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I will whether you like it or not I will talk about you like you are still here till you’re not then i will talk about you like a noble soldier
Assertive assuming actions dripping droplets of judgment and discord upon another existential existence for the very, personalized experience that had brought them to resistance in traditional constituents...well that my friend is a flaw most wear
I had a boy come up to me once When he heard I’d be singing at our high school’s senior award ceremony. To ask “what will you be singing? a whale song?” He turned to his friends and began to laugh
     Scent compelling and drawing me in working had to find a way to your heart trying to hide this like a fish swmming with no fin if only I could buy love darling, you'd be in my shopping cart
Confidence has never been a feeling explored by me. Employed by me to heal from the hurt in me, by others, and by me. Feels good to know that my reflection is a friend to me, no longer my enemy.
For once in my life, do I dare to feel hope? Have I finally arrived somewhere that I'll learn to cope? I can begin to cast aside my self-doubt, And find something in which to be proud.
Its not safe out there. For you or me. Its not safe out there. In the streets. People feeding their addiction. Others beg to be something.. That they are not.
I trip into an endless empty. The darkness’ welcoming hug gets a little tight, Squeeze out my last breath.
Ya Know ..... IT's NICE When People Treat You RIGHT ... !!! By This I Mean RESPECT Your Life ... !!! GIVE For FREE ... Reject Money ... Simply Speak Without Trying To Teach ...
No one can do without hopes and dreams The only oasis in the sand dunes of chaos and frenzy The nectar of hope is our only anti dote for poison called life Luckiest are those who are blessed with hope around them
Paradise By: Noah Duncan   Sun in the sky The blue water looks clear I can feel the rush of the tropical breeze Men and women of different hues sing songs Songs of  freedom and justice 
Paradise By: Noah Duncan   Sun in the sky The blue water looks clear I can feel the rush of the tropical breeze Men and women of different hues sing songs Songs of  freedom and justice 
This mask I wear everyday, It is only a disgrace. Covering who I really am, But showing what I want people to see. This mask is the perfectionist in me.
Confidence doesn’t like to be around me. He disguises himself, as Ego, then bursts out of my head.  The minute I catch him, he disappears.   Sometimes, I call for him.   
Hey, you. Yeah, you. It's ok to be sad. But I just wanna tell you that you're loved. Okay? It's ok to want to be alone. But I just wanna tell you that I'm here for you. Okay?
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Have you had enough water today? . . . Take care of yourself! Geez! (I say this 'cause I love you!)
                                               The View from Below You stand up for what you believe is right, But the world looks down on you, it's alright You will face many struggles,
My home moved often, a trailer one day, the next a house and the last a home But I lived in my body A home that I hated and a home that I couldn't escape My ribs; a locked cage to prison a soul
The tranquility of the living earth Has brought me peace inside But mainly because the things I see For others it will hide   As I coast along this busy world I question myself here
solutions dropped at your door,again and a gain,Not 2 even the score, Only 2 encourage obedience to Caesars Law,Bullish words doth I receive incline,I share my eyes n heart to the higher hills,
Break the bonds of doubt You are a slave to you, Change you To change your world, If you don't change your approach The outcome will not change. Break the bonds of fear You are chained to you
I feel ecstasy in these equations, I'm delighted by these approximations. How many piano tuners are there in Chicago? Puzzling through it sets my heart aglow. My enthusiasm is hard-won,
I cannot stand this abuse; I cannot be a bystander. It doesn't take a genius to deduce That you're worth more than this slander. You are gorgeous. You are powerful and stately.
Respect my time, friend, And I'll respect yours. See this novice recital to an end, And play with me an overture. I'm a busy person, you see, Though I'd be glad to relax together.
