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things i never saw while awake i saw them in my dreams words i never heard when walking i heard them while asleep if you are afraid of saying it put it down i will read of it
it would happen to me most often as a child when sleeping over my grandparents' house in the red room,   as my sleeping and waking minds met, I knew myself to be elsewhere--
The night wind roared awakening the silent sea Waves crashed violently against the rocks Yet the village was still sound asleep It was time for the monsters to come out and play Causing ruckus in the peaceful land
I wake upI feel in my bones it’s not the right timeIt’s been 15 hours since I fell asleepI close my eyes I wake upMy body aches and my hands are icyIt’s been 7 hours since I fell asleepI sit up
the day and the life sun in breakfast you eat bun now day is ending now it is time for food bending now brush up your teeth in a grace ok now just wash your face turn on shower and take bath
     Alone in my own head as I rest tonight ins and outs of breathing calm me while I lose sight sight of reality, morals, and ethics family, friends good and bad
Good night my little wee oneIt's time to close your eyesIf you'll but wait till morningYou'll get a big surpriseThe sun will smile and greet youIn ever changing skiesFor mom and daddy love you
Open your eyes.long have they waited for you to wake.One hundred years ago, they saw light.Don't you think they deserve to again?  
Startled awake and unable to move, in my bed Im paralyzed Its happening again but I cant wake up, again my fears realized
Stay up all night Can’t handle tomorrow  Rather dance in the dark until my legs are weak and my head is spinning I’ll say I put up a fight
Sitting in my bed T.V. playing Phone sitting in my lap Tears falling 3 a.m. Nobody to talk too Nothing to do I'm tired I can't sleep Tomorrow I will crawl out of bed
Horizontal on a mass of down Freeing tension from up to down Fluttering shutters let in no light Breathing slows What a massive delight Fantasies ensue Within the rantings of a desperate mind
I tried, but I'm getting tired. Am I near to the end? Or I am near to end it and gone. Days passed and it's getting hard. The sun is setting but I don't know what I've done. Laying down gives me creeps;
fragments of neon lights blur through the cold, foggy window Here Lies Sleepy— dancing between a swaying car and a dreamed up world wrapped up in soft shadows
dig. dig. dig down deep.  discover the melodies and allow them to seep down your cracked skull and drip in to your ear a tune, often vivid when coated in fear. 
Little lonely leaf knocking on the glass door with your whole feeble form  gaping at me begging for
When sleep eludes me, What can I do? When wounds won't bleed, And those truths which I thought I knew, About myself, are no longer me; How does this crow fly in a sky which is no longer blue?  
Can I tell you about my bed? I'll tell you anyways. It's just so special to me. What a wonderful place. The one I never want to leave. You see being awake is far too hard.
can't sleep.   it feels like these walls are closing in on me   so i find shelter in your arms instead.   (i could stay here forever.)
(Disclaimer: This poem does not insinuate I engage in incest. Mention of sleeping with my brother refers to times in the past that I have been woken up by my younger siblings after they'd
How beautiful you are So deep in your despair Lying, sleeping on the couch The curls in your dark hair   How soft your face appears When you're lost within your dreams
Tired eyes wander over foggy plains, unfocused but searching. The overcast sky casts a dreamy gloom over a face with sunken sockets and dry lips.
High In the sky sat the moon. Perched on his throne of night.  In a sea of stars he lay, shining ever so bright. The Sun asked him how he did it. How could he stay awake for so long?
An anchor tied, around my head push me off. I'll sink to bed. Sleep among, the reef and fen, And hope I never wake again.
i swear to you she would sparkle in the night and i would sleep in awe of the magic that lay beside me   Kira   Instagram: @kirapoems
i like sleep. those few hours where everything is just Silence and vivid imagination. where no one and nothing truly matters until you wake up. no racing mind. no pounding heart.
i never went towards anything that didnt interest me -other wise it would be obvious, i was being dragged along by some inferior notion of success, whether inwardly or outwardly manifested.
Every day has two mornings One with the sun Where beams kiss your cheek  And you’re off on the run   And one with time
Apollo has sent his horses to rest Artemis has come out to dance So close your eyes It’s time to sleep But don’t forget to Pray to the Gods to watch over you As you sleep in blissful peace
  Soon, I’ll sleep again, I will feel no pain,   For a little time, Peace will be all mine,   My mind will seek Freedom from the past,   I’ll be carefree,
In the lull of a mild melancholy, my thoughts condense upon the cold window of a forlorn wish. On the hearthstone of my imaginings library, I curl into the croissant like shape of a dreaming cat.
I dream’t you on the pillow beside me lips silent, only our eyes speaking. Hands clasped, imaginations free. As the night continued aging Our souls grew more unruly Till our love did bend its wing.
Powerful yet comforting, Constant but intriguing, The sea extends a hand to me.   Lifting me up, setting me down As the waves around me frown,  But the sea, it tends to me.  
Slowly, the sunlight vanishes without a trace As night covers earth in her sweet embrace. From the window I watch as the fireflies dance;  They’re radiant yellow stars but only for a glance.  
I stepped through the vale of unconsciousness. The vale smelled of bubble gum candy. I dived through the clouds on the other side and descended upon a cherry blossom forest. My toes felt the cool grass in between them.
Take a nap she said. I screamed at age five. Now a nap is joy.
You’d Think Coffee was Some Kind of Miracle Drug 10 PM It’s not like I TRY to stay awake at night. I wonder what she’s doing…
There are dreams within dream within dreams, so it seems. I learned this last night in bed. Layers of dreams  upon layers of dreams, all fitting inside my head.  Once, I thought I woke up, but I was back in anther one. Dreams within dreams: it's b
Mr. Sandman, why can’t I sleep? I try so hard and still need relief While every night, I lay there in waiting But instead, my thoughts are introspective wailing. For you see sir, all that I see
Let's get married. We'll live forever. Everything will be perfect, and they'll never find the bodies, Skeletons in our closet; in our crawlspace.   The music is up until 2:00 AM, but what are they going to do?
Love spilled from you like sweat from pores. Now I don’t know what to do with the weird smell in my bed. With an unbowed head, I heard you name your prayers after me. You say my name in your sleep
It was late out. I couldn't stay for long. This place was getting to me. They made it out to be nice. They talked it up so much. How could I have trusted them with such a lie? I believed their mistruths! I couldn't stop myself.
My father cries at night like a ghost’s lonely moan Lamenting for the helpless behind closed doors   Reaching out
There’s little alarm Brought on by my alarm Spitting its scream at 6:15.  
I slept and I slept, and I slept Sinking to an insurmountable depth Couldn’t revive or arrive for a breath Where am I, who of me is left?   This tailspin, burnout, whatever you call it
Feeling tired, Closed my eyes, It’s pitch black — Narcolepsy.
