeks.                                  


I want to meet those from any location,                                

And in each place I'll broaden what I know.                         

I wish to learn from travel sparked elation,                           

And admire the beauty, each site I go.                                  


Far more than seven are earth’s wondrous sights,                 

I’ll go explore them all, on one way flights.  


                                    Until our paths meet,

                                    Allison Rand



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My community
My country
Our world
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