  Dear anyone who’s going through a rough time, Currently, my life is a riptide. Life has slowly began to come to a high but I know, in time another fall will follow. I had to be hurt, many times to understand
      Dear anyone who’s going through a rough time, Currently, I’m on a riptide. Life has slowly began to come to a high but I know, in time another fall will follow. I had to be hurt, many times 
If I could find a mirror, I'd clean it through and through. Then, resolutely, I'd show a star to you. While superficially unassuming, Within the glass you'll find Ghosts of a cosmos once blooming;
Dear Father,    Where has she gone? When I came out to her, she wore a black-lace veil and mourned the death of her grandchildren   Little, little mirror
Dear past me,               He told you, so you thought               “I'm not good enough”               She said so, so you thought               “I look too fat in this dress”
Because I love you, I'll forever push you to be the better you.  Because I love you, I'll forever be the ear to absorb your worries.  Because I love you, I'll forever hold your hand to combat your worries.
Because I love you I won't let you down Let you down by leaving you alone Or crying in your bedroom,bathroom stall Because I love you I will care I will try to stay strong, smile Laugh, even be outgoing,
I remember begging him to stay In a place where there were as many holes in the walls as there were in our hearts In a place where bruised hands longed for each other's warmth
#BecauseILoveYou I control who you see and what you wear, because I love you I spend more time on my phone than spending time with you, because I love you I flirt with other people behind your back, because I love you
Okay so you are drunk again But this time you let your heart stay in bed it's your brain here surprisingly enough so listen up You have potential  A part of Newton's Cradle Right now is just the start
Soft words, soft hands brushing back your loose hair strands. Loving kisses to say goodnight two strong arms when things aren't right. Wiping away your tears of pain not restraining you like a ball and chain.
Most people know how Hansel and Gretel goes You think you know what the old lady’s intentions imposed But have they ever thought about the story if the lady was nice
As they shine so bright, the darkness is never in sight. Whether they are big, whether they are small, no human being has ever seen it all. As they travel through the water, nothing else seems to matter.
People come and go leaving behind memories and more, Leaving behind impressions not soon to be forgotten.   You go about making bonds with others,  To help, To hold,
  How’s life? They ask I say, hey it’s cool While putting on my mask Trying to be whole   Stop that, I wish they’ll say But who am I kiddin’ Nobody gets me every day
I'm still me, but I'm not the same. My hair is shorter, my spirit bolder.      I say I'm still me and in a way it is true.           But that doesnt mean,                That it's the "me" that you knew.
A little girl once did not care if  She was annoying the other girls and boys Now this girl is too careful Not to stare the wrong way   A little girl once smiled alll the time
                                                      I will Constantly Grow A year ago…     I was finding myself.      I fell in love with another soul.
How do u explain to someone you cant hangout . "anxiety bad today" wont come out the mouth Laying in bed , not wanting to get off the couch
Always have open eyes to the world around you And open ears to the sounds that surround you But if it is negative thoughts or words being said  Dont let them in for they will surely drown you  
Your reason to wake up may be different from mine but does that make you any less? You open our eyes, right at nine and that in itself means you're instantly blessed.
There’s often a reason To give up and cry. But don’t think it’s treason When you stand up and try.   Lacking hope isn’t healthy
They ask me why I have the courage to roll out of bed With only positive thoughts passing through my head What do you live to see?
Irises like a green spring leaf mixed with the bright-brown foliage of fall, You say you try to help me, Lies, You help me through it all. Your smile makes me smile, it's as simple as that.
She gets up."The world is brigher at night,"she would remark with a laugh,but it meant more than whather smile hid.
Ever since i was young  i grew up all alone  i carried a hammer  to try and repair my home  but nothing seemed to work until i was relieved and shown  the power of poetry  on a bet tv show 
My gaze is set forward on the quicksilver-brushed glass as I examine every mountain and valley of the lightly freckled porcelain skin painted on my face; I come to a standstill
Day 1  I was afraid to have to repeat it again in the hospital because I'd rather be dead I have been there before, baggy scrubs and socks Stomach in knots, my poisoned liver still rots
School is back.Heavy back packs andPanic attacks.Wanting to rip your hair out in math.Getting up so fucking early just to look nice for people who will say you look like crap anyway.