There is a simple kind of pain in not falling asleep like a headache in the soul
I slept hard as a bear That eats so much food in a dark cave, What no one notices all the time, My ears can hear, but I have weary tears; Beyond the walls, there is so much fear,
Scratching Clawing frantically Wildly raking with my fingers, Trying to hold on To something you can't see Or taste or touch But feel Deep within you When you finally find home
There is a prison Shaped like me It lies empty in my bed   Empty prison Full of dreams Wistful dreams of a mere coinflip   There is a prison Shaped like me It holds me tight
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Why are you here? It's past your bedtime. Get some sleep!     (Sweet dreams, I love you!)
I stumble home, inordinately tired -- Spent, drained, and reeling. This weary mind flitters through topics But has the capacity to linger on nothing. Reluctantly, I've given up working,
Nervous pangs and tattering thoughts The impending terror of my dreams lay before me. Psychology tells physiology to shut its mouth but biology gives in: Close my eyes and count to three  
Sense September 7, 2018 ~ Friday Little lips Little bits of me, the tips Of where all words begin and end Little place to hide my insides
Really good to get, Consistency, Wrapped in bed feeling, Warmly.   Slowly drifting off, Peacefully, That cosy sensation, Securely.   Difficult time before with my sleep,
Goodnight, goodnight to you. Have the moon weave you a blue wool blanket,
The moon shines bright in a sky full of lost stars Cold evenings are dark driving in cars My dreams are sweet sometimes, but in my nightmares, I'm alone I sleep until the monsters go home
I fell asleep and dreamed a dream With vivid, bright, familiar scenes And someone new, I knew before But I'm unsure just what this means - I burst awake, with pounding pulse
Its a dark night, covered in eerie silence, mist all around me, singing me to sleep.
Her lullaby is sung by her tears just to awaken to the same Melody. Her smile is faked so she can face the world. There are no words to calm the sadness that over flows onto her face when she's alone.
I fell in love  with a girl I met in a dream But I cannot remember her name, so now im frantically hitting the snooze on my alarm that I might see her again
“Sleepless nights abound Sleepless night above Sleepless nights are found With a lack of love”
It's 3:25 With this little sleep Is it possible I'm still alive?   It's 3:26 Thought after thought swirls through my consciousness It makes me sick.   It's 3:27 How many more times
Get up from the couch and go to bed, darling. I wish I could crawl into you for safety.  --Thunderstorms scare me and self-doubt floods my mind. I have nightmares of you leaving me behind.  
Only one week This week I feel the weakest I feel like I should sleep less But sleep is my weakness
Drops of crystals slide down my window, I watch it closely from my pillow.   The billowing wind sends creaks through the house,
I loathe you, Thief of waking hours. Good terms can't be renewed, With all the time you've devoured. I want to see, think, and feel; I want to spend my time pondering what is real.
Sleepless Nights Naeha Inapanuri   Those nights. I lay awake All that comes to mind Is everything I ever did wrong.     The demons, 
Well, it's 10 o' clock and lights are out. My roomate is snoozing, a lump of blankets. Through the dark, I hear a plane, soaring overhead with it's last passengers.
I'm still trying to catch up on all the hours of sleep that are lost with you.
Imagine a world without hurt, Without pain, loss, or suffering, A world where animals talk and people don’t, In this world, My world,
Dear Dreams,   I yearn for legs restless and strong             and for one night without the moon  crooning through my window pane ajar and welcoming   
Alone and resting No disturbances around All is quiet here
i slept to escape reality, but i was left trying to escape my sleep.
Dear No One, I have been roaming not living, Seeing but not listening, Sleeping but not dreaming sweet dreams, Honest but not truthful, Cunning but not sly, Shy but not disrespectful,
I know you don’t understand this, but my heart thinks about you literally every second when I’m not talking with you.  
Dear Sleep, I love you, deep. There is a lot you do, you don't have a clue. You give me energy, you give me rest, you are a nessesity to make me feel my best. But you make me mad,
To thirteen year old me  you're gonna change a lot over the next few years   your whole world is gonna feel like its upside down  theres going to be days you cant even get out of bed but you need to keep going
dear me... how did you manage to open your eyes this morning? only hours ago your heart felt heavy beating slowly in your chest with your head against the pillow wondering how you could ever
Awake upon this garden You who belies life and lives For the wind in your hair Sing upon this sunshine You who decries truth and spies Magic in the air   Golden opportunity mixed
Dear Sleep, “Sleep,” They told me once But there’s the endless nightmares of my dreams “But it has already been months.” I told them, “Oh so it seems.” “Sleep,” He spoke to me.
9 pm, 10 pm, 11pm 12 am, 1 am, 2 am No yawns, No drowsiness  Why are you still up Why is it so bright  Did I forget to do something  I said 9 but I knew that was a lie It’s college
  2:57 is the first thing my eyes take in as the shoot wide open The glow of my alarm clock sends me this eerie feeling I sense extreme warmth as the once cool room has dampened
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wide awake once again hoping sleep will be my friend but for now its late late at night my mind too filled to drift away
Dear Sleep,  Thank you for the comfort you bring. For being my safe place, when my feelings are too much, when all I want to be is numb, when the world is too much for me to handle, when being me is too much.
I couldn’t sleep again last night Demons plagued my dreams Wearing faces of love and affection One that you often see   Demons plagued my dreams Whispers of I love you I’ll never leave you
The sun came up this morning I greet it with a smile Then fall back asleep for a long while 'till the sun has gone and left and the moon greets me but then I fall back in my pillow
Good morning! By good morning, I mean it’s a good thing that you made it through the night. The night is a liar. Maybe not. Sometimes I confuse my anxiety with the night, something like insomnia?
Stays with me at night while I rustle my thoughts roaming bends and corners and nooks and crannies takes me to bed comfort me to sleep best lover in my dreams while I cradle
Oh Daddy, tuck me in one.    last.    time. Tell me that story your Daddy told you when you were little. Oh Daddy, you know; the story in the palace with the Princess and her Prince!
Sleep I say as her eyes grow heavy  as I brush my fingers lightly against her face  I lul her to sleep telling her how I adore her whispering sweet nothings in her ear which results in her snuggling closer to me 
It is not physical, People ask about my new "Glow" "How are you such a morning person?" "It's my new skin care routine, y'know?" I lay in bed, trapped in my head I want the voices to stop,
i want to go to sleep not for a few minutes, hours, days. i just want to sleep forever. escape from the world and all the pain
dark room   frizzy fibers enter my nails, anticipation sets in   the bird is hungry   ears open,
My love, is it you? i do not want to loose your soul for another because of blindness. am i blind? I miss you but i cannot remember who you are and loneliness
I spilled into that frosting grass. Spindly, numb blades lusted for the blank sky above and bent and bedded me into their meadow-berth. The pinching smell of nothing burnt my nose
Sleep is a cat that can't decide whether to come in or to stay out.   Sleep is a spider always hiding in a forgotten corner waiting to sneak out and surprise you.  
light filtered through the window caresses your cheekyour skin glistens and begs to be touchedeyelashes slowly flutter as your approach consciousnessi have come to treasure the beautiful way you sleep.  
