When the Night Comes (part 2)

I tried, but I'm getting tired.

Am I near to the end? Or I am near to end it and gone.

Days passed and it's getting hard.

The sun is setting but I don't know what I've done.

Laying down gives me creeps;

It's hard when you know death is playing while you sleep.

It's already midnight but I'm wide awake,

I'm waiting; hoping you're not late.

I breathe and breathe and it stopped;

I dare to speak but no words coming out.

I'm drowning, hoping not to die—

Should I believe it? I know it's a lie.

I tried to make a noise

I'm wondering if I ever had a choice.

I tried to wake up—

Trying to choose between day and night

Till now, when the night comes

I'm still afraid to close my eyes.




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