Wed, 01/03/2018 - 22:35 -- xxcami


2:57 is the first thing my eyes take in as the shoot wide open

The glow of my alarm clock sends me this eerie feeling

I sense extreme warmth as the once cool room has dampened

A strong high pitched whistle has found its way into my ears

Accompanied by a foul smell of rotting

The darkened room was even less comforting

Welcoming the awfulness that no one dares to speak of


2:59 is the time my eyes catch as I scan the room

A feeling of comfort starts to enter my body 

But is quick to flee as I look upon an unfamiliar figure 

Across from where I lay in bed, 

My body halfway up as I lean away

So that my back is touching the wall

 Faint beams of light catch my attention

Staring right at me

I could hear my breath start to beome more heavy and fast

The increased beating of my heart could be felt in my ears


3:00 was the last thing that I saw 

Before my face come into contact with something foul

Its ice cold breath blowed into my face

Burning my cheeks

I knew from all, that this was the end

I closed my eyes to accept my fate

My heart beating faster than anything, the only sound other that the breaths 

Which both echoed through the room

And the last sound that could be heard was a unholy chuckle


I shot up from my bed 

Rubbing my face and eyes I starred at my lap, wondering what just happened

A loud gasp escaped from my mouth as I looked up towards my clock

2:59 is what it read

I quickly looked over to the cornor that sends a nasty feeling toward my throat

My stomach turing as those two beams stare at me

A tear streams down the side of my face as 

A menacing grin comes into view, teeth sharp as ever, needle like

I know the clock striked 3:00

This poem is about: 
Our world


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