everything i write lately has been nothing but pain but i fail to notice all the flowers growing from the rain i see the storm  not the cleanse i see a new beginning  as the end
Why regret Don't forget the things you should have done the things you shouldn't've done Live for the regrets Live to do the things no one else would You're still young Live while you're young
As I sit here,Pondering what I would take,On a deserted island,For my life's sake.I can think but of one necessity,For me to survive,My brother is who I'd choose.We are lethal when together,
As I sit here,Pondering what I would take,On a deserted island,For my life's sake.I can think but of one necessity,For me to survive,My brother is who I'd choose.We are lethal when together,
When I was young I hated the summer Sweat, tight clothes, overflowing out of stiff shorts Sucking in, holding my breath Standing up stiff and straight- I couldn't wait to be underwater Where no one could see me
All I need is that little push, That little look in the mirror in the early morning. The look that says:   "I can't live without you, You collection of cells with your lovely curves.
Like fresh leaves after a storm frost My feelings for you have taken a set deposit of raindrops Like vivaciously gentle sunshine on a crisp January day My soul is fresh torn away from the threads left by you
Positivity Positivity Perpetuates Purpose Positivity Pilots People Pass Predicaments Positivity Perpetuates Paradise Positivity
I have this friend, She's super nice but she is really racist. I have this friend, He's so good-looking but he just a little sharper than the floor I'm standing on (if you know what I mean) I have this friend,
              I AM… Someone who gives people hope
Happiness is key And to those who don’t understand that, I am the giving tree Advice is an understatement
I am a percentage, I am the one out of four that suffers inside my mind I am the seventeen of one hundred born with darker skin
I AM THE CHANGE   I’m sorry I don’t want to be a president, I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone, I want to love, give and live for everyone, I want to bury this pressing dent,
Somewhere on the highest mountain
I sigh breaths of fire And spark static from my core I leave ashes where I stand And singe this very floor   I swallow knives and blades And let them ravage from within
Look beyond the "concrete jungle" and witness the view. There is a scenery out there that lies before me as well as you.
    Radiance emitted from beyond this cage, made palpable through a hole tiny in size, seemed to quell my rage fear let assauge, curiosity continuing to rise I set off to
As I grow up, each day at a time I start to notice all the things that chime The beauty in this world has always been there
I hope you look in the mirror one day and stand tall and proud with your wonderful face  and beautiful eyes. I hope you look at yourself with so much love that the world around you can feel it radiating 
Lucky Innocent
They asked if I was half full or empty 
Here’s to never being good enough
Sometimes we don’t get what we want, But we end up with what we need. Life can get dark only to shine. The storm will ruin your picnic, But light up your sky with lightning. Coffee doesn’t taste as good
You have scratched your knee.
A smile from an unexpected stranger A generous tip to a hardworking waiter   A plate of food offered to those not fed
The girl in the photo, whose eyes twinkle like the stars, who bears a smile across her face, with beauty that radiates, You do not have a clue.   You do not have a clue, how she once struggled,
The sound of humming wind is blessed with the wings of a bird's grace,  its' soft feathers pulsing through the barriers of the wind in such hace now peircing through heaven's smoke in which the clouds so gingerly lay.  
Beautiful.  All smiles and happiness. But then you start peeling away the layers. Getting straight to the bitterness. Sweet then bitter. All gold but the inside is certainly not glitter.
I am happy as a cloudas loud as a rainbowas soft as a breeze
How to Survive Bullying: The Systematic Equation-Stella D’Vine Bullying + Victim = Chaos + Suffering To survive and solve this simple equation subtract victim from both sides. Leaving you with:
What is my purpose in this world? To take up space, to be a filler in an empty place. The idea of existence has always been confusing, Am I here to succeed? Or will I end up losing?
I am a perfectionist with a capital P. Let down if I get less or equivalent to a B, because I want to be the best that I can be, and yet, I can never seem to keep my room clean for more than a week...
I am aspiring to be...
