My Dear, You Will Not Die Alone


If I found a way heaven

Would you follow close behind

Would you never turn back to face

A world we left behind


What if it was a mistake

Would you hate me 'till the end

Or would you see it in a different light

An adventure never planned


If you found your way below the Earth

Where the heat is too much to bear

Would you take my hand, frail and weak

To lift you up again


'Cause I would love to have you here

Standing where I am

If postcards could travel far

I would send you my regards


But if this dome on my city

Keeps us longing 'till the end

Will you dig with me, a tunnel free

So we can meet again


Darling dear, it says here

Written in my heart

I will keep you safe, it is no mistake

That we cannot be apart


But 'till the embers slowly die

And the darkness takes its toll

And the lights from up above fade away

I will keep you held so close


Cause the skin i am touching now

Has such a youthful glow

Death is imminent My Dear but

You Will Not Die Alone  


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