The stars that shine throughout the night Make a path of steady light The moon that shines high above Sings a song to the night with love The shadows far beneath the ground Cease to ever make a sound
She sat in her 1994 Geo-Tracker, in the school parking lot-- feet on the dash and all. She was sipping on Robitussin, and smoking a cigarette.
It's the look in your eyes when you start laughingThe jokes you tell when I'm unhappyIt's the sound you make when you figure it outThe smile you give when I won't say it out loud  
Sleep is for the weak. But I really want to sleep.  I guess I am so weak. 
The scholar and his studies dozes off to sleep but not to dream... for the scholar is weak  and his mind is weary all at once he subjugated to overwhelming force only to sleep 
To thee my love, a song I write To you who doth shine so bright Like a star in the sky Or the full moon as dawn is nigh Sleeping peacefully on the ground But dreaming higher than the sound
I heard your voice over my morning alarm. Then it was silence. I picked myself off of the hard wood floor, Got dressed Reached for the door and felt you on its brassy doorknob.
This golden-haired girl won’t wake tonight Or ever Kisses cannot convince Nor can spells stir For blissful somnolence blurs the thorns that adorn the wall of the castle And of my mind  
Once upon a time;   The most beautiful maiden in the land,  pricked her finger- destined asleep for a cycle of seasons, was promised life by a challenger of fate.   Approaching the deadline;  
Last night, I could not sleep,All I could see where the things I was sleeping to forget,I woke up, checked my phone: 6:36 AM. I began to weep, My face is pale, I'm breaking out, my cheeks... so wet. 
I kissed the pillows of her cheeks.Covering myself in the blanket of her caress.While here nothing is heavy.Maintaining the balance of smiles in the bed of her arms
I hate waking up in the morning. I'd much rather like to be snoring. Sleep makes me happy. Hate to be crabby, But at night I find sleep quite boring.
How do you sleep with so much in your head like a train circulating a mountain, full speed it's hard for you to go to bed like a victim fighting to be freed my mind gives me no peace
Feeling like nodding off  Prop my feet up  Taking a load off    Tired of reading my book  Heavy eyelids no longer look  Saliva ooze to droop    Worn out to the bone 
Your voice haunts me. Your image dances in my head. I cannot escape this feeling that's been filling me with dread. I am in a constant cycle of anxiety and despair, 'cause every time I go to sleep,
Your absence is not my best remedy.  It doesn't help me, it doesn't make it unbelievable.  The aching assures me of your existence,  but memories are  fading as if we never happened, as if we never existed.  
Take my thoughtsMake use Of these thingsThat torture me Ideas and plansCreativity and inspirationMusic and wordsPictures and memories Please take themI only want to sleep   
I lay here, Staring at the wall as if I couldnt move. as if I couldn't breathe. I felt restless.       I wanted you here. beside me, but you're thousand of miles away.
I love sleep. From daydreams to nightmares, I could live in my dreams forever. No matter how vivid those other worlds appear to be, Nor how terrifying the chases are,
A tick tock noise from the clock in my room Knocks my head on and on Till it wakes me up in the middle of the night, So I found myself looking right at the ceiling My body starts sweating
How many impossible things are there before breakfast? Is it five or seven? Maybe even ten or eleven?   I used to know So long ago, Someone else will know, I trust
Midnight passed by two minutes, Got beats in my head ticking, And words are lip syncing to the beat. Create a melody. One, two three rhymes. Bittersweet symphony, makes your heart ache like ecstasy.
What would it be like to just sleep? To close my eyes and have no worries. To just relax and not feel pain. What would I dream about? Would I dream about my past life and the people that I left behind?
In the dead of night, a time closer to sun-up than sun-down,
I’d like to get lost in my dreams If only they weren’t so horrendous Yet nothing can be as it seems   My mind often teems With thoughts so stupendous
I need to sleep, my brain is fried My emotions are bottled up inside I’ve gone too long, I can’t turn back God, I wish it could all just fade to black
I can't stop thinking about you. Completely innocent, we fell asleep together.   Laying next to you under a big blanket our legs brushing against each other, our faces less than a foot away.  
Cuddle up tight To have a good night  Next to me dear No need to fear The dark won't last Soon the night will pass And you'll awake in the morning When the night becomes boring
Say goodbye to sleep  We fall deeper into stress Take away the pain   
Quiet Quiet, I want peace and quiet.   I want to be able to hear the crickets conduct their symphony; I want to be able to see the Moon shine blissfully; I want the Moon to lighten the darkened sky,;
I'm sleepy. For all the sleep I  Didn't get last night... And the night before that, And the night before that. Your sleeping is my surviving. Your snores are my screams.
When all is said and done When the light of day is gone When the single key is turned And the old dust greets  the lights are put on, When the familiar lends to desire And the beautiful
After we brush our teeth we slip into our PJs and slide between the sheets. The day has come to an end and there is no more work, physicalities  or meet-and-greets. It is a time for sleep.
Sweet Jesus  How I love you   So sinfully,  a sweet sin  I commit all too readily   Because, my love  your soft touch  is like air to me    I need it 
I wake from my sleep, and I don't make a peep.   Because beside me she is there, Sleeping without a care.   She must not wake or her rest I will take,   leaving her weary.
Up out of my bed, For I know I will return,  To my love my bed.  
The Sun intrudes into my bedroom, Her rays glare into my face, With brutal light, its intensity hard to take I was sleepless and down, my body worn out,
Dawn has never been my muse Though my spring to her may disagree A slumber sweet and succulent Brings unwanted tendencies   To wake I must for day has come A friend or foe she be
I can not digress I won't allow myself rest  To work is my quest   Do my best today So tonight I can lay down  It is for my bed
A soft little kitten My finger he has bitten Yet I simply grin. I hold him tenderly Hoping he'll purr to me Sleeping under my chin.   Striped oranger face and white paws
I get out of bed every morning  because if I were to lie still then who would there be to paint all the colors I see in my dreams? If I were to lie still then my world would never be any brighter 
Lay in bed Sleeping time is finally here Just ready to pass out Forget the world Ready to dream
When I first greet the day, it’s not a greeting at all It’s a quiet stirring, an unwillingness to face the day, and overall Quite rude When I open my eyes i’m either faced with blinding rays of
When I fall, I fall into sleep, When I sleep, I sleep in peace.   When in peace, I think of violence, Violence that leaves my voice hoarse. The strange thing though, when in sleep,
An unconscious numbing feeling Putting all worries on hold for just five more minutes No thought of consequences, just the moment   Nothing like this sensation Hitting snooze and cocooning oneself
Buzz Buzz Buzz Bam! Hit that snooze button(like a champ!) Buzz Buzz Buzz Fine, life sucks, but fine I crawl out of bed,  realize it I don't want to be late so I shuffle into some (mostly)clean clothes.