It is 4:43 am, & nothing feels rightI am tossing and turning, 
Quiet MomentsIn the quiet moments when your mind goes astray 
  A relationship with another human being is such an amzing thing
I'm freaking out I'm upside down I'm scared and afriad I want to know my fate But when I do I still won't have a clue Of what to do With myself For my health
What I'm about to say is from what I've learned No matter your agreement or concern Poetry can be written by anyone No matter by paper or touge Your reason or cause
You make me want to live You make me want to give It's alright If not only for tonight   You make me want to sing Like no one is listening You make me want to smile
 Today when I look in the mirror, I know that all I value is shown, I will have no fear, nor flee as a deer, I can not conceive how I must have grown,  To allow myself to perservere, 
Sick of this era’s categorization, overanalyzation, and hasty labeling of human beings.   They label us all smoothing stickers over our names,
Who am I without technology?
I cannot decide if I am in love with you or the moment But now I am following the rise of your chest and it reminds me Of the way a sea breeze will gently fly across your face,
                                                 Daily dose of happiness is what II see,                                                       The sun smiles back, right at me,
Stare keenly out of the ajar window, to the moon and through the trees.
My photographic anatomy consist of confident bones that deny filtered crutches My four-cornered ribs cages every spoken word
I only have one shot at this, So I want to do it right. How does one take a selfie, Depicting an authentic sight?  
Heart And Hustle I can do it.
To strive and hold is what matters most The love we have sometimes hard to control We can fight and argue all day long But in the end we know whom we belong  
Life isn't what I thought, It's full of mystery... Too fast and short, too bad too good, Different people different manners, Too hot too cold, too lively too dull,
Mirrors tell the truth, you see They are blunt and honest, the worst but best kind too It's hard trying to see yourself when it's impossible too. You can't count on people's words either.
     I'm an artist, freed from logic, An idealist, un-tied to politics, I'm a writer, a leader, but  no cheater, I'm a finder, not a keeper.   No one can tie me, I'm a fighter, not a lover,
If  I cry or if I'm down My resillence picks me back up My legs may be strong but my mindset is stronger My confidence is not found in a cup When I feel weak I say, "I'm strong" and that just does the trick
I wonder if thou hath dots on thy face
Hope. Hope is everywhere Hope is abundant, hope is not rare
What makes you happy?    A question we all ask ourselves.    A lot makes me happy.   
Just the other day I realized what it was. It wasn't being old, being mean, or sitting in the back of the bus. It wasn't trashing the school, or stealing all you can, It was helping a freshman, find a hidden trash can.
                                   Through the Eyes of an Optimist                                           By: Kegan Graham
Although I have not lived a hard-knock life I have been through some struggles Of not knowing who I am or what I want Constantly and repeatedly putting myself in a bubble My lack of honesty would cause me so much pain
Change. To change oneself; what a contriversial issue. "Never change yourself" they say. "Be yourself" as if that was the only way. But I disagree. For we all change. Change for the better.
There will be a day when you and I begin to rust and our youth fades into dust We'll go out like a flickering lightbulb on a dusty back porch
If I were to hug JesusAll my pain would go away
What makes me tick, lasts long, isn't quick.  To be persistant, to never give up, are just mere descriptions of actions unseen.  Student Red can be seen. 
Blue benches, concrete walls, and empty streets Empty skies, no stars....
I am who I am, I cant change,
"You don't know what I say in my mind Close to my heart"--"get your face out of their behind!" "You think you're so this and so that all that pride and ego talking, take a seat"...so she sat
A mixture of work and play keeps me
Open yourself, A rose-flowered portal, To a party A game A dance. Sing with the world to hear you, Freedom is not in silence. Spin out your arms And take in strangers,
I play the guitar hoping to get far. Not just to get by , but enough defy. All who resent me , with a youthful burst of energy. They tell me I must become an engineer. The pay is good , and getting famous is rare.
Sit and stare at the photo
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Disney princess— beautiful, with big blue eyes and flowing blonde hair. I knew that sunshine lightened my mousy brown locks and wearing white made my eyes look blue
If everyone started loving themselves,There would be a lot less hate in the world.Just think of how much better you would feelIf every time you put yourself downYou thought of something positive instead.
