It's a Bittersweet Symphony, This Life.


What makes you happy? 


A question we all ask ourselves. 


A lot makes me happy. 


Storms make me happy. 


There is so much beauty in a storm. 


I adore watching lightning dance along the night sky full of stars.  


When rain drops hit against the window pane and make the perfect lullaby makes me happy.  


Sunrises and sunsets with cotton candy skies. 


Waking up next to the love of my life makes me the happiest. 


Which brings me to whom I am proud of.  


I am proud of my girlfriend. 


She is one of a kind. 


One in a million. 


She has had her fair share of obstacles and has came out on top. 


She is so successful and talented through it all. 


She comes from a broken home and I can relate. 


Which is why I am also proud of my father.


Fell in love with the wrong woman who took everything.


He too was faced with many obstacles and had to lose it all before coming out on top.


I am proud of the man he is today, and I would not be the man I am today without him.


I am also proud of myself. 


Faced with challenges of my own and sharing the challenges my father had to face.


But what is life without a little challenge. 


And without pain there is no strive for success.  


I am looking forward to every little thing life has coming my way.


I am looking forward to the first dance at my wedding. 


The birth of my first child and counting their finger and toes. 


Graduating college and opening my own business of inspirational and positive tie dye clothing articles which is what I am awesome at.


I love creating art and making people happy or smile.  


So I combined both and slowly I hope to change and color the world one T-shirt at a time. 


I hope to see more people with more positivity, smiles and laughter. 


Laughter is the best stress relief.


I laugh at the bad jokes my dad cracks at the dinner table.


My girlfriends clumsiness.


I laugh at my past and why I ever doubted myself.


It is a bittersweet symphony, this life. 







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