Back In the High School

School is back.
Heavy back packs and
Panic attacks.
Wanting to rip your hair out in math.
Getting up so fucking early just to look nice for people who will say you look like crap anyway.
Smelly busses and smellier boys.
Fucking gym class,
And fake girls.
Thinking why would someone get a fake tan over the summer?

But it's not all bad I suppose.
There's new books,
And the fresh paint they put on the walls.
There's that boy you kind of liked last year,
And that funny girl from study hall.
There's new drama that you aren't involved in but it's always fun to listen.
New classes, a new schedule, and back to school clothes.
Seeing how people have changed, and how you have too.

Back to school is something very bad but also good and new.


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