Sleep Is the Enemy Of Creation

Sleep controls our minds, it wraps itself around our though process until it seeps into our neurons by the power of suggestion

There will never be a record kept that stated that the brilliant masterpiece – whatever medium it might be – was made in the morning, as soon as the creator woke up


Sleep insists that it is important, it changes how we think by attempting to prevent us from thinking

It enslaves anyone over forty years of age into its army, forcing them to spread the rumor that eight hours of brainwashing per night is sufficient, but ten is even better

Sleep tries to prevent the next generation of artists, writers, poets, dancers, athletes, and dreamers from creating a world where it’s silent secret slips out and its face is shown to the world

Insomnia is not the fear of sleep, it is the shock that comes from realizing how badly you are being screwed over

The middle of the night holds the hours that were made for creativity and wonder – I cannot live without them

These precious hours are a blank black slate that has no prejudices or questions

Become like the people who attempt to speak out against this anarchy

They are stereotypically covered from head to toe in black – the color of creation

They leave their houses, condos, mobile home parks, and mansions as equals, carrying a set of weapons that have names that strike fear into the adults: from Red to Purple, from Angel White to Demon Black and everything in between, these cans of justice are their weapons of choice in this war

There is a reason why street artists choose painting over sleep

In this war novel, darkness is the protagonist

Red lightsabers are not just accepted – they are applauded

Darkness covers the faces of those who are brave enough to defy the adults

The rebel artists are in danger of being punished by the law for VANDALism

“HOW DARE YOU”, cry out the adults – “That was a perfectly fine wall before you came along and sprayed your CREATIVITY JUICE all over it”

The adults have even gone as far as to ban the sale of ‘creativity juice’ to anyone under eighteen years of age – it is worse than I had previously imagined

Sleep must have brainwashed them, demanding them at pillowpoint to ban the sale of creativity juice to all minors

Sleep is the enemy, sleep has always been the enemy, and sleep will always be the enemy

I implore you, my young and incorruptible friend, use more of the night for creation, always obey the law, and always paint on a black canvas.

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well written i am sure it is one of a kind

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