As I lay here only thinking of you, I wonder

Do you think of me while I wake? During the day 

I long for your presence, as you left me in the cold morning. 

You only continue to allude. I wish with a brisk of delight that I 

could only have you again for just one night. But as it seems after,

just another morning alone, I will be displeased. Please don’t. 


In time you will see, eventually I will be, better.

Why do you continue to leave before I can even slip away into the deep abyss of your presence. 

That drunken flinging of being half there with you, 

half gone without out. Deprivation is not a strong enough word. 

I know you think that I always cheat being so far gone. Coffee is a 

remedy, that-can-keep-up-with-me. Perpetuate me foreword so

I can get through that pursuit of the everyday. You should be here to rest me

why do I get so angry when I only want you to run free, to take ahold of me. 


Blinded by the memories that I wish I could see. Dreams they take ahold 

when you are best with me. Sometimes far away places, beautiful sunsets with beautiful women

however lately, you have been wrong with me. Making it difficult to even try to sleep. 

The loud screams that take ahold of me, make me even wanna see. . . the daylight. 

I wish it could be right throughout the night. and I’ll I say shoo to the whores who try to 

implore. I only want to be next to you.


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