Wandering long Wandering far Still don’t know who you are   Coming home Coming from the west Still don’t know why you left   Why do you stay Where you don’t want to be
Love  Don't hate Uplift Appreciate Be the light In the dark We bully We miss the mark Encourage Be slow to speak Don't prey On the weak Compliment
Studio Lights
  Little ant in the hole, Go dig like a mole, Little ant in the hole, Don’t go explore.   For you do not know what is out there, The unknown is forbidden, and that is why it is evil.  
Unhealthy human beings. Everywhere.
I come from the Bottom, I told all my family and genuine friends that I got them. I'm determined to make it, nobody is going to give me anything so I have to take it.
A promise broken,You said you would keep me.You said you would stop,Mommy, Daddy can you hear me? A touch from God saved me,
There's no such thing as a happy ending. Either you're hurt or you're dead. You think you'll always have people there, But were the hell is a friend?
This is for you.
(spanish version) Siguen siendo noches frías por más felices los días. Le pido a mi destino, no seas tan clandestino, pues me vuelvo insegura. No puede ser este mi aura…
I Am Self-Discipline. Brilliance. Dedication. I Am Beautiful. Young. Emancipated. I Am Success. I Am Blessed.
There is always one person in our lives that is our person. Our person listens to us with their eyes and ears, And sincerity in their hearts. Our person holds our hands through the struggles and tears,
The struggles of everyday life are endlessKeeping up with everything can be arduousI'm really trying to keep up with all of thisAll you can do is smile and pretend to be famous
Beauty is not an idea tossed around gently. Beaty is thrown around like a football, Sometimes trampled on or throw in the air. To some, the football has no meaing. To several, it has an abundance of meanings.
With my ukulele guiding me down the pathway to good vibes. With the breeze in my hair giving me a feeling of pure comfort. With the sun on my face enveloping me in its transient warmth.
As a little girl, I shivered in my sleep. Wake up to the morning sun and then I weep. What is stability? To be able, to be free. To never want, ask, or need. A man, a woman, a child might equal a happy home.
Three years have passed since, There is no salvation from the mistakes, From the agony and pain I have caused my friends and kin. From the wrong I have done in this grim, This grimmest of days, months, years.
Oh the irony, To be in such disparity, And yet so merry and gay, Is this right is this O.K.? Do you think he was the same way? Witty Whitman and his writing foreplay?
I am just an ordinary guy. No special talents, Good fortune, Recognized name, Extraordinary abilities, Or good luck. Yet from life, I want so much more than most ordinary people.   
We are always running Away from the truth. Away from what is real, Avoiding what we feel. We live under a veil, A veil of perfection.
Sometimes making you feel like a prisoner, sometimes making you feel set free. Sometimes making you feel like a criminal, sometimes making you feel like a king.
If rays of light refract, rend rainbows, then surely I can make a change If salmon somehow stagger homeward, surely I can stay the course If men have trekked the might of mountains, surely I can rise above
Living life in blissHappy to live like thisNothing taken for grantedI've got everything I've ever wanted
You know,  A long time ago I wanted to be a rapper.
At first, it was disconcerting; The feeling of being unable to rest. Now, I am comforted by it. My mind, it never sleeps-- Never quiets-- Never stops-- Never dies. I can feel it;
While growing up in a fast laneShe started these fast waysand she was missing her fatherMissing a love that could only be giving by a manBut instead she grabbed the hands of many
Life is filled with choices Which may be influenced by voices About financial aid and college courses Only lends to the soreness   College is purely optional But without it where can you go
Lighten up butter ball and get cooking.
If I found a way heaven Would you follow close behind Would you never turn back to face A world we left behind   What if it was a mistake Would you hate me 'till the end
  There once was a dragon. He breathed fire. He was bright pink with golden stripes. But he wasn’t a mean dragon. He was a nice dragon who flew around and gave people cotton candy.  
Alone under dark skies Where ambience and little life cries To the power they ride Live they who contest the lie     Falling upon the deafest of mouths And the hungriest of ears
I can see the light the light at the end of this crazy maze the maze that  put me through the endangering hell. I am starting to think it'll happen,  the tears staying away,  smiles and energy, just being
Autumn comes and goes and soon the flowers die No Honeysuckle to last as the cold encroaches on her Down the hillside she use to grow but wilted stalks now lie Not to rise again ‘til spring so winter’s wind cannot shiver
Seven girls danced on a hill, On the last day of December. It was a short moment to fill, Wishing this time would last forever. As winter was moving to spring, Seasons of life moved as well.
