Second Wind (Mocking Birds)

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 13:40 -- Zensho


United States
43° 28' 29.0496" N, 75° 5' 4.1136" W

Have you heard a mocking bird?
Every time he sings it is another bird’s song—
Just mockery exits his throat,
Only to lure someone into a bigger trap.
I know some mocking birds well—
Never a fowl word,
Each drop of poison is sweet,
Devious deceptions of love lacking.
Again I find myself in their pit—
Gaining more scars from each attempt,
Always wishing for the best,
In the end I find the worst.
Needles and nettles are their embraces—
Why don’t I know better?
Helplessly I play along,
Even though I know the outcome,
Never learning my relearned lesson.
I am only lost in this maze—
Wishing for an exit while I purposely take the wrong turns,
Amazingly surviving these challenges,
Somehow Someday I will fix this broken glass.
Never to return to these mocking birds—
I think they think they’ve won,
Not only won but ever wining,
Eventually I’ll prove them wrong.


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