I should be sleeping, Smiling at sweet and happy dreams, But instead I lay here in bed, Anxiously awaiting day break. I fear closing my eyes, And wandering into my head
She is in my bed, trying to find her place in the waves of sheets. For the sheets have already taken me, into an ocean of sleep, Drifting further and further away.  Away from the thought of her,
It's light. /  I want to sleep. /  Close my eyes and count the sheep. /  The sun is up, / But my mind is not. / Slip off the covers, / The coffee steams hot. /  I take a sip, /
It's dark. /I cannot rest. / No longer can I weep. / With eyes too dry and mind too weak. / My heart pumps fast, / I want to cry. / Anxiety attacks, no telling why. / Exhausting depression creeps in with the sun.
Someone told me it's not the end, Into the darkness I descend. Falling through empty promises That are to never to come true, Tied to a noose made by the view of the world As I dangle wordless and helpless.
There are a few things you should know, About me and my life, And what I've learned to not show. You don't know what I feel, I keep it well hidden, But maybe I shouldn't,
Midday and I can't wait to sleep, Night comes and closed lids just won't keep. Then wake arrives to my defeat; Low energy, 12 hour day, Repeat.
Lift me up in fingers of wind Let me float freely in their grasp May clouds carry me gently Make me balance on horizons Have stars sing me to sleep Hear the moon make a melody
I walk through my life Seeing myself from an outside view I see the people Sleep walking with everything to lose I scream and I yell Trying to wake even just one of them But they continue
A day passes with the click of a clockA meaningless motion of an arbitrary decree.You’ve endured another rotationYou’re a day olderValuable consent and accessible vices.I feel no different
Oh God.  How did I get here  The world has grown to big I've only grown in fear    This morning. I swear it was this morning. I woke in my mothers' arms    I was so big then.
I try so hard but I just can't sleep My soul won't rest so instead I just weep I feel like I'm being crushed, like gravity is too strong The only thing I dont feel is that I belong
I lose it like I always lose it. In between the sheaths of things  tucked behind the boxes of inevitable losses  that tommorow brings calcified in the dribble of all I'm yet to forget 
Need an outlet  Need to breathe Need some hope Need some sleep Scribbling and scratching under the moon Blankets warm A snug cocoon  Painting pictures in the mind Sigh and relax
Awake, my soul, awake, Throw off the cloth of ease Try thy own weight and strength Cast off the dust, and reach Arise and stretch Arise and feel Awake, my soul, awake, Chase away the sleep
When the sun disappears, As do the smiles and laughs. The image of the people we know,  Replaced by their melancholy twin. As night settles in, painting the sky black, Little glimmers of stars dot  the void.
This is ridiculous   Borderline creepy insidious Try to blind me   Darkness surrounds me  Scream in my ears  Testing my fears  Nice try I'm fearless  My anxieties come when I hear less 
Soft pattering on the roof,A steady blanket of feather-light rain bathes my house.The dark periwinkle color peeking in through the blinds;It's safe.  Paws padding softly over to the window,
I fear of tonight I fear for the drive home Not of what I will come home to- But of what may happen later on I fear of closing my eyes and seeing something Beautiful something miraculous 
The Romans would have carved into their gravestones: non fui, fui, non sum, non curo-- “I was not, I was, I am not, I don’t care.”
And I seem to be waiting in the vastness of my room for an ideal reply, while I sink in my mental comfort and dark clouds of summer memories.
I don't want to say you're all I need.That I can't live without you.  That when we fall asleepI match my inhale to yours. I want to say that I exist on my own.That I can standwithout your arms around me.
How can you expect her to sleep when the wolves outnumber the sheep?   How can you expect her to close her eyes when it always allows her demise?   In this world it's dangerous to even blink
The Ancient water  The silver tree  The old one's Frost Heart  Hidden deep in the sea Was lost long ago  In the Battle of the Freeze  Home of the Cold Soul Who may never leave 
Please let me sleep Stop showing up when I close my eyes Stop haunting me Stop lingering at the end of every thought Please leave me alone And just let me sleep Stop speaking words that only I can hear
I find myself reaching to find my pulse searching for the steady sign  that I am still alive    Fingers pressed down on wrists digging through the flesh and bones that knit me together
Sleep, the faint whisper that cacoons itself in the corner of my arteries and hatches its way into my veins,  until, like the dead of night,  it fills and consumes every void as far as the naked eye can see,
I am a dreamer I look into the sky I gaze at the stars and I think of you You make me healthy You have helped me grown in so many way You relax me You are there for me when Im sick
I'm only writing this so I can get you out of my head So I can sleep tonight I'm writing this so I can forget about you But this is as far as I ever get...
I slowly drift into sleep. The room around me is a world of pink. Neon stars above my bed blink, Sweet dreams.   I slowly drift into sleep. My body heat warms up my sheets.
I'm sleepy  I wish someone would carry me to bed  I remember falling asleep In the car and waking with a pillow beneath my head when the world tasted like chocolate milk  now it tastes like bile instead
A desire so strongly desired A feeling recognized yet unknown the purity of it has left my being  it's all I have ever wanted to know    It's not as simple as one believes 
i'ld take my boyfriend he is making me take him i'ld rather have sleep ... WHICH I NEVER GET ANY MORE BECAUSE OF HIM
If sleep is the cousin of death what is a dream You keep falling into the depth and it could seem Closed eyes awaken Wake up to mistaken Perceptions of the physical Loss of analytical skill
Watching you sleep is like watching the moon you are so far away and so close at the same time and when I press my lips to your cheek I see light
Sleep controls our minds, it wraps itself around our though process until it seeps into our neurons by the power of suggestion
Nights like these are what I cherish the most  The unmade bed, the lull of the outdoors  Light seeping trough the blinds  An ambient glow casts over you face  A face so peaceful and content 
"When the city falls asleep Your promise you do keep To guide our silent footsteps  Give us limits to test Till our bodies are put to rest Set down in a grave Silently we lay
1. as you grow up you begin to realize some things     2. pickle the teddy bear
When morning comes, i'll shield my eyes The rising sun shines through the blinds I roll over in attempt To come back to the dreams i've left Oh how wonderful would it be To stay here in this mindless glee
Now I am going to sleep.  I wish you all well.  When I awake. I will be rested and well. 