If words can be a weapon and a bandage both Forgiving and transgressing with a little flick Yelling and whispering complements and jeers On this I then wonder why they need not a leash
Torn in each direction Heavily each force draws Enveloping the sole will Yearning to be free Except it’s not enough X over each lie and fault Perceiving gone they still are there
Yesterday is one less piece in forever. Onward moving without regret, Understanding nothing of human pain. Sometimes it would be nice to put Time on a leash, Eventually It could understand what it puts us through.
There is something missing between there and here Hope is not enough to cross the great divide Everything is riding on this Choosing whether to stand or run Having lost sight of the road Under darkness we fall
Have you heard a mocking bird? Every time he sings it is another bird’s song— Just mockery exits his throat, Only to lure someone into a bigger trap. I know some mocking birds well— Never a fowl word,
Maybe this is a beginning of a story, You’ll never know. Far from the beginning and the end, Another person might see the truth. The question is can you? Hearing only what you care to,
Don’t deal plight to progress For the lack of the greater goal Mourning the death of something not born Not realizing the birth of today You might see light at the tunnels end
As I aim to try, though I work and cry, It's all just a lie which I will not deny. I try to gain, in introspect, A sense of wonder and respect.
My best friend was the bottle. My brother was the smoke. I lived it up real good Before life caught up and choked Me out of my mind. And now I see That I was killin' myself. Now all that I need
It's kinda funny how when you're small all you dream about is growing tall and becoming an adult. But they never said life would be this hard. It's not all sugar plums and fairy tales.
The Hope, It sits there. Right there. Trapped. The Hope, Is yelled at, Is tugged at, Yet it sits there. Right there. Waiting.
It took some time we looked around Thy treacherous gold spread around engulfed in soul with such grace fluid and clear we rode past caught in the moment treacherous fears
The child- He soars above Earth, Staining canvas with his light. Which he picked from a lunar garden From the land immersed in night.
Go ahead, leave your home but don’t look back It’s all you know becoming what you knew. Don’t get scared; just keep putting on an act. Look to the sky, see the sun shining through?
Live life Love life Live happy. Be happy Stay happy Live a life of happiness and always be alive.
We can teach how to attain power Knowledge is the key Power that can alter the world The kind that admires change Accepts it and soon wishes To free the thought of tradition Habits someday will shift
I don't know when life gets better I don't know when you'll be happy. I do know that it is gonna happen. Mark my words, mark my words I don't know if there is a god I don't care either way.
When Black clouds darken your sky, They Steal your Hope inside, And you just feel like crying, Search for the Silver Lining,
Inspire me beloved poetry, surrounded in nothingness, alone and lonely, no place to call home but hell, but if hell is my realm then what next may come, asked I the suicidal bastard son,
We are strong And we are together, No matter what We cannot be stopped. We are today's generation, With access to everything, It is just a reach away, We cannot be defeated,
The power to be. The power to see. The power to be who I want to be. I wanna go Far far away and succeed In everything I was meant to be Through school I will.
Strive to do better Wear your dreams like a sweater You can achieve so much more Your future is in store The next step That's what college is for
This poem is dedicated to my dear friend, who is like a brother to me, Bryce Calta.
A child can break a million hearts, Girl or boy, age doesn’t matter. One look into their innocent eyes, And your heart is all a shatter.
Poetry, official language of the heart, Is the heart’s truth with fluff, The marshmallow stuff. Each thought that took blood and sweat vacate without pain but with a sweet and satisfying taste
To the people of the world that cry, “We know not where our allegiance lies”, and place their heads firmly in the sand. To those now lost deep within the mix, stocking hope in magic tricks
Out of the thousands of words that you say everyday, What do they stand for? Is it the negative? The fighting and the rioting And the fire of hatred igniting
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