What a difference a night can make.


You fell asleep to the blankets clinging to your face

Their fibers shielding your eyes

From the darkness that chills your bones.

Your eyes scrunched,

To allow the events of the day to messily race

Across your mind.


You fell asleep wandering to your future,

Meandering aimlessly,

Only with hopes

To escape the unnerving blackness of the night.


And in only a few hours,

You’re awake,

Eyes inching open,

Limbs regaining consciousness.


The sun is gazing through the window

At your newly awoken figure,

Sweeping across your skin,

warming you  

As if to reach out and show you

The glimmering dust motes waltzing across its rays

And the rainbows it paints on the ceiling.



The blankets are no longer pulled towards your body.

They loll at the edges of you,

Suspending you in an embrace of delicate comfort.

The cotton holds you blissfully,

Cradling you.

And you lay here in this golden and white euphoria

Immersed in the innocence and beauty of the morning,

The harshness of the night no longer inhabiting your mind.



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