  Floating on a cloud Soft sheets and heavy comforter weigh the warmth into your bones Nothing can make you move
Oh my bed, Best place to sleep, let things unwind, and you're always there when I'm tired.   My fluffy pillows  always come in handy. Covered in a bright  red pillow sheet,
Can I remember a dawn that smiles with the stars That shine with lights so fluorescent Will I see the faraway Suns in my own eyes Remembering I will still dream when they disappear
paint my skies with brilliant shades of blue
I stay up late each night Dashing through school tasks Being distracted now and then A tempting pull To abandon the path I always comply Because my will is always overpowered
To get and grasp separation of paths is difficult sometimes how do I accept chaotic intersections that are not mine? So emotions keep fumbling over, but the top's still on
I open my eyes to another Hell As I’m pulled into another restless dream. I fight the demons though my fears swell I fight through their torture and schemes. I’m blinded by an explosion
i feel you you there scarfing down two muffins at 3 am i've been you  bloodshot zombie in the white screen light i understand you and the tired words your lips can't form any more eyez bean der twoo 
  Drifting away never seemed worse The thought of what is coming very near Appears to be much more than just a curse Like living life in a horror premiere
You know the nights where your eyelids droop-- but you don't fall asleep, no, (you could only wish), instead you're just numb.
Say those four last words Quiet Allow your breath to hit her neck  And allow her to feel your arms around her Tightly Are you going to say them? Go on “It’s time for bed”
Come on, go.Go. Don’t you knowthis can’t really harm you- I'm hereand you’re perfectly fit for things like this.No time to reminisceabout the solid groundyou’ll leave, then hit.
"I don't drink" There was a time when those words were true But now. . .  Well, not so much.   Now I love the feeling Of drowning in a sea of fog, On neither side of that thin line
Whiskey-colored rays of light coming from the window dragged me out of bed.
Sleep consume me  into a comatose state of mind
There’s a tapping noise repeating like a never ending intro And a light that I should know is only coming from my window When my eyes are closed I cannot shake this ever playing chorus
School is back again this year, time to get your act in gear.
i am a tortured dustball sitting on the kitchen floor      polishing a bagel       with a veneer of peanut butter.   slim, competent,  crusty and grumbling at Iggy the Fish -
The mind races millions of thoughts as the moon rises-- questions unanswered-- curiosity.   Energy exists where energy is naught-- adrenaline rush. So many things to do
Looking back I always find you With no dreams left behind In my thoughts you are buried You I find..............................   With love and kindness you're filled Your heart fashioned within
Peace of mind is Lying sandwiched between my parents. I am half a man with an ego bigger than he is, And half a woman with a temper shorter than she'd like it to be considered. I am half afraid, half fearless.
i sleep with the moon, the moment when the sun enters the sky.  there’s an ethereal beauty  to a blue canvas tinged with gray,  where the clouds 
I sat up in bed and stared at the wall.Not a single sound mumbled from the hall.My mind was raging with inspirationWhile my lack of sleep brought on great agitation.
I never sleep now, I'm awake when the sun comes up, you know how much I hate that?
My eyes closed, my mind rests but only for a couple of minutes.
Breathe in, breathe out. A rhythm to sleep's sweet song, a dance that has no moves.   His body, my warmth. His embrace for which I long, frustrations of the day, all at once, I lose.  
Sudden 15 minute poem before I sleep because Why not.
I'm here to sleep like America is today never to speak Just follow a path one way who needs art when you're molded like clay Rip out the part that we wish would stay  
thick blanket of sleep shroud me in your gentle darkness so I no longer have to weep
I have this theory  If only we could fall asleep in each other's arms,  I am certain we would dream peacefully together;  Perfectly harmonized.  Our hearts would thump softly and steadily; 
At night I stare at the ceiling in wonder Thinking about what could have been, of what will be Countless fears drag me under, The thought of resting lost to me   In untamed world of nature shown
Silent tears run down my cheeks As I try to get some sleep   Days may come  And Days may go Though you may never know   Silent tears fall from my eyes I hold onto a hope that never dies
You reached for my hand one morning, while you were sleep, as I just happened to open my eyes.   Your fingers found mine gently, too shy to intertwine. And as the sunlight lay across
  I awoke to the world One morning   Then I covered my head And went back to my slumber   Learned my lesson For sure   
When I go to sleep
I squeal in the silence of my bedroom When I am excited Because I am just me   I sing out loud While my headphones are on Because I am just me   I listen to myself talk
I’m lying awakeas usualI couldn’t even throw backthe little white beadsthat they said would helpthey don’tat least not anymoreand I find myself here
He keeps me up
In darkeness, there is light. In the rain, there is sun shine.  So even while I'm unable to grasp the pai, my mind is at ease.  For even through death is life.   
there's something so very strangeabout having to rearrangethe thoughts inside my headin order to go to bedbecause i just want to sleepbut my brain wants one more peepand, Lord, here's my soul to keep
I stare into a shrinking candle’s flickering flame on my dusty, wax stained rug, on empty, still, Friday nights.
I'm sorry I sleep When your eyes are open And your heart is wide  
Stare keenly out of the ajar window, to the moon and through the trees.
Im feeling all the fears I feel dead inside I need a pen and paper and a thing of cyanide
I'm afraid of the dark I stay in the light Unless I know I am not alone   I love laughing And to make others laugh But on my own terms   I am motivated But I do not resent breaks
I'm just tired. Can't you see? This simply cannot be cured by sleep. It's not that kind of tired. It's a kind of tired that's quite at home in my bones. A tired that says I'm tired of everything.
Waiting for change, chances aren't worth taking. Waiting for answers, the future is still in the making. Change. A word that requires action. Struggle. Fighting the distractions. Step. Step. One foot in front of the other.
I feel the calming waves Lapping at me Through the bright Blistering sun And stealing away Every ounce of innocence  I once possessed   I have never felt so distant From reality
You come to find that life isn't going to love you Stay in your bed till you feel my body become numb. Stay in bed till YOU feel nothing Light shines through your window, and there you still are
To be tired and to be blessed
For my mind, I can't disguise my thoughts and cries,
ceiling cracks, broken backs,
If I wasn't so sure,
I had a dream that the trees were orange  and your heart was red and  I floated like dying leaves through your head. you said  i felt like fire burning through your veins. you spent
Those thoughts in your head, Came from people who dont understand They came at you with comments, That had you sad for a moments Then you thought and questioned "Am i really this much of a disappointment?"
I didn’t want the morning to come, The sun to invade my windows and brighten my room,
A droplet of drowsiness, Hits my nose, Pulling my head down,
I am up stil lawake I don't do anything  So I have no reason to still be up the late Maybe I'll grab something to eat But usually I just wait  The best part is when I sleep
Hush my darling, Close your eyes The whole world is suddenly fading Once bright blue are blacked skies Where the stars are now parading.   Rest my love, And chase your dreams
This isn't to offend.
my head. It bobs. my eyes, they droop. my neck bends. don’t sleep! my fingers they slow, my breath it steadies. my work as my pillow. don’t sleep! minutes lag on as hours
The clock strikes one I’ve come undone Time is of no means When my thoughts begin to tease The clock strikes two As the darkness takes view My mind keeps pacing My heart now racing
What a difference a night can make.   You fell asleep to the blankets clinging to your face Their fibers shielding your eyes From the darkness that chills your bones. Your eyes scrunched,
  Drowsily I lie entangled in my sheets  On the threshold of sleep’s comforting arms   Growing weary, when some horrid beasts
Mother, I've been cutting I stay awake at night I often refrain from eating I'm sorry if this gives you fright. Mother, please forgive me I've fallen in too deep I can't live like this much longer
I'll protect you from your fears like I have for all these years   your dreams in the still of night will not cause you any fright   darkness will bring only rest and sleep
I could sleep for days for weeks for years forever.
