More Eternal Than Love


United States
40° 52' 9.4584" N, 73° 2' 47.1516" W

Lets go you and me, Let us
Travel the dark roads for we could have eternity.
The desert sands are dry and thus
We shall be bonded by Love with certainty.

Our time is running out, slowly falling through
The glass. Now is the time; tomorrow the hand
of death disturbs our dance; He will turn the beast with two
backs into one. Now is the time, I demand.

Love is not Lazarus; the end is eternal and cold.
Now is the only time to taste, to touch, to feel, to explore.
You and I will grow old
and youth will wrinkle. Today I discover your core.

The depths are cold and the creatures unfamiliar.
No dust shall settle upon the furniture; we tire.


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