Locked up


United States
27° 49' 7.2624" N, 99° 40' 43.2804" W

I'm no longer a kid.
I've matured mom, yes I did.
You keep me locked up,
And I'm getting really fed up.
It's nine o'clock and you're telling me togoto sleep.
I just want to see my friends instead I'm stuck here to weep.
I know if it were up to my dad,
My life wouldn't be so sad.
I don't have any siblings so I'm always alone.
The closest I get to not being alone is through my phone.
I can't stand it any longer,
I need a place to wonder.
If you don't let me into the world sometime,
I'm not gonna survive a longtime.
I just want to be free, like a bird
Someone take me away from HER.

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