The Sleeper sits among the shadows
I'm just tired, so very tired
Night falls and it consumes me
Sleep in her voice, that's when rules are gone and the truth is set free. Nothing but honesty.
Dreams DreamingWritten by Adam M. SnowDreams dreaming,awake nor asleep.A worldly escape-lies true true lies.
  I find myself staying up late at night No end to my destructive worries. Jumping from one topic to another in my racing mind.
sometimes I wonder exactly where I'm going or what I'm doing or even will I be here tomorrow there's no promise and that scares me so bad and that one time I fell in front of all of my friends and they laughed and why am I so stupid they were ter
Close your eyes, my dear. Let the breeze from the window tickle across your cheeks and flutter your eyes till you fall asleep. The day has been long, you have been strong, wrestling through the weeds,
Why do we sleep? Because were tired? Have nothing to do?
The slumbers of night to me,
Woke up in a dream under asphalt treessoaked in the sap of the sweltering citywearing these old rat rags               and sneering at the concreteGreyscale mindset stitched into my sleeve
Because I would rather burn my eyes out reading poetry     than sleep 
My brain flattens upon a wall,
Outside my window lies a deep sorrow, Wouldn't cheer me up if I would have won a lotto. Droopy eyes and slightly red,
She's standing there among the leaves, Quieter than the sounds of snow
I know so many people that hate the rain and love the day.   But me?
I am not a poet.
At night, I like to lay awake in bed and imagine what the world might really be like.    I put on my headphones and I turn up my music until I can't hear myself think
Growing up is just like falling asleep.
It always amazes me how beautifully she snores once she’s talking to me. No matter how badly her and I both haven't been able to sleep.
A pretense or simulation, Of my future life to come, Left within these worksheets, And textbooks, of some, Is life beyond this testing? From where do these thoughts come?  
Because men would rather gain respect from men than from women It has become apparent that the fight for better treatment in relationships is futile
Why Can't You Sleep? Why can’t I sleep? WHY can’t I sleep?!   Let’s see how well you sleep with a gun pointed at your head.
it's early.  my phone buzzes numbers at me and my mouth says, "get up get up get up," while my mind says stay here stay here stay here.
narcotics and razors cannot block these bullets that explode through my chest every time i think of  our last kiss
Give appra
Sleep  I dream of sleep Yet when I go to catch some, it always evades me   Sleep It is what I need Yet somehow i always end up unable to catch some Z's   Sleep 
For I once counted Daffodils in my sleep, So delicate and unique. But no more can I sleep, For the devil has a hold of me oh so deep. For I once counted Daffodils in my sleep, So delicate and unique.
sun trickles away 
why am i awake? i guess i should go to sleep can't... pondering life
I have the same routine when I wake up, In the morning. Put on my shirt and jeans Go to work. Typically I make coffee for breakfast, Getting two hours of sleep My body craves it.
he askes simply "why the narcotics?sleeping pills are sketchy man..." i guess i know... but one pill equals a good nights sleep plus two equals spinning rooms 
As I lay alone in the dark, Sleep surround me tonight. Give me rest in your arms Wrapped around me; hold me tight.
As I'm laying here  in my bed, cherry blossoms bursting  in my brain, I scratch an itch between the blue lines. 
A simple good morning after eight hours of sleep
Every smile is not a smile within Whether its love or hate, its never an easy sin   Tears of both pain and joy are seen as one These tears have no name, are always unknown  
I’m Tired  Tired of being told I can’t do something Tired of being told I’m too slow Tired of being told I’m too small Tired of being told I’m to week I’m Tired
Dancing, swirling, threads and beads Reaching about the fragile frame. Entwined in the many strands Are my many horrible dreams. Many were caught in the never-ending web. Caught and never to escape
  While I sleep silently,
we never got any sleep when we were together but it wasnt until you  walked away 
When I’m on the white sand shore in the world of my muse, I could swear that it is during the death of night that the world is most alive.  
Lay restlessly awake No fan will cool No blanket will warm No music will soothe No touch will relieve No bed will comfort No thought will quiet But sleep will come
according to some legend, when one is unable to sleep at night,  it means someone is dreaming about them. now i dont know who you are or why youre dreaming of me but its 3 am.
To Saturday mornings, wisps of cool air pressed softly against my skin.  The sign that soon Summer will overtake us, a promise of peace and calm rising before all others are up.
Doth thy wonder, In thy sleep, Of a place where dreams come true, And your heart be forever at ease?
im fighting hard to stay awake but all i can think about is the warmth underneeth these sheets lying hearts width apart  
I sit by old candlelightin the dead of nightfinishing my workwhich has become an irk.Now I cravewhat is unattainable by day(unless you live in a cave).The succulent silence of slumber
Sleep We wish to keep But it leaps Out of our hands To a land Out of our reach So we teach
How sad it is that at sixteen my favorite thing is sleep! I try to buy four hours a night but never get to keep.
An insomniac? Me? No. Never. I don’t need to TRY to sleep. That’s usually the only thing that comes easy to me I always need to TRY to accomplish greater things I have to TRY to learn, to study
Sleep came rushing in like a brother barging into the house throwing open the doors and screaming to the rafters that the War is over.   Exhausted like the headline in the Extra,
lend me your hoursi want to know how itmust feel to possessseemingly infinite timeto lay weary head to pillowin tune to dimming sun andnot daunting rise of raysrejecting any chance of rest
You're sitting there reverousto the brim with something that feels like seventeenyear cicada sleep, and
Pale morning coming inwindward edge of precipice,window small and loved,soft hillocks and valleys,
Sleep The bane to my existence My boulder up a hill Never achieving Perpetually fleeing Forever occulted.
In my sleep I dreamt it was day.
Floating Hovering above where I want to be Reality isn't about keeping calm or carrying on Reality is fog in a forest Orange trees swallowed whole Unaware of what is said or heard
Running my fingers through your hair; Soaking in the serenity of your sleep; Warding off the demons and their dreams; Blissful ignorance written on your lips; Praying you maintain this state of being,
When I lay my weightDown on my nestMy heart will beat softlyDeep in my chestHer lips, it seemsWill kiss my dreamsAnd my eyes when liftWill see her; my special giftBeside me
As I lay here only thinking of you, I wonder
i miss lying in bed next to you
Forced to be bruised by rough dry earth. Forced to be touched by the whiskey breath. Forced to be laid down on dirty sheets. Forced to live in fear of another's touch. Forced to carry life within womb.
