Dezirae's Sonnet


United States
42° 25' 20.9136" N, 83° 11' 30.0984" W

Two hearts beat as fast as fluttering wings.
People may say that it's just puppy love
But that isn't what's engraved on their rings,
"Infinity and Beyond," with a dove.
"Y'all are making a big mistake," says all.
He doesn't care, he's besotted with she.
And the two, more and more in love, they fall.
She doesn't care, she's besotted with he
"I love you," they've said a million times
"No matter what they say, I still love you.
In the coins of life, you're my precious dime."
"Despite all of them, hun, I still love you too.
Love never breaks, in death do we not part."
Beautiful love forever in their hearts.


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