Athena: The Battle of the Gods


This is where goddess of wisdom began,

In Athens, a petite village and shed;

Where Athena grew up and made odd plans,

To fight for the throne and not worry to wed.

She was like a book that had not been read,

For she was ambitious as Zeus, you see,

And knew she would fight men right to the head.

But she was a warrior to help, not to free,

And suit a goddess, guidance to many.


Young Odysseus sought support from her,

And she did all she could to do her part,

And help her friend be a bold warrior.

This is where our cunning story will start.

A night black as Death and as slyly smart,

Came when the two friends were dragged out of sight,

To leave their homes to battle from the heart,

A war with Athenians whom they fight,

Without want, but to get out of this plight.


Days never stopped and wars never would cease,

Though Helios would bear down on their back,

And Zeus would send rain to hopefully please,

The sun was like torture and made skin crack,

And rain was like arrows, keeping them off track.

So Athena chose they would run that night,

To an old friend she knew he would not lack,

Clever plans they could use before daylight.


They met Hephaestus, Athena’s brother,

Who helps devise plans to defeat Sparta,

And win Athens and save their dear mothers.

They left like wind and gave him their pardons,

To gather Zeus and Hera as wardens,

For a blood red battle they would defeat,

With many gods and Medusa to harden,

Their enemy into stone like an ice sheet.

Now they had to gather gods for this treat.


Poseidon, god of the sea, agreed first;

He was to wait for the rival to sail,

Across his sea blue enough to quench thirst.

Erebus, god of darkness, who will burst,

All of his power to blacken their path.

Gaia, Tarturus, Zephyrus helped fail,

Sight and weapons of the enemy’s wrath;

The numbers evenly split half and half.


A day orange as fire brightened then,

As Athena and Odysseus wait,

For the Spartans, mad as bulls, to begin,

Their shot to overthrow Athens with fate.

As they came across the sea, not too late,

Poseidon threw his waves over the ships,

And destroyed them on the immense bronze gate.

Survivors were thrown from gate as earth rips,

And wind threw them into underworld’s lips.


Athena had escaped a dire spar,

With her friend and wise plans, defeating foes.

Zeus and Hera were content with this war.

She was god with robe red as a rose,

And armor unbreakable as steel goes.

She owned the glorious lightning bolt too,

And became as good as guide as a chief.

Lead lots of heroes, except some were brief,

But she, like a good luck charm, hindered grief.


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