 Sleep   I bob restlessly, searching my brain The deprival of sleep is causing me pain
Nothing is ever as it seems when
The goddess of sleep and dreams Has beguiled me of you! She has robbed me of you completely.  
I put the cloth and towels down, I put them in between the cracks.
I'm  piecing a puzzle, but i cant seem to finish it.  I mean, its finished, but its not; its all there, yet something's missing; like, the correct complete puzzle, but somehow the pieces don't fit.  
The cycle begins To much chagrin. Again I sigh And wish I could die.   Too bad there is more Of life in store.  For me to sacrifice Just wouldn't suffice.  
I hear the slightest sound in the middle of the night. Both my heart and my breath have ceased for the moment.I am completely motionless.There goes another noise.This time, it is more distinct.
So surreal, A bewildered  feel. Very unnatural, Decidedly not normal.  Reality distorted, Twisted, contorted. Imagination's offspring, Free and wild within The remnant of our mind
If you travel a long ways
I'll sleep when I'm dead when my corpse is cooling my eyes are blank and my hands barely curling the red flush leaking like the last dregs of an empty cup laying as a doll so white and clean
       Be my sleeping guard  The soldier of my dreams  Hold me in your arms  Wake me when I scream.  Be my protector of uncontrolled unconscious thoughts  Lead me through these things I've fought 
Inspired by the falling of the moon Eyelids saying their prayer once again “Let me fall with the moon No longer is it time to stay The sun will surely rise soon” Provoking thoughts of the mind
I remember sititng, head against the silver wall.  The engine roared, trembling the floor I slouched on. It sounded like some sort of wild beast. Looking out the open door across from me
It's a Wednesday in November And I'm struggling to keep my eyes open I must look a mess My eyes are droopy And my hair is unbrushed I'll admit, I didn't try at all this morning
Playing Paul VI. Camden Catholic's biggest rival. Down 52-50 with 20 seconds remaining. Cole steps onto the court playing in his first playoff game. He rubs his hands along the back of his shoes to remove the dust and quickly squeaks his shoes.
It’s the effortless secretOf sleepThat pulls you into slumberWithout you knowingAnd the cool ripples of stillnessUnfurling to the corners of your pinkiesSinkingDrifting
Nights spent in a coffee cup one light on in my head. Bleary eyes scouring the book  I might as well be dead.  From lack of sleep lack of life can I get one second? I need to close my eyes.
"Wake Up!" Oh how I wish I can just sleep Just stop time and sleep forever, To not worry about my conflicts, Inner and outer, The conflicts of the world, The thought of my family might go 
I felt its presence in the room That leering, awkward warmth that it brings with it gives it away The way it can't resist touching my eyes Reaching in my throat
I remember when I had absolutely nothing to do.  How I would just lay in bed and wait for something to pass me by so I could just do  something. Anything. I want that back.
That moment when you want to cry, but you're somewhere you cant You want someone to help, but no one is there You don't know what to do All hope is gone
Blissful weights on fluttering lashes, soothing kisses of wonderlands untold, where the rules of the world crumble to ashes and the most sacred of treasures you too can hold. Gently slipping into enveloping black,
It isn’t the kind of tired that can be cured by sleep. It’s the kind that is always coupled with an inexplicable sadness the kind that created a black hole
Cradle me at my weakest and keep me lifted after defeat. Soldier, pull me back and awaken me, before we are to retreat Peer as the people pass into the perception of my mind,
The curtains softly sway with the windPeacefully embracing a new dayEverything comes to focus, glazed in golden incandescenceSunlight caught on your eyelashes
Work, study, sleep, work, study, sleep.   I have no time to finish a rhyme, to busy am I trying to get by With a monstrous load of Composition.    Work, study, sleep
When I lay myself to sleep I would always wonder what I'd dream of Inspired to plunge into that process by the twinkling of the stars above As I ponder, sleeping slowly creeps  
Research says Teens need eight hours of sleep- Eight hours for the body to recharge Eight hours to delve into our mind And dream of whimsical ideas. But then I wonder, Why do teachers
I must go back to bed again, to the warm and cozy sheets. And all I ask is a soft pillow and some pills to make me sleep; And the lights click and my legs twitch and the lamp starts flickering,
Follow-~> The woman in blackWho looks for her child. <~- Retreat To the safety of homeWhen the child is found Open-~> The book of spellsAnd wait till nine <~-Close
I walk among the childrenSome young and some oldLike the oak tree in myGrandfather’s house. The wind ruffles the leaves.It is a foggy fall night.Im not alone.At least I tell myself I’m not.
Never have two words uttered hurt me more Than when I heard them say, "bless you" Words that held me more than I deserved Whispering in my ear with spurn and commune
I never understood, The appeal of a sleeping face,   People, They sleep all kinds of ways, With their mouths half open, Drooling like dogs in the summer, Or even snoring,
Deep in the confines of her mind is kept away her fears and insecurities - but once the night falls and she lays her head to rest, the doors open.  
A well-built framework made just for me can be used by everyone to make good company.   Don’t call on my name
You watch the number on the digital clock gyrate a teasing dance that burns your eyes and you can feel every second that ticks by in the tightness of your skull and the dryness of your eyes.  
My hair is red, I want to go to bed, I have not yet been fed, So I will keep my eyes wide open So I can eat my tacos and Then I will sleep until I must be awake
Sleep is fleeting, Like an Unknown Journey Yawning without purpose, Resting without meaning A fine line we tiptoe, Though some would rather trudge Along the tight rope of sleeping. Movements are as such
At first, it was disconcerting; The feeling of being unable to rest. Now, I am comforted by it. My mind, it never sleeps-- Never quiets-- Never stops-- Never dies. I can feel it;
Sometimes I wish I hadn’t  Been so desperate on that Monday afternoon Searching for relief just a little too soon Red round songs Calling from the back of the cabinet Loose tethered ties
The day comes to a dark shadow under the brilliant, sparking night sky.  My mind in sore and my soles of my feet are hard.  After writing, thinking and reading all the day, my thoughts have come to a minnimal, mellow state of mind.
Whene’er the lustrous moon and stars appear My tiny world is filled with truth and bliss. The nighttime and the dark I do not fear For here is where I ponder life amiss. Here all my sibling’s bickering subsides.
While I'm sleeping, my shadow dances. She creeps out from under me, cautiously at first, careful not to wake me.
  A white hair tie bound around each wrist The residue of charcoal mascara smeared onto her fingers She will watch the night turn grey and blue against her windowpane
Noises bothering you at a constant rate Chores and duties start to stack up Eyes collapsing and what seems like fate But the sink collect yet another cup   Papers and papers mile high The coziness calling you to bed Sleeping is like without the co
Good evening Moon, How nice it is to see your face again. The Sun, however, has fractured and is silently              falling                     to                         pieces
I’m waiting for the day I will wake up Eyes open, glazed over, seeing blindly Touching, but not feeling, encased in fine glass Dreaming and waiting for something unknown Desolate and blank canvas of a mind
I have caught myself, talking to my mind again. It’s alright, nothing to worry about. I like it that way. Being in a place where you are me and I is you. We are all the same. We are all myself. Now the thoughts are creeping in.. Because lately you
What good is sleeping? No longer are dreams ideal, I want life, with you.
