The Quiet Sound of Peace

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 20:38 -- cftxp


United States
29° 37' 6.6756" N, 95° 36' 32.4036" W

As I aim to try, though I work and cry,
It's all just a lie which I will not deny.

I try to gain, in introspect,
A sense of wonder and respect.

My thoughts, my trials all alone,
The things I face, the skills I hone.

All with a goal to make things better,
With each and every line and letter.

I take a stand, I understand,
I know of life beneath the sand.

With every action, a single motion,
With every breath without commotion:

My hopes and dreams, I feel they seem
As out of reach among the screams.

Their taunts, the names, the unkind laughter,
My soul, my mind are what they're after,

Since everything is scrutinized,
My mind shuts out the world outside.

I only want to live and thrive,
What will it take so I survive?

How will I face those I despise?
There is a way, I will surmise.

Love in my heart, will not depart,
Though it may venture like a dart.

There never is a target,
And never will I dare forget

That I am human, they are too.
I respect all, their acts in lieu.

So just as I may self-reflect
It's only hate I will reject.

Now with this new and thriving vision,
May my actions tame division.

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