Never Change: Sonnet Dedicated to Originality


United States
33° 41' 45.2184" N, 84° 14' 18.3012" W

Track One:
The beat plays and he ignores that intuition
Grabbing his notebook and pen to begin his rhymes
It’s like his love's past is causing this prevention
Now he’s blocking his heart behind this verbal collage like it’s a clandestine.

Track Two:
Only if he didn’t follow that parallax shine
Behind society’s criteria, he loses his self-clarity
Joining the arbitrators, now he follows in line
Beyond the realness, he’s property of the world’s case charity

Track Three:
In depth with his soul, the pen begins to control him
Ink fell upon the paper and created something amazing
The paper acknowledges his words, and creates a bond with his limb
Bestowed honest sovereignty, all his life he was craving

Abandoning society’s expectations and showing the sign of acceptance
He finally finishes and now the rebirth of music is the world’s blessing)

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