A bed is a place to rest and sleepA place to lay and sometimes weepWhen your tired and weary and don't give a hootYou just jump in your bed and kick of your boots
Sacrifice a pleasant morning  For a fucked up night? I think no but it's nice to have  your share of  afternoon delights strictly Starland- I don't get the concept of 
Sleep you beautiful thing you  cradle me in your arms and whisk me away into darkness let my breath soften with murmurs  of adventure   as i sink into everlasting    peace
I woke up that day I saw something new It was that perfect yawn From a great sleep I never thought to have I was inducted It was exclusive I had something special That  made me special
There has been times since I've been young I wanted to give up because I just couldn't go on Seen a lot of things I really shouldn't Wanted to run but I reall couldn't
The sun sleeps And grey weaved Cotton balls envelope The moons shine Glimmers of eyes peak through And smiles streak the sky   Everything is dueling under A black cloak
Cover me Never let me go Outside of your comfort the world seems like snow. Snow whose depth is unknown Whose silence creates a creep Just cradle me away from the snow into sleep My dear bed.
Doomed days on a drowsy evening lost for forever and found tomorrow what of that, what of that, found in what is imagined in tomorrow
Go to bed at nine on the dot, just to lie awake for five hours. Awake. Tired, but awake. Going through the what-ifs. The mistakes. The bad memories. Everthing that delivers shame
On a pillow I lay my head when I am tired, time for bed! It's as soft as a cloud, as white as sheep, Thank heavens it's time to go to sleep. On a pillow I lay my head, now I wish I had not read.
I know that When you’re alone In the middle Of the night And you want someone To hold you And tell you That everything’s Gonna be alright, That I could be That person For you,
There is a faint chirping in the yard a chill in the air the crickets are serenading along with my tick-tacking fingers and the hair on my arms is standing up.
Are days of length deceiving? Are nights of pain okay? Are moments of rest depleting? Then, why not try to say: Does sunshine make you frown sometimes? Do rainbows make you cringe?
Those sweet silent nights Filled with worries and thoughts. Heart beating fast Stomach with knots. Throughout the night My heart tosses and turns Reliving the old memories Which it never learned.
As night falls over me The stars shine bright The birds stop chirping And it’s past midnight The stars vanish And now it’s too dark What was that noise? In the distance – a bark
Like the dust I am unsettled, moving swiftly without destination, my origin is forgotten, my future is unknown, carried by the wind, i am forever alone.
he finds his way home after a night lost in the city the sound of the highway murmurs softly and he shakes while lying in his bed his body rumbles as he sits up to take off his shoes
(poems go here) There once was a man named Ted, Who decided one night to look under the bed. What he saw, it seemed, Really made him scream. And now, he has no head.
At night I live a grimy life of slander and despair. At night I do my dirty deeds with grins and open arms. At night I keep inside my sheets and dream of worse to come.
He doesn't know what the sunrise looks like, He hasn't seen it in a while, He rises in the afternoon, because his nights are filled with fear and gloom.
He doesn't know what the sunrise looks like, He hasn't seen it in a while, He rises in the afternoon, because his nights are filled with fear and gloom.
The silence is screaming. It’s an invisible fog clouding my judgment and burning my eyes with its icy touch. It’s so dense that I can’t breath without it expanding in my throat; a fog so solid that it chokes my airway with its endless emptiness.
I'm alone no one to comfort me nor to help me But forsake me like it's their god given right
This loneliness is dementing me. I speak not of the demons veiled behind every corner. They wait until it's dark Until I have thought myself into a mad frenzy Then they show me the past. What I did
I'm no longer a kid. I've matured mom, yes I did. You keep me locked up, And I'm getting really fed up. It's nine o'clock and you're telling me togoto sleep.
Your spring-screams that day echoing through the walls made me a victim of rape in all ways and changed everything for me; you of all things.
Silence so loud. Silence so cold. I've never felt so alone. You can't see it you can't hear it But its the thing we all fear. Hope is lost. Never found. for now.
The moon, so bright and glorious be, The light, for such a time as night, impossible! Is such a light possible Shining brightly above as I sleep? My sweet dreams, tender and deep
A Goodnight Story By Nathan Armand Elkind I'm Going to Bed
Peacefully asleep Falling into darkness Waking to sunshine
I’ll stay up hours to burn up the midnight fuel within my core and drown out the nerved voice inside that is never content. Like breaking a fever, I either run it rampant, or it will run me dry.
As I lay awake in bed at night My secrets haunt me, devil’s delight Though invisible, they’re plain in sight Stenciled images in black and white They scream and wail, unending fight
Fast the day shall haste to greet thee Haste to greet thy slumb’ring form From twilight’s soothing arms arrest thee Tossing dreams out to the cold
Little babe, it's time for bed. I've made a place to rest your head. Little child, go to sleep. It's there you'll find all your dreams. There's a place beyond your eyes,
Brown Jug
There will be times when the best part of your day will be crawling into your unmade bed at the earliest reasonable hour, your body sinking into the dent that has been there
...restless days fold into restless nights... I reset my mind to unwind. counting sheep seldom works for me. recalling our memories, my personal bedtime lullabies, Forever seems to do the trick.
An Endless Descent, Tumbling slowly into the deep. Gentle waves above, With Silver beams shining down. Head over heels, Sinking into the warmth. Angel down floats by, Coating the floor.
All I need is sleep Sleep is for me If you go to my school, then that’s something you won’t see
Shining in the darkness A sea of golden stars Twinkling at me every night. The peace of the silence lulls me to sleep The shimmering beckoning me To a land of dreams and adventure.
In life, we spend the best moments sleeping. Someone is getting asked to prom, someone is getting married, a child is being born. A Human life has came into this world. What are we doing, sleeping.
I despise wooden floors when I sleep out When I am out I dream of my own bed To make it to m’own cradle I’m about To nestle with my pillow lay my head
click-clack on hardwood my dog’s wanderings rhythm of sleep
Go look at yourself in a mirror, Find a picture, Look at someone kind of reflection, Because I want you to see that your small cut has turned into an infection, No Band-Aid is going to fix it,
The girl who had everything Yet nothing at all Stared blankly out the window As she felt her emotions fall So she began to wept but she knew not for yet She thought herself mad for she should be happy.
I adore sleeping. I never want to wake up. I like feeling “dead”.
Alarm clock wakes me Push snooze. Nine minutes later Alarm clock wakes me
Well I know what I need. And that need is to sleep. And just as I begin to drift my thoughts began to creep. That's when I lose it. The hurtfull things they say bother me more than I'd like to admit.
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