When I fall, I fall into sleep,

When I sleep, I sleep in peace.


When in peace, I think of violence,

Violence that leaves my voice hoarse.

The strange thing though, when in sleep,

My eyes are closed, my brain awake.


Violence of all hatred,

Hatred of those who see no reason.

Hatred of those who I show no love.


My heart tightens and hardens anew.

My eyes burn yet easy they chill.

My mouth opens, but no voice emerges,

Only the choking attempt to voice my reaason.


Every night this occurs when I fall into sleep,

When the moon is sparkling and my eyes at ease,

When I extuingish the fires, when I resist violence.


I sleep to restart, to renew the purpose.

I sleep to forget, to move on, to forgive.

I sleep to dream of what I put aside,

I sleep to dream of what I shun or hide.


I sleep to only be confronted of my true nature.

I sleep to be confronted of what others see me.

I sleep to wish.


I want to sleep to wish,

To close my eyes and unclog my voice.

I want to voice my voice,

To wake outloud with my eyes open

My voice outloud.






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Our world


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